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12/04/11 6:38 pm

It was MySpace now it fb and tweet ...what next?

Fangz New Jersey
12/02/11 7:06 am

I have one, but I stopped using it because nobody ever said a word to me on there

12/02/11 2:50 am

I'm an addict and I admit it. Hopefully first step into recovery. Lol

TheJsinAK Alaska
12/02/11 2:05 am

glad to see I am not alone on the not using Facebook boat.

jwr053 Kentucky
12/02/11 12:40 am

What ever is this FaceBook you speak of?

11/30/11 9:32 pm

I do, but I hate it. It's just so addicting....

11/28/11 6:38 pm

one of the few, the proud, the people don't use any form of social media.

11/27/11 2:18 pm

It used to be that you'd pick up the phone and call your best friend when your mother died or when you get a new job or when you meet a celebrity, but now the first thing anyone does is post on facebook and it somehow is an acceptable alternative...

11/27/11 2:16 pm

I hate facebook and I stopped using it entirely 3 months ago. I hate that now when something interesting happens, everyone finds out indirectly on facebook. It's so impersonal and it demeans close relationships.

11/27/11 8:26 am

No. I think it's dumb just sitting around at your computer for hours chatting with friends when you can actually call them or see them in person.

11/27/11 7:56 am

... to play The Sims Social P:

musiclovr Colorado
11/26/11 9:32 pm

I've been planning on getting one for a while but I have to say no.

11/26/11 8:11 pm

I thought about deleting it. only reason I stay is for my group of 900 EV lovers!

11/26/11 10:57 am

No. I think it was a big step in technology but a harmful addition to society. Some examples: when my frend got engaged her first instinct was to change her relationship status instead of tell frends. Thr r hackers posting nude pictures on walls. Thr r crazies and stalker. No! I DO NOT USE IT! Ugh

11/26/11 10:32 am

I recently just shut mine's like the unofficial white pages

11/26/11 9:13 am

I'm probably going to get hit with rocks...but I don't have one and I'm not sure if I ever will...BTW @Jasonreed 

yoggsaron Las Vegas
11/26/11 8:25 am

I dont use it at all sucks some apps req Facebook to comment and such sucks.

11/26/11 5:44 am

I'm actually taking a Facebook "vacation" myself!! The Holidays can be hard enough without all my political activist friends posting non-stop, depressing, political/economic/societal news items.
I'll just do a quick overview each day-and use all that new Free Time to catch-up on medical news!

11/25/11 11:08 pm

You guys need A)new drama-less friends. B) to learn the block feature and C) the ignore button!

Ajibawa La La Land
11/25/11 9:55 pm

I used Facebook a lot then I got sick of all the drama queens so I ditched it for about 3-4 months. Then I found out the only way my family tells anything is on FB so I got it back just for that.

BlackBenz Northwest Arkansas
11/25/11 9:45 pm

I like the cloak of being anonymous on the internet due to my occupation. So, FB is not my thing.

dlyliny1 New York
11/25/11 9:45 pm

FB kills me bc so many ppl I know say they never have time to __ (get together, find a (better) job, go back to school, etc), yet they have INFINITE time to play games, post inane BS comments/requests and post all their updates and photos that no one but them really gives a crap about. Lame!!

11/25/11 7:53 pm

Some people don't notice rthat if you say something on Facebook. Later that could affect your job life. So I don't want my friends hurting my future.

hanoada Hyrum, UT
11/25/11 6:23 pm

I went from using it a lot to using it maybe once a month when I have nothing else to do.

11/25/11 5:36 pm

Commenting on this site is simply another form of social media: you get to spout off about your options without imminent threat of reprisal. Can't we all just get along?

nicoolio Oregon
11/25/11 3:45 pm

but outside of that. I don't get it.

nicoolio Oregon
11/25/11 3:45 pm

I was on there for a couple months and from my experience I saw it mosly as a way for mean people to target people they could normally never get ahold of and then there was just random junk that I had no desire to know. I'm sure it's a great tool for connecting with people you've lost touch with,

kandykane California
11/25/11 2:24 pm

Although I sometimes feel a little left out about not having one when all my friends do, I really don't feel the need to broadcast my personal life out across the Internet while reading a bunch of badly spelled posts about how much so and so hates her mom.

11/25/11 1:28 pm

I don't play the games on it though.

11/25/11 1:28 pm

I use it all the time. I am far away from home because my husband is in the military and it is the best way for me to stay connected with my family. also since I've made many friends in the military who move to other bases or get out it helps me stay connected to them too!

11/25/11 10:57 am

Just deleted mine and it was the best decision ever

taijiki Florida
11/25/11 10:56 am

All of these so called social sites are a complete shame, you cannot be social over the Internet. Also anyone who thinks they have 100 or more "friends" because Facebook says so is horribly mistaken and need psychological help, as you obviously have issues.

11/25/11 10:29 am

I don't have the time or patience to live my life on the computer

11/25/11 9:56 am

It really sucks people in. No I don't use it and of I did I'd be afraid I'd turn into one of those kids who just sits by his computer or on their phone all day and uses Facebook.

scottstots Georgia
11/25/11 8:25 am

Have never had one. Never had myspace. I guess I'm just not that interested in other people.

11/25/11 7:30 am

So...when does the narwhal bacon?

valeriejo ramble on
11/25/11 6:29 am

Facebook is the devil. But yes I use it regularly : /

11/25/11 6:24 am

Got sick of all the stupidity that Facebook does with their designs, I do have an account but haven't checked it in months. I use almost everything else though. I'm on twitter (@thejameskyle) google + (+thejameskyle) tumblr (if you can't guess by now your friggin dumb)

sukiemac Michigan
11/25/11 5:49 am

Great way to keep in touch with long distance family and friends

one80 California
11/25/11 5:13 am

Not a lot though. I've always liked twitter more.

11/25/11 3:55 am

All the social networking sites are a waste of time. If you need to talk then call me. If you don't have my number there's a reason why. There are many people including old classmates I don't want knowing where I am or a way to look me up.