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Show Of Hands September 13th, 2012 12:00am

Should K-12 public schools consider their social role to be more broad than academic instruction, or should they stick to the books?

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munkey? SilentMunkey
09/20/12 1:52 am

Teach the children how to learn, not what to learn.

Apex swimming in the sky
09/18/12 10:46 pm

def. broad. as tupac said we need classes about money races poverty aids family etc..

optimist6 Fort Wayne, IN
09/17/12 6:09 pm

Oh my gosh, DEFINITELY acedemics!!!!

applestar Florida
09/17/12 5:51 pm

Unfortunately, too many children come to school with NO social skills and are very disrespectful and disruptive. They need to be taught social skills.

sook65 California
09/16/12 2:34 pm

It's interesting that this question has a drastically different answer than the one asked more recently, where 92 percent said that public schools should help kids get vocational job training--not focus purely on college and academics.

BeachSt Coastal Virginia
09/16/12 8:06 am

...make them ready for society. That's what school is. NO school just sticks to the books.

BeachSt Coastal Virginia
09/16/12 8:05 am

Sticking to the books isn't even the POINT of modern education. Almost all states have "21st century learning skills," citizen grades in elementary schools, finance, family raising classes, work habits. Even the point of a dress code and tardy policies is to get people ready for work...or, rather...

Threeper301 Gilbert, AZ
09/16/12 1:08 am

Biggest issue still effecting education is No Child Left Behind. Why should the rest of the kids be brought down to the level of one dumb@ss and/or kids who REFUSE to learn. All that act did was take away the incentive for the kids who five a sh!t.

calloveca California
09/15/12 1:26 pm

this question goes into whether one size fits all. and we all know it doesn't.

calloveca California
09/15/12 1:26 pm

this question goes into whether one size fits all. and we all know it doesn't.

Threeper301 Gilbert, AZ
09/15/12 11:19 am

Take it back to early 1900s when today's college material was taught at an 8th grade level, because teachers actually did their f@coming jobs, then.

09/15/12 8:07 am

I teach English and I always say: you learn math in math class, science in science class...but in English, you learn how to live.

09/15/12 8:06 am

And another moment where Republicans know absolutely nothing about education. "We must teach the whole child" - John Dewey

burnsey89 Louisiana
09/14/12 9:29 pm

I will raise my children. You just teach them math.

kirksten Columbia, MO
09/14/12 8:51 pm

Obviously the democrats are controlling our public education system (by the results of this question). Good job guys! Americans suck at math but at least they're liberals!

09/14/12 6:49 pm

Kids don't learn just academics at school...

09/14/12 6:21 pm

They can barely do academics alone! Sports and clubs, and arts classes are fine, but don't broaden it anymore.

38041 Georgia
09/14/12 4:03 pm

@onetruth How does homeschool work out for you? I don't know anyone who's done it, but there are a lot of negative stigmas associated with it.

09/14/12 2:43 pm

I very much wish parents would teach & enforce behavioral/moral values! When I must spend more time with discipline than with instruction it makes everyone most of all!

09/14/12 2:13 pm

cant teach if kids cant behave civilly. unfortunately must do both.

09/14/12 12:30 pm

Speaking of broad, this question is pretty vague therefore difficult to answer truthfully

38041 Georgia
09/14/12 10:05 am

3rdside: I hope not. Those are usually things that come from home. In any case, I try to fight them in my own classroom whenever I can.

09/14/12 9:57 am

@stjohnac "racist, hateful, dishonest, lazy, and promiscuous." Public schools already teach those values.

38041 Georgia
09/14/12 8:53 am

@see I'm glad to hear that. I'm afraid I come across meaner or more pretentious than I mean to sometimes. Honestly, I don't know the answer to this question. Schools probably should not have to deal with these issues, but I do what I feel I have to do to help where I can.

38041 Georgia
09/14/12 8:08 am

...have to work against those awful values.

38041 Georgia
09/14/12 8:07 am

@ilikepi Yes, some people are better than others. No, we shouldn't teach kids to hate America. My point is that people want to argue about indoctrination without considering the whole issue. Kids need morals, but some are taught to be racist, hateful, dishonest, lazy, and promiscuous. Schools....

