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Are you now, or have you ever been, a cigarette smoker? (UserQ)

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redebbm 91709
08/24/11 6:08 pm

Biggest waste of money ever. If you want to do it fine but not in public spaces. I can't stand it anymore. It gives me headaches especially the bad smelling ones.

Soitgoes Missouri
08/24/11 5:46 pm

KOOLs. Double barrel straight to the lungs. Passive-aggresively suicidal.

thebabb Connecticut
08/24/11 5:46 pm

I enjoy the occasional smoke with many of my friends who smoke regularly. Never bought my own and never intend to but sometimes a cigarette and some beers with the guys hits the spot.

08/24/11 5:18 pm

when all of us smokers quit you guys are going to have to find another source of revenue, plus the loss of jobs. every state is different on their taxes on cigs. I know in NY it's astronomical! but I'm sure that's why they haven't Ben banned.

08/24/11 4:48 pm


The #2 killer is being a tobacco prevention specialist; just imagine all the stress you put yourself under worrying and obsessing daily over all the people who (choose) to smoke. Relax man! Let people make their own choices.

08/24/11 4:20 pm

Know people can't smell it, although my husband can smell it on my breath.
Get over your holier than thou attitude.

08/24/11 4:19 pm

Ok to those who think they're "better"-screw you. Either you have some vice, or no virtues. I'll take my vices. My life is high stress, and every once in a while I cannot calm down. I had a smoke after I miscarried, when I had home troubles, ect. Not at all when I was pregnant. Maybe 10 total. I

08/24/11 4:12 pm

68% answered NO? That figure doesn't seem right. I live in Southern California, and let me tell you, TONS of people smoke down here (especially in L.A.)

08/24/11 3:56 pm

vanguard; aren't you the guy that thought you were the only one to make 175 k. yeah you are special. hehehehehehehehe!

08/24/11 3:31 pm

esumner- does your mom smoke? she wouldn't smell it then, and yes you do smell if you smoke or are even around smokers. FYI Greyhounds actually don't have that great of a since of smell, they are sight hounds.

08/24/11 3:17 pm

Esumner- you may just be lucky that no one has called you out. I've busted a couple closet smokers I work with. I can smell it on their clothes. Soooo glad I don't do it anymore and glad you haven't become addicted. Quitting was no fun but totally worth it.

08/24/11 3:13 pm

Vanguarde- you are a jerk. Knowing that means I have superior morals.

Yes I was. Quit 3 years ago.

Peaceful Minnesota
08/24/11 2:50 pm

What does smoking have to do w/morals?! I am a non-smoker but I am tired of the "holier than thou" attitude of some of those on here!

08/24/11 2:39 pm

I consider smokers failed humans even if they quit. Why? They are failed because they gave into the temptation to smoke. I never have, so I have superior morals.

sweetie San Antonio, Texas
08/24/11 2:34 pm

Quit 8/23/83 after smoking 20+ yrs. thought my child needed one parent to live. (father died). Gained 30 lbs in the process. 2 yrs later, didn't smoke and wasn't fat. My Dr. said "must be nice to be perfect"

08/24/11 2:05 pm

I think everyone has/had vices, shy of maybe Mother Theresa. I just go for progress. In AA we say First Things First, so years after I got sober I quit smoking. But I still have Lots of stuff I could improve on, as I suspect is true for all other non-/ex-smokers who've posted here. We're no saints!

08/24/11 1:51 pm

no but my friend cassie used to

08/24/11 1:12 pm

It kills you, it's unpleasant to the people around you, and it destroys your appearance. It's gross. Just don't do it.

08/24/11 1:09 pm

Age 63, smoking for 51 years. My only vice. Why can't everyone be allowed one vice in their lives?

08/24/11 1:07 pm

Cigarettes? ...Health Benefits? are you serious now?..! Cigs just may have "personal" benefits (idk), but it DOES NOT improve your health; therefore has no health benefits

08/24/11 1:05 pm

Hmm. Most comments are about people quitting but 68% said they have NEVER been a smoker? I don't believe these results. I said no bc I've never been a smoker... Ever

08/24/11 12:25 pm

Quit 5 years ago. They should ask a question about quitting, I'd be interested to see the results.

anonymom Virginia
08/24/11 10:55 am

I smoked for about seven years but quit cold turkey the day I found out I was pregnant. It was amazing how my sense of smell suddenly came back like crazy!

