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Show Of Hands September 16th, 2012 12:00am

Would you donate your bone marrow to save the life of a stranger?

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09/16/12 7:27 pm

Yes I probably would. At the very least I am willing to be an organ and tissue donor after i die.

09/16/12 7:24 pm

@squish. Great way to put it, it's so little in the grand scheme of things yet, it means the world to someone else.

09/16/12 7:23 pm

Not when I'm alive but when I'm dead I don't need any organs or anything so why not ?

09/16/12 7:22 pm

Over 30 percent of Americans would let someone die because they are too selfish to endure 30 minutes I pain and a couple days of being sore? That's horrid. We are such a selfish, hypocritical country.

beamie Michigan
09/16/12 7:05 pm

The question should be have you. You can say yes all day long. But when it comes down to it people need it now.

09/16/12 6:52 pm

Everyone that said yes go sign up to be a registered donor,

09/16/12 6:29 pm

That stuff hurts but I'd do it.

09/16/12 5:40 pm

What the heck is wrong with Wyoming lol

jms in the middle of Nowhere
09/16/12 4:39 pm

Early- yes! When you put on your drivers license that you are a donor, they will sign you up for pretty much everything possible, skin, lungs, heart, eyes, etc. I'm a donor. If I'm dead, I don't need those things anymore!

Sakura-chan Reading and Writing.
09/16/12 4:34 pm

If I can make someone's life change for the better, than I'll do it.
(Just as long as they give me anesthetic since I have a fear of needles)

09/16/12 4:27 pm

Already a registered donor and have seen a friend's son's life saved thanks to an anonymous donor...I don't have much, but I can give that.

Hawkn Texas
09/16/12 4:18 pm

I wouldn't mind the pain. It would be worth it. I'm going on that website right now!

EarlyBird Portland
09/16/12 3:53 pm

Itsrealfurus - read the comments. Someone's mom did

mokeyfraggle Southern California
09/16/12 3:13 pm

Has anybody here donated bone marrow before? What was it like for you?

09/16/12 3:06 pm

Well 67% of you are in luck. There are loads of total strangers who need Bo e marrow. hop to it you generous angela

09/16/12 2:58 pm

Xusker@ I am sorry if you seen it as cold, but I was being honest. I know it would be there for any friends or family. But a murderer or drug attack I wouldn't be so quick. and since it's my body it's also my call.

EarlyBird Portland
09/16/12 2:44 pm

I don't hate on people who don't want to donate, it's not for everyone.

Is there anything anything else we can sign up to donate other than blood and marrow?

JDoe Its a gift
09/16/12 2:41 pm

@TDaddy - You lost me. If someone seriously botches something they are responsible for, especially something as serious as a medical procedure, why shouldn't they be held responsible? Being held to a high standard is what builds faith in the system.

tdaddy Kentucky
09/16/12 2:20 pm

When hospitals cease being sued for malpractice for seriously botching medical procedures and when they stop allowing lawsuit settlements to be sealed, at such time I will happily consent to donating my bone marrow (or anything else) but until then, absolutely not.

09/16/12 2:09 pm

Depends on how old they are. If its a 99 year old man then no, I'm going to need it for longer. A 10 year old kid? Yes.

nice_atheist Connecticut
09/16/12 1:57 pm

I just learned 33% of people are complete jerks.

09/16/12 1:48 pm

Yeah I would! Already did! Everyone should join the national bone marrow registry. The surgery was not bad at all and I got to save a life of a 13 year old girl.

thinker2 nc
09/16/12 1:46 pm

No spinal tap involved. Usually all they do is give you an injection for a little while to increase your own marrow production. Then they take some blood from your arm for donation. It doesn't have to be very painful at all. Been on registry for 2 yrs.

spindrift take the red pill
09/16/12 1:30 pm

Nah, my strong marrow would rape the. With GVHD in no time flat. They'd just die a more painful death

09/16/12 1:14 pm

@goldy, it's a life at stake! The pain involved is like asking, would I suffer being beat beat up to rescue another human. Heaven help me, we ALL should reply yes. It's a life vs. personal discomfort.

09/16/12 1:10 pm

@BrettRichards, no high horse here. Simply cannot believe fellow humans place the value of temporal pain over a human life. That indeed disgusts me, as it should you and every other human.

09/16/12 1:01 pm

@preemiedoc, that's so nice!

goldy California
09/16/12 12:45 pm

Nope, too painful. I don't think that makes me selfish... but whatever.

09/16/12 12:43 pm


What kind of life they lead?

What a cold attitude. I hope you are not passing on your genes or anything to anyone walking this earth.

09/16/12 12:35 pm

This may change some people's minds but bone biopsies are pretty painful, look it up on YouTube!

09/16/12 12:28 pm

I registered with them 2 years ago. No matches yet.

Whenever I see or hear a story of those sad and sick people, I know that doing nothing is like pulling the trigger on them.

They got dealt a bad hand. I will help if they ever call. Pain for this procedure is temporary.

09/16/12 12:25 pm

Been in the registry for over 10 years. Haven't been called, but willing. I saw too many kids during my residency die (1984 - 1987) who may have lived given the right match. I remember their names, their faces, their parents. The toll it takes on families is numbing.

widdy76 always here
09/16/12 12:02 pm

My moms had hers taken for testing. She says it's painful, but the hype about it is worse than it really is. And she was awake both times. I'm not saying its fun, but it's not horrific.

widdy76 always here
09/16/12 11:59 am

Yes. But it's becoming a last ditch effort bc of stem cell advances. My mom is starting the stem cell bone marrow transplant Monday for Multiple Myeloma. I would gladly donate for her or anyone tho. By the time they get to donors, they don't have any other chances.

09/16/12 11:53 am

I am a donator but that is a hard one. It depends for me and that was not one of my choices. I would like to believe I would but I do think it depends on the person that needs it. Like what kind of life they have lead.

09/16/12 11:41 am

35%... You are the weakest link

09/16/12 11:38 am

Repubs are more compassionate then the libs?

09/16/12 11:18 am

@tcby: get off your high horse