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Are you now, or have you ever been, a cigarette smoker? (UserQ)

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08/24/11 3:31 am

its selfish for someone to go to a place that doesnt allow smoking and demand to be able to smoke because YOU want to, but its even more selfish for someone to go to a place that is okay with it and demand that EVERYBODY stop cause u dont like it

08/24/11 3:28 am

in a resturaunt, dont go there. there are plenty of other choices where they dont allow smoking

08/24/11 3:27 am

plenty of resturaunts stopped allowing smoking before there were any laws in place. now i cant smoke in a bar? where the primary purpose to visit is to drink? because a nonsmoker doesn't like it? if you are so worried about your health, y are you at a bar drinking? and if you dont like the smoking

DeathSheep Michigan
08/24/11 3:08 am

Nah, electronic cigarette for the win! :P

08/24/11 2:57 am

Im a chewing tobacco user. So voted tes

08/24/11 2:48 am

Cigarettes have NO health benefit... People who think they do are either addicted themselves or are just in denial. I hate it when they complain when law makes it hard for them to smoke too. ITS TO GET YOU TO STOP!

08/24/11 1:57 am

@Lutang--nicotine, oral fixations, stress (excuse but true), alcohol (I'm bad @ this one, I tend to smoke more when I drink)...and yea, some ppl feel like it calms you down...

not trying to be the official "smokes person" on SOH w/ all my comments lol..but I guess I'd know...cuz I smoke

reichukey Oregon
08/24/11 1:57 am

I was sorta surprised at the under 21 statistics. I myself am 13 and allot of people from elementary thru high school smoke pot and/or cigarettes were I live. I think they are lying.

08/24/11 1:53 am

Never seemed logical to me. I get that drugs, pot, and alcohol get you high, but all cigarettes give you is pain and addiction.

Seems like you get none of the fun and all of the problems. Why would anyone voluntarily do that is beyond me.

08/24/11 1:49 am

Used to smoke to be "cool". Not so cool after after you can buy them yourself. Surprised at all the red. I thought everybody smoked in the 70's and 80's.

08/24/11 1:44 am

Yep. Quit 28 years ago.

08/24/11 1:39 am

Quit 15+ years ago & don't miss it. I avoid places that allow smoking. I don't want to smell it & I don't want the stench on my clothes.

08/24/11 1:38 am

I'm a smoker and EVEN I hate the smell of smoke lol!

watermelon Minnesota
08/24/11 1:37 am

I'm way to young to even smoke. But every time I'm even around smoke I go into a coughing attack!

08/24/11 1:16 am

Smoking will be banned in all places except the smokers home and only if that home has no children. This is the ultimate goal of the non-smokers alliance. It will happen.

veritas… Texas
08/24/11 1:11 am

…down with you. They should ban smoking in ANY public place.

veritas… Texas
08/24/11 1:11 am

I have asthma because of second-hand smoke. It's not that bad and I can still keep a sub 6:30 mile, but some of you arrogant a-holes like Girth seem to think it's ok. You think we're all just faking it? STFU! People like you screwed my health. You want to kill yourself? Fine. Just don't take us…

08/24/11 1:06 am

et's not pick on smokers, I'm sure everyone does "something" that negatively impacts our health..However to the ppl who have had family members pass from smoke, I understand your feelings against smoking

08/24/11 1:06 am

@NoGod- apparently not, but it still appears as if most ppl don't smoke according to the results...We all contribute to each others health negatively with things as simple as driving a car (pollution)...

08/24/11 12:58 am

Dad smoked for 20+ years in the house everyday. Dont know if second hand smoking counts...

08/24/11 12:56 am

@bettinaaa congrats!! keep it up!

bettinaaa New York
08/24/11 12:54 am

36 weeks free of cigarettes! Woo hoo for me!

08/24/11 12:39 am

People who say this is inaccurate, look at the age groups. Only 5% of people under 21 say Yes which leads me to believe that we are the ones who have brought the average way down.

