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Show Of Hands November 27th, 2011 12:00am

Do you believe that dreams generally have deeper symbolic meaning (i.e. they are about issues that your subconscious is trying to sort through)?

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spoiler Michigan
12/03/11 9:12 am

It's so amazing to me that there is always a large percentage of ppl that believe in magic. U watch to much tv

BlueBoy Wisconsin
12/02/11 6:39 pm

I don't think it's that, I have some déjà vu moments and I have no idea where they come from.

Fangz New Jersey
12/02/11 6:58 am

To an extent. Definitely not always, but since they are products of our brain just running, I can't believe there's NO reason behind it.

jwr053 Kentucky
12/02/11 12:18 am

This one time I had this dream......

akdad Alaska
12/01/11 11:46 pm

Unless u fall asleep with the tv on. Then u could be the main guy off pawn stars. What dose that mean

moosey Texas
12/01/11 2:10 pm

This is a poorly put question because it's too general. I believe that dreams are our brains sorting through what's going on in outlines and what we've encountered, but I don't think it's symbolic. It's just a jumble of fragmented thoughts and worries and memories.

12/01/11 2:36 am

Some times, but rarely. The strangest dreams I have has a prophesier in it but I never remember what she said. Also, the dream is located in the same area every time!

11/30/11 9:35 pm

Sorta.....but I just think its only really rare.

11/30/11 1:14 am

i realized that i wanted to be a therapist and soon later relized that it was because i had traumatic expierences as a child and wanted to help others in the same situations

11/29/11 11:41 pm

the only thing I could really see as fortelling would be if you dreamt you were going to wake up

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
11/29/11 9:45 am

@ hope pray for guidance in your dreams. Not long ago I was under attack from someone who hated me. God showed me what to do in a dream. It sounded crazy but I obeyed. It worked! may you be protected in your sleep.

11/28/11 11:30 pm

I think they incorporate things that are on my mind, but never "purposefully". I believe that dreams are pretty random, without particular meaning or intention

11/28/11 10:17 pm

I would say yes. Someone I know who sometimes goes by Gamidame had a dream his mom was bloody, when he woke up, she really was bloody and was rushed to the hospital.

11/28/11 9:21 pm

Yes I always dream of toilets. then I wake up and have to pee really bad. true story.

11/28/11 8:48 pm

the brain uses symbolism to process the subconscious which we then see through dreams

kandykane California
11/28/11 7:39 pm

@awesomeism- I've heard of dreaming in black and white, but never in tints. Interesting.
I wonder what color blind people dream in?

kandykane California
11/28/11 7:38 pm

@hope- that's ironic, considering your username.

11/28/11 12:52 pm

or in different tints

11/28/11 12:51 pm

sometimes I dream in black and white instead of color

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
11/28/11 10:29 am

@ Mistrygirl dreams foretold the future in the bible. I'd say you have a gift.

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
11/28/11 3:00 am

I had a past life dream. I was very young and would have had mo reference to the things that happened.

Shazam Scaramouche, OH
11/28/11 2:28 am

The interesting thing is not only dream-meaning a debate in the school of psych, so is the existence of a subconscious. Both were originally proposed by S. Freud, and discredited by many other schools/theories of psych.

11/28/11 1:58 am

I figured someone would comment calling me crazy...

11/28/11 1:34 am

I'm a very lucid dreamer so no. But my dreams are always amazingly fun and interesting.

Hope Minneapolis
11/28/11 1:15 am

Most of my dreams showcase my underachieving, inadequacies, failures, missed opportunities, & the like :(

11/28/11 12:40 am

absolutely, I love dreaming & analyzing them in the morning. it's fun to think about what was going on in ur subconscious

11/27/11 11:35 pm

Dreams are about past experiences, jammed together by your subconscious. No more, no less.

11/27/11 11:06 pm

Maybe, there is some evidence suggesting so, but idk if it's definitive. And if you dream lucidly, then I guess not.

11/27/11 11:06 pm

Maybe, there is some evidence suggesting so, but idk if it's definitive. And if you dream lucidly, then I guess not.

11/27/11 10:53 pm

bingo!! one of my favorite franz tunes

11/27/11 10:42 pm

I don't know. Some dreams I have are relevant to something that happens a while later.

11/27/11 10:35 pm

do you know who sings that song

11/27/11 10:34 pm

duh. it's when you know it's a dream. I have them all the time. I know it's too ridiculous to be real.

jjplol North Carolina
11/27/11 10:29 pm

Not at all. I dream up some weird stuff.

11/27/11 10:19 pm

I like that song, "lucid dream"

nice_atheist Connecticut
11/27/11 10:14 pm

One time I had a lucid dream. It is the best thing ever. It was and probably will be the only time where I have to ask myself what I want to do, regardless of if it is even possible.

kst8r Iowa
11/27/11 9:45 pm

And one time I had a dream that I was spinning around really fast in an inflatable chair and when I woke up I was really dizzy and could barely walk. Spooky.....

kst8r Iowa
11/27/11 9:42 pm

Sometimes when I have things on my mind all day I have very vivid dreams
About them. I also think thatsome dreams r messages from god bc I had a dream that I died in a head on car crash the night before/ morning of thanksgiving. That gave me something to b thankful 4.

11/27/11 9:36 pm

I searched the deeds. earliest deed for my house was in 1860. but the old court house burned down in 1860. so.....

11/27/11 9:33 pm

my house was built pre 1860 and there's a grave yard in the back field.

11/27/11 9:33 pm

I fell asleep on my couch... I dreamt I was getting terrorized by ghosts as I was sleeping on my couch. I would wake up but couldn't differentiate reality from dreamland. because in was in the exact spot in my dream. then I fell back into the same dream. maybe they really were ghosts.

11/27/11 9:22 pm

I always dream about the issues in my life. so yes.