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clmcd42 February 15th, 2019 3:40pm

Do you believe in the Constitution or do you support Trump's plan to declare a national emergency to bypass Congress's power over the Treasury?

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Radon Parts Unknown
02/15/19 11:49 am

Weak bait.

He is a liberal you dope. He always was. He is literally the most liberal republican president, maybe ever. That's why I don't think leftists think for themselves in any manner. He's the best hope for a republican pres leftists could hope for. Yet they hate him. He's basically a slightly more center clinton.

The reason I like him is because he gets shit done.

clmcd42 Texas
02/15/19 12:59 pm

"spend on US"

The wall does nothing for regular people. If you were making that argument in favor of an infrastructure bill, I would definitely agree with you. But you're not.

Radon Parts Unknown
02/15/19 1:02 pm

This wall will be the single greatest piece of infrastructure since the interstate system. We spend, by the WSJs own admission, 116 billion dollars a year on illegal immigrants. From healthcare to courts, law enforcement and all we need to do these days in our neutered immigration system. The wall is necessary.

Radon Parts Unknown
02/15/19 11:55 am

I don't have homies who think that. I also never hear people touting his conservative legislation, because there isn't any. How could people make the claim without any proof? I never see people on here making that claim that he's ultra conservative. The only reason he could be considered conservative these days is because lefties have gone absolutely wacko in the past 10 years. In that sense, he is conservative I guess. Weak ass though

Sentinel Ya ie wa noh
02/15/19 2:24 pm

I am saying that since my return to El Paso, it still suffers negatively from illegal aliens, the gang bangers are spread out and with the greater visualization on illegal entries and crime, of course it will demonstrate a decline, however, if that focus is lifted, it is business as usual.....

voc I am...what I am
02/15/19 2:27 pm

So are you saying crime rates are much higher?

02/15/19 9:42 am

I’m pro constitution and if he’s violated it, the others who claim to be should also be speaking out against this.

clmcd42 Texas
02/15/19 10:51 am

I'm from the DFW area.

So your criteria is basically "the president can just do it if he feels like" then? How will you feel about that the next time a Democrat is in power?

Sentinel Ya ie wa noh
02/15/19 10:58 am

You understand what "situational awareness and live data" is..... not blind emotion based upon speculation and conjecture?.....kinda like you posting a link to tell me about the very town I live in......amazing!.....

02/15/19 9:52 am

I agree. I’ve spoken out on numerous dangerous roads presidents have attempted to go down based on these silly re-election attempts yet no one listens. Recently, Alabama violated 1a with placing the Ten Commandments in schools and government buildings for the express reason of pushing religion. And the evangelical conservatives supported it.

voc I am...what I am
02/15/19 12:16 pm

Well, at least we all agree that he’s a weak ass.

02/15/19 1:18 pm

Clmd42, your question is irrelevant and nonsensical

clmcd42 Texas
02/15/19 11:02 am

Sentinel, that sounds like an arbitrary standard that you would use to declare anyone you agree with "situationally aware" and the opposite for anyone you disagree with. Your home city has a crime rate lower than the national average, so I don't really want to hear it.

clmcd42 Texas
02/15/19 12:19 pm

Sentinel, so what you are basically saying is that Congress yielded the power of the purse to the president when they created laws allowing for national emergencies. I do not think that was their intent, and the Constitution is rather clear that Congress is the one who has power over the purse.

Regardless, if this is held up in court, then there'll be hell to pay for conservatives the next time there's a Democrat in office. Is that really something you want to subject yourself to?

clmcd42 Texas
02/15/19 1:22 pm

Radon, you think building a giant and costly wall will help improve our infrastructure? Last I checked, we get a D+ from American Society of Civil Engineers. I don't think that will go up by pouring money into a wall.

Radon Parts Unknown
02/15/19 12:19 pm

See that's where we actually disagree. He makes you people go crazy. Literally obsessed with him. Everything is Trump Trump Trump. He consumes your lives with hate. If he's able to do that, he's clearly kicking ass. It was when everyone went against him that I knew he was an actual man. So he had my vote. He's proving to be doing good, because there are 209 different polls today of lefties losing their minds. And that's a good day.

Radon Parts Unknown
02/15/19 1:26 pm

Our yearly expenditures will, by 116 billion. Less illegals will decrease road traffic. Thus, roads last longer.