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Show Of Hands August 27th, 2011 12:00am

Have you argued over money with your spouse or significant-other in the last year?

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08/27/11 9:38 pm

We argue. But usually nothing serious. We're both pretty good with money.

08/28/11 3:05 am

No, my partner and I keep our finances separate. We do pay all of our bills on time and in full. No credit card debt. Allows us to keep more money for things we both enjoy doing

rorschach Texas
08/28/11 4:13 am

I kind of have to agree w/you, Perot4Prez. Vanguarde's posts make me giggle & I almost wish he posted more often. I figure that his WoW games take up a lot of time & he can only sneak a few minutes w/mommy's iPad.