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Show Of Hands July 6th, 2012 12:00am

Will K-12 schools be using e-textbooks more than paper textbooks within 20 years?

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07/15/12 8:29 am

Nope. They'd have to pay for the electronics. Unless your at a private boarding school, it ain't happening.

RightoverLeft Minnesota
07/10/12 8:50 am

The rich schools, yes. Country and poor districts, no. They will get the rich. School's old books.

sbakh1012 New York
07/08/12 8:55 pm

Sadly weep weep I'd rather carry around a textbook than view it online sorry

AMCG a Hoosier in E TN
07/08/12 8:04 pm

People who are complaining about cost of ebooks (replacement, etc) obviously haven't purchased books for ONE semester of college.

07/08/12 11:42 am

It would be great, as far as students having there own laptops would be a great advancement.

07/08/12 11:42 am

It would be great, as far as students having there own laptops would be a great advancement.

hgscout Texas
07/07/12 9:45 pm

enufsaid- that is hardly aa valid arguement. there are also schools that pay students to get god grades but i bet u dont think all schools will chqnge

Nerdz Texas
07/07/12 9:28 pm

I hope not. What happened to learning the old fashioned way? And if you break the device or something, we all know it will happen, wouldn't it be a little expensive to replace? I know it is 20 years from now, but still, I think it would still cost a lot.

lilraerae Tuscaloosa
07/07/12 9:22 pm

Well it possible but who is going to buy these ebooks? Not everyone can afford one. And what if they break? Or are stolen? Some areas may not have to worry about all this but where I live they would. They can't afford regular textbooks.

EarlyBird Portland
07/07/12 3:23 pm

It will take less than 20 years. For sure. Electronics are taking over faster and faster. I say 10 years ????

AndyNight69 Virginia
07/07/12 1:19 pm

I go to a k-12 school already and we are NO WHERE NEAR to the online textbook goal plus I've already had an online class and only 1 person out of a class of 23 PASSED! So online classes aren't a good thing.

Mr.logic California
07/07/12 7:52 am

Electronic instruction isn't nearly as effective as a real classroom with social interaction and a physical teacher present. Although I believe modifying the classroom to be more futuristic is not an effective way to teach, it will happen.

07/07/12 7:01 am

Yes but they need to keep physical schools unlike some claiming classrooms would become virtual. Kids need to Learn social interaction & how to work on a team in a class

dadstad Texas
07/07/12 5:21 am

Electronic books and teaching aids will be the norm. The trend is already in motion with libraries consolidated. There will always be printed books but not with the prevalence we have them today.

dadstad Texas
07/07/12 5:19 am

I think children will be educated at home via virtual classrooms. Schools as we know them will diminish. Children will loose the potential value of social interaction but avoid the negative affect of peer pressure and violence. It will change our society. New social networks will emerge.

07/07/12 4:32 am

Whoever voted no on this one is away behind! Some schools are using them now!!!

07/07/12 4:07 am

20 years is a long time. Sooner or later it will be cheaper to produce electronic instruction rather than physical paper books.

lou1 Washington
07/07/12 2:59 am

I said no, mainly d/t the huge gaps between schools in my area. One local district provides iPads, apple tvs, and MacBooks in all classrooms. Kids living 4 miles down the road are using dated texts, vcrs, and overhead projectors. I can't imagine where all that $$ will come from (esp. w/this econ)

07/07/12 12:54 am

Of course, easier & cheaper than buying books

07/07/12 12:09 am

Schools in upper middle class area maybe otherwise you all are delusional especially in California. They can't afford a cup to beg with

Sam95 Nebraska
07/06/12 9:05 pm

My school has had iPads for 2 1/2 years now (for high school). At Any age they will still get dropped. There is atleast one person every other week who drops their iPad and the screen is completely ruined. The only thing I don't like about them is you get more homework with them. :\

07/06/12 8:56 pm

Technology has superseded brain function in schools already

07/06/12 8:54 pm

Technology is only as good as the teacher in the classroom. There are many teachers uncomfortable with using technology, and districts unable to afford adequate teacher training. You can't just throw tech in a classroom & expect it to be used.

