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Are you optimistic about the direction the country is moving?

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07/25/13 11:18 am

Considering they are giving food-stamps to people who then go out and buy iPhone 5s, I think it's a sign of the populace neglecting the country as much as the government they complain about.

jamjay Atlanta, Ga
07/19/13 6:39 pm

Obama is going to sink America

Libertarian Utah
07/19/13 11:26 am

I hate them democrats

07/19/13 12:42 am

I need followers for my polls!

Got a ton of interesting ones!!!

Please please follow me!

Sharknado Colo
07/18/13 9:24 pm

Do you think anybody ever regrets how they voted?

07/15/13 10:01 am

Yes and no. We're declining, but at least we're getting tolerant and open-minded.

07/19/13 8:19 am

Then why are we declining?

Could it be that we are not "really" getting tolerant and open minded?

dotails DotUrTsAndCrossUrEyes
07/14/13 9:52 pm

If we don't turn about face China will ask us to pay up our IOUs which mean our states.

cleverusername mars
07/11/13 6:12 am

I'm noticing a lot of people blaming Obama and while i dont support him, he is not the only problem. Don't forget about congress, Bush, or wealthy businesses that bribe the government . They are also responsible for the current state of the us too.

sarah1911 Poolesville MD
07/11/13 3:13 am

Is the country moving quickly in a positive direction? No, but the movement is back upward.

kaik12 Twin Cities, MN
07/10/13 11:25 pm

In some ways, yes. Others, no.

Spiritof76 USA 1776
07/10/13 8:30 am

America will be back only when people start challenging the validity of the two Party system. But, until then, she'll get more black and blue by endless Government intrusion by these Parties trying to outdo each other to push THEIR social/political agendas on us.

07/10/13 8:17 am

Democrats wake up. We are in the 4th term of bush.

07/10/13 8:15 am

The democrats are so freaking out of touch. Who cares who you can marry if the government can kill you?

07/10/13 4:59 am

Health care for all and equal treatment of gays and straights. Absolutely the right direction.

mcdkm Houston
07/11/13 6:09 pm

If you thing Obamacare will provide healthcare for all I have oceanfront property in Nebraska I can sell you. Hint: it's not free like you have been told, there is an employee contribution of up to 9.5% of your gross income.

whyn0t Denver
07/18/13 5:47 am

Everybody who wanted health care HAD it. Ever heard of Medicare/Medicaid, yeah that really expensive crap of a health care system. Obamacare is the same thing only more expensive, while adding a tax to force those that didn't want it to pay for it.

07/09/13 9:34 pm

Look up "The Petrodollar". Be enlightened.

cleverusername mars
07/09/13 9:19 pm

At best most if not all government officials are corrupt or a complete dumbass or both!

ladyniner81 I need chocolate
07/09/13 6:40 pm

I look on Facebook and at least 95% of the people on there cannot spell or write correctly, the laws are made to help the seriously stupid. Political Correctness is killing the country, People are rude and lazy. Meh.

ishady 86451132020
07/09/13 5:32 pm

I prefer the republican way of ignoring the polls till its too late.

bnnt Los Angeles
07/09/13 3:31 pm


Given both Obama wreck and GWB's mess, we're pretty much in a downward spiral.

I dream about a 3rd party that doesn't push militarization or big government.

07/09/13 8:23 pm

That's pretty much impossible, sadly. Even Nader got physically ejected from his last attempt to join the debate by GOP and Democrat co-funded security, though he had every right. Money wins the vast majority of elections. Oligarchically elections...

07/11/13 3:48 am

How bout... The Patriot Party? ;-)

MonAmour Illinois
07/09/13 1:05 pm

When I said no to this question I wasn't thinking about politics. I was thinking about how spoiled and more materialistic and shallow each generation is becoming and that to me is concerning.

07/09/13 10:35 am

Socially? Yes. Economically? No. Politically? No.

wingman646 Jacksonville
07/09/13 9:31 am

If only I hated this country I could be proud of what's happening. If only I hated it as much as the aristocratic minority did...

07/09/13 6:19 am

#1 employer = WalMart
#2 employer = Kelly Temps

Yeah, things are great.

07/09/13 4:50 am

Not until zero-bama is gone.

Abolitionist Voice of the people
07/09/13 6:43 am

Zzzzzz...... You obviously don't understand America is about the people, not the government.

icebird1942 Future video game maker
07/09/13 7:04 am

But the gov can improve relations with countries and they don't. We need lower gas prices, but they aren't doing anything about it.

Abolitionist Voice of the people
07/09/13 7:20 am

If government told oil companies what to charge for gas, we wouldn't be capitalists. And as long as we allow corporations to run our government, we'll never improve our relations with other countries.

juicebox Suburb
07/09/13 12:19 pm

Lowering oil prices has nothing to do with the government. We should give more permits to drill off our coast as opposed to giving them to countries like brazil and build the keystone pipeline

TreeHugs Oregon
07/09/13 2:02 pm

We need affordable electric cars that are charged using renewable resources. More oil is not a good direction for the country.