LicensedNe North Carolina
08/24/11 10:48 am

And I never will. The last thing I want to do is fill my lungs up with rat poison, tar, and a bunch of other mess.

08/24/11 10:34 am

I'm one who has smoked but not a smoker. If that makes sense to anyone besides me? Lol

valeriejo ramble on
08/24/11 10:31 am

@shagnasty - trust me I don't stink I have a freaking greyhound for a mom and she would definitely ask me why I smelled like smoke if i did.

08/24/11 10:16 am

To all those who think the people around or close to them don't know you smoke, you,re fooling yourself. Unless of course they have no sense of smell!

spudman Ohio
08/24/11 9:58 am

I don't want to live forever. Once my mind starts to go, I want to be euthanized. So no, I see no reason to not smoke.

valeriejo ramble on
08/24/11 9:46 am

I don't know, does this make me a "smoker"? None of my coworkers know I smoke, only a few of my close friends know.. And my family, besides my hubby, has no idea!

valeriejo ramble on
08/24/11 9:44 am

I've been "socially" smoking since I was like 16. I still have the occasional cigarette.. I'd say 1 or 2 a week. Weirdly enough I never got addicted. I stopped altogether when I was pregnant, but returned to the occasional cigarette a little while after I had my daughter.

notthemomm Florida
08/24/11 9:14 am

I smoked from 14 to 28 the day I found out I was pregnant I quit never looked back

08/24/11 9:12 am

when I was in college, yes

08/24/11 8:40 am

@epicscout. It is the way the question was worded, "do you now OR have you EVER smoked..." as age goes up a lot of people that don't smoke anymore will answer yes. For example, I quit smoking 15 years ago, I am not a smoker but I answered yes because of the way it was worded.

jamesmay Tampa
08/24/11 8:08 am

Denver: I was agreeing but making a point to someone, I smoke

AdamP Texas
08/24/11 7:43 am

I'm a tobacco prevention specialist and there are no health benefits of smoking. The nicotine suppresses your appetite by chemically altering your brain, plus elevating your heart rate, which can lead to heart attacks. It's the #1 killer and kills 500,000 people each year.

08/24/11 7:37 am

some diseases will not affect a smoker as bad due to a more hostile environment. that being said the cons outweigh the pros by a longshot. my granny had to have half a lung removed and needs an oxygen tank to live due to her smoking.

08/24/11 7:36 am

@icarlo I'm no smoker and love the fact that it's banned anywhere someone under the age of 18, excluding being outside, is allowed but smoking does have some health benefits. one of the major ones is a higher metabolism and

08/24/11 7:23 am

I like how in the age category it goes


Apparently more older ppl smoke

08/24/11 7:09 am

Lol Fla! As a recovering alcoholic and an ex-smoker, I don't understand the nanny instinct. If people want to drink/smoke/whatever, in areas where it's legal for them to do so, let them do it! I still quote Redd Foxx: "People who have no vices have some pretty annoying virtues."

jamesmay Tampa
08/24/11 6:50 am

@DOsmond: like alcohol? Did you type that while you poured a drink?

08/24/11 6:20 am

I used to. Quit because it ruined my body. I couldn't even run a mile 2 years ago for my high school -_- got bad haha

katniss Dallas, TX
08/24/11 5:50 am

My mom was an asthmatic but both her parents smoked when she was young. I wouldn't be surprised if that affects why her asthma is so bad now. (My grandparents quit smoking, though, which is good. It wasn't that they didn't love her, maybe they just didn't understand the effects of smoking on asthma

katniss Dallas, TX
08/24/11 5:48 am

@DOsmond i know! correct me if this is crazy, but isn't the statistic like 2000 Americans die from SECONDHAND smoke every year? Crazy stuff!

08/24/11 5:24 am

I've taken a puff or two just to see what it was like.

DOsmond Rhode Island
08/24/11 5:00 am

It's funny how the government allows the sale of a product that they know kills hundreds of people a year.