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Show Of Hands October 17th, 2012 12:00am

Have you ever intentionally run a red light?

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sal10851 Eastern Tennessee
10/17/12 10:27 am

Some traffic lights last around 2 minutes in my town. Population: 640. Traffic lights: 3.

madeit Houston Area
10/17/12 10:26 am

Stupid, dangerous, human life isn't worth it. Regret the ones I ran and didn't mean to.

jenniebtzlbrgr Kansas
10/17/12 10:22 am

Surprisingly and probably worse they've all been by accident. No other drivers were injured in the making of this comment.

10/17/12 10:21 am

I REALLY had to use the bathroom

Rio76 Wild West
10/17/12 10:14 am

As a cop, yes and often.

dawl adulting
10/17/12 10:10 am

Once as a teen. Never again. Now I drive like an old lady.

10/17/12 10:04 am

Yup when I was in labor. lol

mzenike North Carolina
10/17/12 10:02 am

That should be a statute in the heavy obama voter areas. After dark do not stop!

lightsabr2 The Big Sky
10/17/12 9:37 am

Only while following a convoy in an unfamiliar area. I wasn't about to get separated and lost.

10/17/12 9:36 am

Took a wrong turn in a bad part of Chicago at 3am got pulled over and the cop told me to follow him and not stop or slow down for anything until he did. We hauled ass thru countless stop signs and lights.

hokie Virginia
10/17/12 9:20 am

Please don't kill me.

hokie Virginia
10/17/12 9:18 am

This includes turning right at a no turn on red intersection, so I suspect the numbers are not accurate with this poll.

10/17/12 9:18 am

Living in a small city, many of the small street/highway intersections have a different "cycle" late at night. Many times, the "highway" lights will cycle from green to red then back to green, but the "street" light will not change. I usually wait through at least two cycles before I run it.

eddiej Virginia
10/17/12 9:16 am

I tend to miscalculate the duration of the yellow light and end up going through when it's red

davidwhite1 Building it Bigger
10/17/12 9:13 am

I travel allot, and allot of times I travel late and in the middle of the night. Have you ever stopped at a stop light and there is no traffic anywhere that's when you run it. Never at full speed you will kill someone.
2am in the morning I did this a cop was hidden, just shook his head at me.

AngryAngel Oswego, IL
10/17/12 9:08 am

Once by accident. Never on purpose.

Rinnick Deployed, Be Back Soon
10/17/12 9:05 am

One word: motorcycle.

If you ride, you get this.

10/17/12 9:00 am

I made my husband turn left on on a red light when I was in labor.
I ran one myself once because I thought it was a left yield on green. Noticed a few days later the sign said left turn signal.

BamaGirl ROLL TIDE from Arizona
10/17/12 8:49 am

Not unless you count when the intersection was blocked for a funeral procession of which I was a part.

peacenskis Alaska
10/17/12 8:48 am

That happened to me a few times when I rode a scooter... I'd wait and wait

10/17/12 8:46 am

When your on a motorcycle and your bike doesn't trip the sensor, sometimes your forced to.

polster2 US
10/17/12 8:46 am

I'm not interested in paying fines from red light cameras to get to my destination 30 seconds faster.

jae27 City of Angels
10/17/12 8:20 am

Yuuup hate waiting for pointless lights late at night

10/17/12 8:19 am

I haven't ran a red light.....because I'm 14

jae27 City of Angels
10/17/12 8:19 am

Yes. When I get off work at 3-4am and there's no cars what so ever I'm not gonna stand there and waiting for nothing. Some Red lights should turn to stop signs after certain hours

Bulleiver Earth
10/17/12 8:13 am

Great, and put yourself in the hospital while your at it.

Not saying I won't run a light ever, but at 135mph you're f'n nuts!! I'll stop and then go thru a red light at wee hours in the morning when there is not a single other person in sight.

TheMadScientist the mad laboratory
10/17/12 8:11 am

In MN you can legally run red lights on motorcycles if the light has missed the left arrow on two rotations and it "looks clear."

taijiki Florida
10/17/12 8:03 am

Dad got called for a kidney and pancreas transplant i was 220 mi away he was 65. I drove 135 mph ran at least 10 lights. I ended up beating them there as he had to pack stuff i just jumped in the car.

10/17/12 8:01 am



10/17/12 7:59 am

If the light decides to stay red and its obvious the its not changing then I go when it's safe.

suppressedID suck it Kyle
10/17/12 7:59 am

I drive better than you. I know better. Admit it. You know it's true.

akgoat UniversityofAlaska
10/17/12 7:53 am

When it's late like that, I treat red lights like stop signs.

10/17/12 7:51 am

Light didn't change for 2 mins in the middle of the night... Gotta do what you gotta do sometimes