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Show Of Hands November 27th, 2011 12:00am

Do you believe that dreams generally have deeper symbolic meaning (i.e. they are about issues that your subconscious is trying to sort through)?

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donna0987 Indiana
11/27/11 9:04 pm

In a way yes. Like if you are worried about something I think it may visit you in your dream one way or another.

AdamT Boston, MA
11/27/11 8:52 pm

Sometimes, I'll dream something and then a while later - days, weeks later, it comes true. It's a scene, and when it happens it's like Déjà Vu, but I know I've seen it in my dream. Happened 2 or 3 times now, it's pretty freaky.

11/27/11 8:40 pm

What if your dreams are full of violence and sex?

11/27/11 7:58 pm

Oh yeah once I dreamed about math my teacher was Hamtaro n he said unless I solved this long math problem I'd never leave the maze... I asked him if there was cheese at the end and he said there used 2 b I asked where it went and he said the dog ate it all. For some reason tht was the last straw -.-

11/27/11 7:57 pm

Boobies what does it mean

11/27/11 7:51 pm

I always have dreams of about stuff that I worry over but it's not a "vision" or anything, usually it just involves the people with what I'm worrying over and some farfetched fantasy adventure with me as the heroine :)

11/27/11 7:44 pm

I think they do because sometimes I will have a vision & then it actually happens.

11/27/11 6:49 pm

I subscribe to the Activation Synthasys

golfer golfing
11/27/11 6:27 pm

@cup0pizza - I think it's pretty obvious what those dreams mean.

cup0pizza .
11/27/11 6:04 pm

What do dreams that make you sticky or wet mean? Are they symbolic?

11/27/11 6:00 pm

@ mustangmad are you a fan of Joe Rogan by any chance? lol

11/27/11 5:33 pm

My dreams attack me.

11/27/11 5:16 pm

I know I dream some weird stuff. I have seen things in my dreams, and days later it happens. Thats only happened to me twice

11/27/11 4:07 pm

I believe in alternate universes aka 'string theory' physics, and I think when we dream we are crossing over into an alternate dimension or universe.

11/27/11 4:06 pm

yea, my dreams have actually happened in real life. I've known things were gonna happen before they happened, because I started analyzing my dreams deeper. I call it a gift, friends are scared to hear about my dreams and others think I'm crazy lol...

AdamT Boston, MA
11/27/11 4:02 pm

I use, I think their interpretations are, for the most part, spot on. But I absolutely think that dreams have a bigger meaning, they sometimes tell us subtly what to do.

LOLdayl Ohio
11/27/11 3:52 pm

I have dreams and sort things out that happen and sometimes see things that happen a few days later.

valeriejo ramble on
11/27/11 3:51 pm

And yes, dreams are definitely the brains way of sorting things out and understanding things. I don't think they tell the future or anything like that, but when you sleep your brain is processing and it is actually more active while you sleep than when you're awake!

valeriejo ramble on
11/27/11 3:49 pm

@Lazis- you've had dreams, everyone has dreams! You just don't remember them. I only remember my dreams once in awhile but that doesn't mean I'm not having them.

11/27/11 3:47 pm

Just because you can't remember a dream doesn't necessarily mean you didn't have one. Sleep research indicates your brain goes through events of the day, helping to make short term memories into long term ones.

11/27/11 3:29 pm

I said no. Or at least I hope not considering I haven't had a dream since around 3rd grade. Which is probably bad.

11/27/11 3:29 pm

My junior high English teacher (I'm in high school) taught me that dreams are your subconscious communicating with your conscious, and I still believe that, I think it makes sense.

11/27/11 3:13 pm

Americans are lame lol

11/27/11 3:05 pm

Isnt that the definition of a dream? Lol

11/27/11 3:00 pm

They are a representation of what is going through your subconscious.

11/27/11 2:50 pm

@kyheff thanks for your insolent remarks. It seems like you took the time and effort to post such an irrelevant comment.

11/27/11 2:24 pm

yes, it is a fantasy outlet.

KyHeff Kentucky
11/27/11 2:07 pm

3rdsides, school nights are just a no-fly zone for electronic entertainment. too bad that is reality ;-(

11/27/11 2:06 pm

@MyOpinion. I thinks you were trying to save someone from the government. While those two seals were soldiers from the navy seals trying to look for them?

11/27/11 2:04 pm

@MyOpinion no once can fully interpret what you just dreamed. Only you can. And by making connections to your actual life.

11/27/11 1:50 pm

I think some dreams are just that, dreams with no meaning that we're maybe triggered by some movie, image or person we saw. Sometimes dreams do have a deeper meaning and its just our brain trying to solve a problem we went to bed thinking of.

11/27/11 1:43 pm

I once had a dream where I was a pelican hiding fuzzy blue hats on roofs trying to keep them from the government while two seals were ice fishing in the streets, if anyone can interpret that for me I will be very impressed!

11/27/11 1:39 pm

@poller14 thats true. The brain is constantly at work. Thats why they advise us to not watch tv after a night of studying, so that way our brain can focus on reorganizing what we've studied. Learned it from psych class freshman year.

11/27/11 1:38 pm

@oldlady that totally happens to me all the time... I am too young to play the lottery though so if I see any numbers I'll let ya know... Lol

11/27/11 1:37 pm

I don't remember my dreams most of the time but when I do, it usually has to do with something that bugged me all day, and it does help me figure it out.

11/27/11 1:37 pm

@oldlady ME TOO! Its like i have to question myself if im still dreaming or not.

11/27/11 1:37 pm

It makes sense because your brain is so busy focusing on other things during the day so when you dream your brain is thinking about how to fix things

11/27/11 1:35 pm

Wow. The female % is high on this, most likely they dream about they're relationship with a douchebag guy or a romantic lover.
But anyways, my dreams do make connections in my actual life.

canecorso Las Vegas Nv
11/27/11 1:35 pm

I have dreams and then have these déjà vu moments where what I dreamed about is actually happening so I would have to say yes. Now if I could only dream about some lottery numbers! Lol

Nerdz Texas
11/27/11 1:32 pm

sometimes it does except when you dream of something completely fictional

11/27/11 1:16 pm

I dreamt about car jacking during a zombie apocalypse, so no

JaquesV Bentonville, AR
11/27/11 1:06 pm

It's called SUB-conscious because you will not be aware of the resolutions your mind comes to as a result of the dream. I don't believe dreams tell the future or anything mystical, but they are certainly therapeutic for your neurons. Psych docs can tell you that.

Mooo42Q Thats Nucking Futs
11/27/11 1:02 pm

Uhhhm. I suppose. If I'm worried about something/one or I'll dream of people I've thought of recently.
I doubt I'm 'working' anything out though. My dreams go no where and make so sense, -if I even remember them at all.

11/27/11 12:56 pm

I think it's possible to interpret meaning into anything, really. It depends on the dream and circumstances, but I'd say no more often than not.