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Show Of Hands November 27th, 2011 12:00am

Do you believe that dreams generally have deeper symbolic meaning (i.e. they are about issues that your subconscious is trying to sort through)?

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11/30/11 9:35 pm

Sorta.....but I just think its only really rare.

11/27/11 10:42 pm

I don't know. Some dreams I have are relevant to something that happens a while later.

11/27/11 10:53 pm

bingo!! one of my favorite franz tunes

11/27/11 2:04 pm

@MyOpinion no once can fully interpret what you just dreamed. Only you can. And by making connections to your actual life.

golfer golfing
11/27/11 6:27 pm

@cup0pizza - I think it's pretty obvious what those dreams mean.

spoiler Michigan
12/03/11 9:12 am

It's so amazing to me that there is always a large percentage of ppl that believe in magic. U watch to much tv

11/27/11 2:06 pm

@MyOpinion. I thinks you were trying to save someone from the government. While those two seals were soldiers from the navy seals trying to look for them?

KyHeff Kentucky
11/27/11 2:07 pm

3rdsides, school nights are just a no-fly zone for electronic entertainment. too bad that is reality ;-(

11/27/11 11:06 pm

Maybe, there is some evidence suggesting so, but idk if it's definitive. And if you dream lucidly, then I guess not.

11/27/11 11:06 pm

Maybe, there is some evidence suggesting so, but idk if it's definitive. And if you dream lucidly, then I guess not.

11/27/11 6:49 pm

I subscribe to the Activation Synthasys

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
11/29/11 9:45 am

@ hope pray for guidance in your dreams. Not long ago I was under attack from someone who hated me. God showed me what to do in a dream. It sounded crazy but I obeyed. It worked! may you be protected in your sleep.

11/27/11 11:35 pm

Dreams are about past experiences, jammed together by your subconscious. No more, no less.

11/27/11 2:24 pm

yes, it is a fantasy outlet.

11/30/11 1:14 am

i realized that i wanted to be a therapist and soon later relized that it was because i had traumatic expierences as a child and wanted to help others in the same situations

11/27/11 7:44 pm

I think they do because sometimes I will have a vision & then it actually happens.

akdad Alaska
12/01/11 11:46 pm

Unless u fall asleep with the tv on. Then u could be the main guy off pawn stars. What dose that mean

11/27/11 7:51 pm

I always have dreams of about stuff that I worry over but it's not a "vision" or anything, usually it just involves the people with what I'm worrying over and some farfetched fantasy adventure with me as the heroine :)

11/28/11 11:30 pm

I think they incorporate things that are on my mind, but never "purposefully". I believe that dreams are pretty random, without particular meaning or intention

11/27/11 2:50 pm

@kyheff thanks for your insolent remarks. It seems like you took the time and effort to post such an irrelevant comment.

11/27/11 7:57 pm

Boobies what does it mean

11/27/11 7:58 pm

Oh yeah once I dreamed about math my teacher was Hamtaro n he said unless I solved this long math problem I'd never leave the maze... I asked him if there was cheese at the end and he said there used 2 b I asked where it went and he said the dog ate it all. For some reason tht was the last straw -.-

11/27/11 3:00 pm

They are a representation of what is going through your subconscious.

11/27/11 3:05 pm

Isnt that the definition of a dream? Lol

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
11/28/11 10:29 am

@ Mistrygirl dreams foretold the future in the bible. I'd say you have a gift.

11/28/11 12:40 am

absolutely, I love dreaming & analyzing them in the morning. it's fun to think about what was going on in ur subconscious

jwr053 Kentucky
12/02/11 12:18 am

This one time I had this dream......

11/27/11 3:13 pm

Americans are lame lol

Hope Minneapolis
11/28/11 1:15 am

Most of my dreams showcase my underachieving, inadequacies, failures, missed opportunities, & the like :(

11/27/11 8:40 pm

What if your dreams are full of violence and sex?

11/28/11 1:34 am

I'm a very lucid dreamer so no. But my dreams are always amazingly fun and interesting.

11/27/11 3:29 pm

My junior high English teacher (I'm in high school) taught me that dreams are your subconscious communicating with your conscious, and I still believe that, I think it makes sense.

11/27/11 3:29 pm

I said no. Or at least I hope not considering I haven't had a dream since around 3rd grade. Which is probably bad.

11/28/11 1:58 am

I figured someone would comment calling me crazy...

Jenn321 New York
11/27/11 12:38 pm

I say yes but that's only true sometimes. I don't think every dream means something.

AdamT Boston, MA
11/27/11 8:52 pm

Sometimes, I'll dream something and then a while later - days, weeks later, it comes true. It's a scene, and when it happens it's like Déjà Vu, but I know I've seen it in my dream. Happened 2 or 3 times now, it's pretty freaky.

giottoblu Connecticut
11/27/11 12:46 pm

Not in terms of "dreaming about the moon means you hate your mother", but in terms of "dreaming about kissing Joe means you probably want to go out with him".

Shazam Scaramouche, OH
11/28/11 2:28 am

The interesting thing is not only dream-meaning a debate in the school of psych, so is the existence of a subconscious. Both were originally proposed by S. Freud, and discredited by many other schools/theories of psych.

11/27/11 3:47 pm

Just because you can't remember a dream doesn't necessarily mean you didn't have one. Sleep research indicates your brain goes through events of the day, helping to make short term memories into long term ones.

donna0987 Indiana
11/27/11 9:04 pm

In a way yes. Like if you are worried about something I think it may visit you in your dream one way or another.