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Are you now, or have you ever been, a cigarette smoker? (UserQ)

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USNavyVet Sonar Man STG2
08/23/11 10:03 pm

I never smoked,never wanted to do that.

08/23/11 10:03 pm

I don't believe that that few amount of people smoked. I have a few times but have thankfully never got addicted, mostly probably due to the fact that I'm super scared of addiction in any form. But if anyone around me smokes that's their course i dont care.

08/23/11 9:55 pm

I find it hard to believe only 30% of American say they have ever smoked! Get real people! I myself quit about 4 years ago!

dancestar8 Pennsylvania
08/23/11 9:52 pm

I think smoking is disgusting. (no offense to any smokers out there) I kno its an addiction u can't stop, but seriously? Its like paying to kill yourself.

08/23/11 9:40 pm

Come on ranks its like one of the most basic yes or no questions on here?

GirthMcRod Illinois
08/23/11 9:28 pm

@stubinfrie yeah. i smoke but was a non-smoker long enough to realize that the lingering after-smoke stink is hard to hide. especially when kissing. even after a shower or brushing teeth I could tell if my gf had recently had one.

08/23/11 9:19 pm

ranks; need some photos? what's not specific I mean really!

Ranks New Jersey
08/23/11 9:16 pm

This question needs to be more specific.

08/23/11 9:14 pm

A thing that non smokers realize that smokers don't: cigarettes make you STINK. It's a stink that permeates your clothes, your hair, everything you touch. It's that sickening tar taste in a kiss. Smokers are numb to it, but the rest of us notice. Who wants to kiss an ash tray??

08/23/11 9:14 pm

be honest now of those that hate cigarette smoke how many light up a joint now and then? I hear there is a lot of illness in California and you can do it legally, be honest now!

08/23/11 9:12 pm

I guess as an ex-smoker now I'm supposed to find the smell unpleasant but I still think it smells glorious, lol. The great thing about it is that as I walk past smokers downtown, I get the vicarious effect of having had a smoke by simply smelling it second-hand.

08/23/11 9:11 pm

My grandfather died from emphysema.

08/23/11 9:06 pm

Smoke free for 28 months

GirthMcRod Illinois
08/23/11 8:54 pm

@Zack100. That's all fine and dandy. The point is if someone fears second-hand smoke not only b/c of the health risks but because it makes them retch then both common sense and courtesy dictates to avoid the designated smoking areas. It is VERY easy b/c there are so few left!

08/23/11 8:49 pm

i am a smoker but i just recently started ecigarettes to help me quit. actually has smoke (water vapor), only nicotine in it, no smell, and a lot cheaper. I recommend Premium Ecigs to anyone trying to quit

Zack100 Tatooine
08/23/11 8:42 pm

@girth their not faking I'm sure! I feel like retching every time I pass someone smoking!

GirthMcRod Illinois
08/23/11 8:31 pm

you all need to relax.... cigarette? you know what's more irritating than people smoking inside bars? People dramatizing as they cough and spatter as they walk through your cloud of smoke outside in the one place people still can smoke.

veritas1 Panda
08/23/11 8:19 pm

Second hand smoke is a dangerous thing.

veritas1 Panda
08/23/11 8:19 pm

@phokion. But other people's BigMac's don't affect YOUR health. Other people's cigarettes DO! Just because some a hole junky needs his cigarette fix doesn't mean we should have to suffer.

08/23/11 8:16 pm

Maybe I'm disgusted by all the fat asses who walk down the street shoveling mcdonalds into their mouths like an animal preparing for hibernation. Should that be illegal, because their presence offends me and it's bad for their health?

08/23/11 8:13 pm

Yes, quit years ago. Nasty habit and nasty smell. Not worth it. Just watch someone you love die from lung cancer. Don't do that to your family. Quit!

08/23/11 8:10 pm

I think the perfume and cologne that people wear is just as toxic, maybe it's the amount just overwhelming. I never smoke around others and for sure not around kids.

08/23/11 8:09 pm

That's right CT, so be it. If you don't like the smoke keep walking. If you don't like the dip stay out of the splash zone.

08/23/11 8:08 pm

Past heavy smoker, quit almost six years ago. But friends are still welcome to smoke in our house and car. My husband and I both agreed to never turn into smoking police.

Hawkn Texas
08/23/11 8:05 pm

Smoking is gross, but it isn't as disgusting as watching people "dip". A lot of my friends chew tobacco, but I'd never want to do it. But if they like it, so be it

zoisite In the Sailor Moon world
08/23/11 8:00 pm

I hate it when people smoke in public places, even outside. It stinks and is highly inconsiderate to those that DON'T want to smell your burnt crap! And the children who smoke, that's even worse! Parents giving them cigarettes! The nerve! >:(

08/23/11 7:57 pm

I love them and can't live without them or coffee!

08/23/11 7:50 pm

only in my nightmares. thankfully I always wake up

Shazam Scaramouche, OH
08/23/11 7:46 pm

Very evil product. Very evil addiction.