07/09/13 2:48 am

I try to keep positive; but sometimes it's very difficult.

willthehuman Suburbia
07/08/13 10:04 pm

You guys are focusing to much on the political aspects. I think that the general average quality of life will go up, just as it has for years. Especially with technological advances in medicine and entertainment.

jordan New York
07/08/13 9:30 pm

Not until we move towards a libertarian system. (No system)

htcbump Florida
07/08/13 9:26 pm

Reagan actually had more than 11 tax increases but the net/net was a great tax cut that helped the economy.

rcgrant south carolina
07/08/13 8:59 pm

I may be seeing impaired but I ain't blind..... hell no.....

07/08/13 5:19 pm

Eventually the tectonic plates will slam us into asia, but that's a long time from now so I'm not super worried.

Gamer365 Woodbridge, VA
07/08/13 4:37 pm

All except the spying

defender Austin, TX
07/08/13 4:16 pm

yes, primarily because stupid Gov Perry is NOT running for re-election!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sugar811 Albany, OH
07/08/13 4:16 pm

OMG - The Republicans are a bunch of "negative Bellies!"

MissN The Experiment
07/08/13 4:13 pm

Not sure if we're even going anywhere, much less anywhere good, but still have hope.. because what else do we have left if not that? - says the optimist

07/08/13 3:53 pm

Go obama!! Oh, wait a minute.....

ishady 86451132020
07/08/13 3:48 pm

It's getting better irregardless of your pissing and moaning.
Unless your a hyper-religious tea bagger, then it probably sucks that most ppl don't agree with you.

07/08/13 4:06 pm

Eliminate excessive taxes
Eliminate National debt
Eliminate deficit spending
Protect Free markets
Abide by Constitution
Civic Responsibility
Reduce size of government
Believe in the people/Avoid pitfalls of politics/Maintain local independence

07/08/13 4:07 pm

I am not a tea party member and have be we voted for tp. But as an American, I have no problem with their platform.

ishady 86451132020
07/08/13 4:12 pm

Federal reserve,social security,welfare,public schools,taxation.

HelloThere12345 Utah
07/08/13 6:41 pm

73% said no. Just saying, maybe you are in the minority and it isn't just the "hyper-religious"and the tea party who realize the country is headed in the wrong direction. I'm not a tea partier, by the way. But I will proudly admit I am very religious.

07/09/13 12:16 am

Maybe you should learn to read a pie chart before calling people names.

ishady 86451132020
07/09/13 1:10 am

80% of the people in this country believe a Jew died and came back to life for their sins. So that's not saying much for the mass delusion factor.

07/09/13 11:08 am

Terrible mean to say that 20% of the population is doomed...

juicebox Suburb
07/09/13 12:25 pm

What's great is the spin that was put on the tea-party by the media. They compared it to occupy wall st. and made them out to be stupid and religious. You want to know the truth? We only believe in smaller government!

07/09/13 3:30 pm

Look again, most people DO agree.

keabrook Los Angeles
07/08/13 3:26 pm

Socially, I believe we are on track. Fiscally, I believe we need to be more of a conservative nation with a fixed tax system. I am a democrat by the way

07/08/13 3:00 pm

No; the plate tectonics is all *kinds* of messed up in this country!

07/08/13 3:03 pm

They say in my generation's time.. California will shift out into the Pacific.

Crazy plates I tell ya!

07/08/13 3:08 pm

Nah, Cali is safe. The fault isn't moving that way, nor is it moving quickly. You won't see so much as an ocean inlet behind LA in your children's lives, let alone ocean all the way behind Southern Cali.

07/08/13 3:13 pm

Good! All those poor people we would have never seen again! *gasping emoji*

mandimoomoo Home of the Huskers
07/08/13 3:54 pm

Actually the plate California rests on was once subducted and is now moving parallel to the continental plate, it is certainly not moving towards the ocean.

mandimoomoo Home of the Huskers
07/08/13 3:58 pm

Also, plate tectonics occur on such a large time-scale that any significant movement will not happen in our lifetime. California moves roughly an inch each year, or about a foot each decade.

willthehuman Suburbia
07/08/13 10:07 pm

So the real question is how can we speed up this process?

violence Pretty hate machine
07/08/13 2:49 pm

This country is in its long, slow decline. Welcome to Rome circa Nero, and it has nothing to do with which party is in charge.

07/08/13 3:25 pm

Emperor Nerobama

07/08/13 3:26 pm

But then most people have no idea who Nero was or the history of the fall of Rome.