EarlyBird Portland
09/14/12 7:55 am

I don't think there are many parents who consciously think "I want the school to raise my kids".
The simple fact is that parents are so busy and stressed out about putting food in the table, they don't have the time to give to the children.

09/14/12 7:10 am

Teachers do academics best, but reality intrudes. Eye exams & brkfst boost performance. Not being pregnant means better learning. Schools have had this dumped on them on them bec of abdication of responsibility elsewhere. At least we try. Personal politics obviously are not classroom material.

09/14/12 6:59 am

Let me get this liberals are now too lazy to e en raise your own children?!?

Here's a thought.....stand up and take some responsibility for a change! Good Lord!!

09/14/12 6:06 am

Schools should teach kids how to register how to vote, file taxes, apply for jobs, and other life skills. They should teach them political skills like when the news is on and what dates important political event happen like state of the union address speech.

09/14/12 5:54 am

@stjohnac what the hell are you doing all the way in Georgia?! I would love to sit on the front porch with a hot cup o'coffee and have some rousing discussions! You have engrossed me in the best, most logical and sharing conversation since I joined SoH. Thank you.

09/14/12 5:50 am

So stjohnac, how the heck do we fix this? I truly don't know. You can't force an inept parent to live a moral and respectable life. We are witnessing the disintegration of society as a whole and I see no easy way to stop it. Truly a shame for the greatest nation on the planet.

09/14/12 5:37 am

<----- @stjohnac Read illkepi comment. You cannot teach morals and values in school. It falls on the parents shoulders by THEIR demonstrating the proper lifestyle. Look at the disintegration of society as each generations parents show fewer and fewer values. More violence, drugs, pregnancies.

ilikepi Somewhere near Japan
09/14/12 5:21 am

You're right stjohnac we should teach kids that some are way better than others and that they should hate America. The reason kids are having kids isn't because they don't have condoms it's because they don't have morals, they truly don't care about the baby; that's what we need to change.

38041 Georgia
09/14/12 2:31 am

...kinds of kids, even if it means offending the sensibilities of parents like you. I applaud your efforts at teaching your kids what you think they should know, but you are in the minority.

09/14/12 2:30 am

I don't want government schools teaching kids any more garbage than they have to.

38041 Georgia
09/14/12 2:30 am

...of equality (no child left behind). If you don't want your kids to learn about sex at school, I understand. But there are so many others who are going to crank out unwanted babies and spread stds because that have no clue about safe sex. I'm afraid we have to cast a wide net to reach these...

38041 Georgia
09/14/12 2:27 am

@see I hear you. If it was strictly left to after school, very few kids would take the time. Still, I'm not going to stop these discussions because I think they are important. Besides, no one seems to be upset that we indoctrinate our kids with patriotism (saying the pledge) and a false sense...

Tony SOH Founder
09/13/12 11:02 pm

Very interesting results considering the broadening social service role that schools are playing in most states.

09/13/12 10:01 pm

Sure. Clubs and other extracurriculars are great things schools offer.


09/13/12 9:43 pm

What kind of retarded question is this? Of course Academic.

09/13/12 9:39 pm

<-- Here is the brunt of the problem. My wife and I are very good parents that make sure our kids get all the societal education they need, but because there are bad parents out there my kids have to have a strangers opinions and views shoved at them. I don't think so!
See previous post for my idea.

09/13/12 9:33 pm

@stjohnac perhaps make off academic subjects an after school volunteer project ( with parents permission ) and see how many students are really interested in spending their own time hearing the teachers views on these subjects.
Bet you there are very few that show up!

NotQuiteWhite Earth
09/13/12 9:27 pm

Social roles do not equal socialism. There is no indoctrination in teaching team building and social behavior. Social studies do not teach socialist values, so why do people see the word "social" and assume socialism?
I guess the red scare has yet to fade away.

Itabliss Hello
09/13/12 9:06 pm

Academic... But only if parents keep their nose out of what teachers teach. For instance, we shouldn't promote health & science philosophies, that well, are philosophies.