BeachSt Coastal Virginia
07/06/12 8:38 pm

Virginia as well (Virtual Virginia), the course is online, but, in most cases, the textbook isn't.

myfriend Florida
07/06/12 8:32 pm

Check it out, there is already free public school on line in Florida. Florida Virtual school. My niece takes classes with them and they are fabulous! I was skeptical at first but now I wish I would have had that opportunity when I was in middle/high school!

BeachSt Coastal Virginia
07/06/12 8:13 pm

@cwl: Same with books. "Aw, Mrs. Jones, my dog ate some pages, aw it got wet, aw I forgot it, aw it caught on fire, aw my mom made me recycle it because she's a tree hugger." Paper or electronics, there will always be problems presented...especially when it's first introduced.

BeachSt Coastal Virginia
07/06/12 8:11 pm

@devildog: iPads are being issued here, only 30 have been purchased for all 11 high schools in the city.

KellyPA Pennsylvania
07/06/12 8:06 pm

absolutely but I wish they wouldn't.

david suburban DC
07/06/12 7:32 pm

What is the point of asking 10000 people to predict the future on such a meaningless issue?

07/06/12 7:08 pm

my son's school already is.

07/06/12 6:26 pm

Too many things can go wrong. I didn't charge my e-reader! Power failure! Server was down.

07/06/12 6:09 pm

I know of a school district on Texas already issuing iPads so in 20 years, absolutely

07/06/12 5:15 pm

I hope, when you have 9 classes with textbooks along with binders, notebooks, and occasionally a laptop I can only hope it happens while I'm still in high school.

FrostedMin California
07/06/12 4:42 pm

Definitely. Technology is slowly taking over.

applestar Florida
07/06/12 4:35 pm

Totally disagree. Kids don't absorb as much info from ereaders or on a computer. I am a teacher and we have used oth. They get way more out of an actual book. My district now provides write in textbooks for every student in elementary. I have seen my students do infinitely better!

07/06/12 4:29 pm

Within in five years paper thin ereaders will be available for public use. I would have still said yes to 10 years.

07/06/12 4:17 pm

Wow 88% of dems and repubs agree for once :) Although why would anyone say no considering the high tech society we live in?

bstokosa Connecticut
07/06/12 3:53 pm

My son is in 6th grade. I haven't seen a text book yet. All he gets is photo-copies of everything. Math, reading, science ... Everything.

sohuser California
07/06/12 2:49 pm

My granddaughter's school is already on that one ream of paper per teacher crap. I told her good luck doing her calculus homework on an ebook.

niteowl Hold Fast
07/06/12 2:00 pm

I think it will happen, but I really loved marking up a text book. Guess you can highlight and make notes on these gadgets but I'm not very good at that.

07/06/12 1:52 pm

What kind of idiot says "no" to this question.....

07/06/12 1:48 pm

Probably not in k - 1 cuz little kids tend to drop stuff

Sam95 Nebraska
07/06/12 1:29 pm

Yes we already have e-textbooks because my school has had iPads for about 2 1/2 years now. It's so nice!

USNavyVet Sonar Man STG2
07/06/12 1:12 pm

You still paper text books for the feel of learning with book in hand.

kaik12 Twin Cities, MN
07/06/12 12:31 pm

They already are at my high school that I just graduated from. Every single one of my textbooks were offered online. Most teachers didn't have enough books to give out to everyone, and only checked them out to students like me who strongly prefer them.

dancestar8 Pennsylvania
07/06/12 12:21 pm

Also, books aren't THAT heavy. My school is a huge campus and we carry out backpacks everywhere. It builds good back muscles. Haha

dancestar8 Pennsylvania
07/06/12 12:19 pm

My school is trying to switch everyone from books to iPads. It seems like a good idea because they are lighter and waste less paper, but I really like books. And if I have to read out of a text book for homework, lots of reading on screens gives me a headache. I would rather have a plain old book.