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Show Of Hands April 12th, 2012 12:00am

Did you have a grandparent who was instrumental in your upbringing? (UserQ)

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wirenerd Somersworth
04/12/12 7:08 pm

If by instrumental they mean played an instrument, then yes. My grandfather used to play his trumpet for me when I was little. But really, all dour of my grandparents and my great-grandparents on my moms side have been essential for me growing up. Thank you so, so much Memere. Thank you for it all.

04/12/12 6:55 pm

I love my grandparents, thank you guys Even though you will most likely never see this????

04/12/12 6:50 pm

for my first few years of life. he passed away in '06, the day before his b-day too

04/12/12 6:45 pm

My parents raised me-- strange, I know

Nerdz Texas
04/12/12 6:38 pm

not really, but my grandma has now come to take care of me since Monday so possibly in the future

04/12/12 6:28 pm

No and SECOND!!!!!!????