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Show Of Hands August 27th, 2011 12:00am

Have you argued over money with your spouse or significant-other in the last year?

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08/27/11 6:44 pm

we fight over the iPad more than anything else.

08/27/11 6:44 pm

@ouchy believe it or not a lot of people have very successful relationships.

08/28/11 11:31 pm

We are stressed by it, and sometimes we both get upset regarding money. But it's not an argument per se... Because we both feel the same about it. So no

08/27/11 6:59 pm

No, I have not. My first and only love is money, and for my sexual needs I hire high class women for 2000 a night - more than most of you here make in a month probably.

Remember, people who are as talented and wealthy as I am have options the general public will never have.

08/27/11 7:15 pm

shut up van. you are such a loser you can't get a real woman? you have to hire one? what a dousche.

08/27/11 7:16 pm

I'll bet her snatch stinks.

08/27/11 7:16 pm

twice a month on bill day I can count on an argument. She is great at making up though!!

08/27/11 7:16 pm

enjoy the herpagonasyphilitis

08/27/11 7:17 pm

her butt hole is probably collapsed from all the pounding of different guys every night. eww.

08/27/11 7:18 pm

like throwing a hot dog down a hallway

08/27/11 7:22 pm

it's called crotch rot.

08/27/11 7:22 pm

nasty hookers have it hah!,,

08/27/11 7:28 pm

herpagonasyphilitis should be added to merriam Webster this year

08/27/11 7:29 pm

Oh yeah, but it's more over the principle of the purchases, for me. We've been married 19 years and keep separate (though joint) checking accounts. My husband pays the mortgage and I pay the rest of the bills, basically. Then we argue over who buys the 'big' toys or special purchases.

Planoneck Guam
08/27/11 7:41 pm

Vanguarde seems like the type of guy who would have an Asian fetish. Not sure why, he just gives off this vibe.

veritas… Texas
08/27/11 7:42 pm

@Vangaurde. You try so hard to sound intelligent and knowledgable, yet your comments have grammatical and spelling errors. Also by your incessant need to brag to others hints at an underlying immaturity, not exactly the behavior of a grown man. Do us a favor, and shut up.

08/28/11 12:30 am

You can tap a name in the comments and there is an option to ignore them forever. If you guys didn't mention certain users, I wouldn't know they were still yakking at all...

veritas… Texas
08/27/11 7:46 pm

My guess is that you are a high school teen. And I'm no psychiatrist, but I think you have insecurity issues because of which you feel the need to aggrandize yourself to some be seen as some idealistic, wealthy person.

Planoneck Guam
08/28/11 12:37 am

@jgreene: Yeah, but where's the fun in that? No point in allowing comments if you can't read the boneheaded ones. Bur maybe that's just me.

08/27/11 7:55 pm

sounds like you hit a homer ther veritas...

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
08/28/11 12:47 am

Gee we are a normal married for nearly 40 years couple. Politics too.

applestar Florida
08/27/11 7:59 pm

nope we have the same financial opinions. we're both great savers, yet we still treat ourselves here and there!

08/29/11 1:19 am

Of course it's in the top 3 things couples argue over - 1) Money 2) Sex 3) Kids

08/27/11 10:00 am

We have argued about other things but we are on the same page about money.

08/27/11 10:05 am

Money is the one thing we haven't argued about.

08/27/11 10:08 am

we don't argue over $ per se, just the way I budget! lol

leftocentr Oregon
08/27/11 10:14 am

Can't argue about something u haven't got. Just kidding. I am actually writing this from my yacht off the coast of Necker Island as I sip a bloody Mary and watch the smoke rise from Richard Branson's smoldering home. I love the smell of burning money in the morning. Ahhh...

08/27/11 10:14 am

I said yes but I don't really argue with my husband. It is the one thing that we discuss and are worried about.

08/27/11 8:34 pm

If I WAS married, I'd marry on equal financial terms.

08/27/11 8:37 pm

when you love someone it doesn't matter how much money they make.

08/29/11 4:44 pm

I am a stay at home mom married 7 years... We've been broke and have had 'extra' money... We have never ever had a fight. We agree on saving and spending.

08/27/11 10:30 am

Yet another pointless question... (especially since there are going to be many single people...)

08/27/11 10:32 am

(clarification: there are never two people that 'share' money, and then agree about it's usage, saving, etc.)

O13 Alabama
08/27/11 8:50 pm

Lol, veritas... I said vanguard had inadequacy issues, but insecurity fits in there just as nice.

08/27/11 10:35 am

ahhhhh.....and how nice it is to be single and not argue about anything ;) I'd trade it in for the right guy.

08/27/11 10:48 am

Hands down- you are wrong. We "share" and agree on spending and saving. It wasn't always that way but over the years we have worked it out. We have the same financial goals (retirement, investments, etc.) so it makes it easier to be on the same page.

08/27/11 9:01 pm

of course we argue about money, just today he was worried about how much I spent on our son's first Bday. but we make up and compromise in the end.

08/27/11 10:54 am

after 30 years together my wife and I have found how to communicate and not fight about anything. It's a NICE place to be...

08/28/11 2:23 am

Reading Vanguarde's posts are like watching a train wreck... My instinct is to block the nonsense, but I am intrigued by the absurdity and cannot look away.

MadCass Texas
08/27/11 10:59 am

@hands down, I'm sorry you've become so jaded. It can work. I've successfully shared a bank account with my spouse for 30 years. Both our paychecks go in; payments to keep our family going go out. We find nothing to argue about in that.

true Home
08/27/11 11:13 am

no not really. only when he won't let me buy more shoes haha

valeriejo ramble on
08/27/11 11:17 am

I think if we actually had money there would be nothing left to argue about. Now where's the fun in that?