Happy Hong Kong
08/24/11 12:39 am

Only a couple of Cohibas a year.

08/24/11 12:19 am

@netonw Who would force your mom to smoke cigarettes?

08/24/11 12:09 am

those damn things killed my mother! and yes she wasn't forced, she picked up each one of her own free will, but I still hate them.

08/24/11 12:08 am

I never smoked anything yet. All the people around adult age that I know smoke frequently (at least 2x in every five hours), so I'm guessing they lied, or haven't voted yet... 

08/23/11 11:51 pm

It seems that a lot of you have not got past what they tellyou about smoking in the 5th grade. How sad.

Peaceful Minnesota
08/23/11 11:39 pm

I used to be a casual~social smoker. Maybe a pack a week at most in my partying days. Threw them in the garbage the day I found out I was preg w/ my now 15-yr-old. I hadn't had 1 for a few days at that point anyways. Have had 1 every now & then over the yrs since then, but they just make me sick

sgeisler18 Illinois
08/23/11 11:38 pm

@aquamom, you are awesome. Most people sitting on a bench outside a restaurant will just blow smoke right into our faces, and I about deck them in the nose. You have the manners to think of other people's lungs.

I have never smoked and never will; my lungs are too sensitive and I just don't wanna.

08/23/11 11:31 pm

My BF doesn't smoke and of course I don't smoke inside or around my daughter. But When I smoke outside and kids walk by I blow my smoke in a diff direction, or move. I always ask ppl if my smoke bothers them even if I am in public area, if so il move, so I have consideration 2 non-smokers n children

08/23/11 11:26 pm

I am a smoker started at 18. Quit cold turkey without a problem when I found out I was pregnant with my daughter almost 2 years ago..and started back 3 months after I had her. I am NOT addicted, i smoke cuz i want to. when I want to quit, I will just like when I was pregnant.

08/23/11 11:23 pm

Considering how bad of a headache I get being around someone else that is smoking, I can't imagine what it would be like to be the one at ground zero of a cigarette.

Phil Mississippi
08/23/11 11:16 pm

I've never smoked never had never will

TheAntiLib Putnam County, NY
08/23/11 11:02 pm

I smoked during my Army days... And a few years after. I had a conversation with my final cigarette... Contemplated the pros and the cons... I tore it in half and said "good riddens". Now I enjoy a fine "chemical free" cigar and a glass of whiskey every once and a while. Everybody needs a vice...

08/23/11 10:58 pm

Hahaha the reason the under 21s have such a low percentage is the gigantic amount of 12 year olds on this app. If it wasn't including all the children that use the app, it would be higher.

Atheist A sheep amidst wolves
08/23/11 10:58 pm

BTW smokers STINK! You smell bad! No bueno! Keep your stinky ashes away from the rest of us! To combine that with coffee breath is criminal.

08/23/11 10:57 pm

I don't see the point of it, to be honest. You only gain a few things, but in exchange lose a lot more.

Atheist A sheep amidst wolves
08/23/11 10:54 pm

Only a cigar and some single malt for me.

mzungu Washington
08/23/11 10:50 pm

I would love to make smoking illegal, but that's way to communist, I think we should just raise taxes on cigarettes by 300 %!

08/23/11 10:41 pm

well I am still a smoker but it's nice to see the very low percentage of of smokers in the 21> category.

08/23/11 10:27 pm

DARE taught me better than that. *takes a hit of pot followed by a whisky shot* So much better better than that...

Nerdz Texas
08/23/11 10:23 pm

no way! I'm only 12 and I don't wanna smoke when I am older either!

08/23/11 10:08 pm

Best bad habit ever! I miss it every day.

Trancell Alabama
08/23/11 10:06 pm

I never smoked and if people are speaking honestly I'm glad to see only 7% under 21 say yes.

08/23/11 10:04 pm

*choice* not course haha