07/08/13 6:13 pm

Wow. Seriously?

You sir have no leg to stand on the second you said "emperor Nerobama"

What a douche

07/08/13 2:29 pm

We just had a poll where 75% of republicans say keep non violent drug offenders in jail. So yeah. We are screwed. The fiscal conservatives (joking) want to enforce laws against victimless crimes. Crazy.

swervin Maryland
07/08/13 2:35 pm

Illegal drugs are illegal for a reason. Some mess with your brain in a way that causes you to do things that can endanger you or others. Also, "nonviolent" drug offenders will often become violent when they need money for a fix.

07/08/13 2:37 pm

So does alcohol and prescription pills. The things that cause harm to others are already against the law.

Plus. Maybe regardless. Prohibition does not ( and has not) worked.

swervin Maryland
07/08/13 2:40 pm

Keeping drug dealers in prison is a good thing. I don't want someone dealing cocaine near where kids get on the bus in the morning. If you disagree, I have nothing else to say to you.

07/08/13 2:48 pm

Obviously not a black and white issue. You are assuming that legalizing drugs would then be more legal than wine coolers. Bars and liquor stores are not allowed near schools now. And if legal, who would buy coke from a dude on the street?

swervin Maryland
07/08/13 3:08 pm

Do you really want meth to be legal? Do you know what that stuff does to the human body?

07/08/13 4:11 pm

Yes, did you catch the part "enforce laws"

07/08/13 6:39 pm

@swervin. I understand and opens up a whole new line Of discussion as to where "the line of benefits" is drawn, but I would hate to legalize meth as well. From what I have seen on tv - literally no benefit.

07/08/13 6:42 pm

The good news is legalizing coke and pot and shrooms and acid and whatever I am missing would actually drastically reduce the street crime, drugs near kid's bus stops, overdoses and take people from costing us to making us money.

willthehuman Suburbia
07/08/13 10:12 pm

Legalize them, if people use them, they alone have to deal with the consequences. (no help from big brother) AND you've just introduced a new cash crop to the US which has many other incredable uses, AND wiped out Mexican drug cartels. 2 birds 1stone

07/08/13 2:26 pm

It's no one specific but rather a continued failure of all of us to work together

07/08/13 2:21 pm

The decline of America's status as a world superpower is nothing to approve of.

07/08/13 3:26 pm

Democrats applaud it

swervin Maryland
07/08/13 2:11 pm

Not as long as we have Obama in office. What happened to the "change" he promised in his first election?

07/08/13 2:59 pm

Right because as soon as a rep gets in office things will automatically get better!!
If you believe that, there's seriously no hope for you.

tchance2 32218
07/08/13 2:05 pm

Wow that's a crazy stat. I wish FoxNews or something would get a hold of this. There's plenty of diversity in the voting and the outcome is still worse than I would have said.

07/08/13 2:05 pm

I was expecting the obligatory "blame Obama". Was disappointed. C'mon tea-baggers!

tchance2 32218
07/08/13 2:08 pm

Lets see I'm not gonna blame him for everything....but what he has caused: Obamacare, division among races, division among incomes, hatred toward the constitution calling those who follow it "extremists" (again division), and calling big gov good.

violence Pretty hate machine
07/08/13 2:53 pm

"[D]ivision among races..." Really?! I don't wanna say you're a racist without knowing more, but it sure sounds like it.

Apex swimming in the sky
07/08/13 5:25 pm


ignore all other presidents. just blame one man for all the mistakes.

07/08/13 1:59 pm

I agree with you, people do not care about their own species anymore we are so disconnected it disgusts me. They just want to divide and conquer all for themselves. We don't care about life anymore is sickening. Humans are fucked.

Apex swimming in the sky
07/08/13 5:26 pm

you don't like the jungle you say? do not worry natural selection will take care of that.

mitchrapp1 Florida
07/08/13 1:55 pm

Just like they said in that old episode of South Park: About one out of every four people are retarded.

07/08/13 2:17 pm

Socialists vehemently disagree with you.

07/08/13 2:36 pm

The problem is GOP are socialists too. One leans commie and the other combines corporatist (nazi) and theocracy. You cant ask to Enforce drug laws and then say you want smaller gov.

07/08/13 4:20 pm

This is a mighty wide definition, to the point it loses its ability to define with any meaning. Add in that Soviet Communism and German Fascism share more similarities than differences.

07/08/13 1:17 pm


Injectable Trump Killed Babbitt
07/08/13 1:18 pm

Continental drift is a bitch.

07/08/13 2:16 pm

Don't worry, we're moving away from Europe.

elianastar FreeSpeech
07/08/13 12:57 pm

Only from sense unless/until ppl get sufficiently fed up &/or personally suffer from current situations, unlikely to wake up, get up, & DO something! Complacency hard to break!