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Will K-12 schools be using e-textbooks more than paper textbooks within 20 years?

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blockfisher Clinton, CT
07/06/12 10:14 am

I think kids in just a few years will carry around two devices. A dedicated ereader like the kindle and a flexible tablet pc like the new Microsoft surface. This will give them a low eye strain, long battery device for dedicated reading and a portable but versatile pc for everything else.

dancestar8 Pennsylvania
07/06/12 12:19 pm

My school is trying to switch everyone from books to iPads. It seems like a good idea because they are lighter and waste less paper, but I really like books. And if I have to read out of a text book for homework, lots of reading on screens gives me a headache. I would rather have a plain old book.

dancestar8 Pennsylvania
07/06/12 12:21 pm

Also, books aren't THAT heavy. My school is a huge campus and we carry out backpacks everywhere. It builds good back muscles. Haha

07/07/12 12:09 am

Schools in upper middle class area maybe otherwise you all are delusional especially in California. They can't afford a cup to beg with

DavesNotHere where am I
07/06/12 10:21 am

Makes sense. Practical, plus will make sure kids have much better posture and backs

myfriend Florida
07/06/12 8:32 pm

Check it out, there is already free public school on line in Florida. Florida Virtual school. My niece takes classes with them and they are fabulous! I was skeptical at first but now I wish I would have had that opportunity when I was in middle/high school!

07/07/12 12:54 am

Of course, easier & cheaper than buying books

AndyNight69 Virginia
07/07/12 1:19 pm

I go to a k-12 school already and we are NO WHERE NEAR to the online textbook goal plus I've already had an online class and only 1 person out of a class of 23 PASSED! So online classes aren't a good thing.

jms in the middle of Nowhere
07/06/12 10:25 am

I just had a conversation about kids getting laptops/ereaders/tablets. There are actually a LOT of kids who would rather NOT have these devices as they really don't want the responsibility that it might break or get stolen. I think life is moving toward all e-books but no everyone is happy about it.

lou1 Washington
07/07/12 2:59 am

I said no, mainly d/t the huge gaps between schools in my area. One local district provides iPads, apple tvs, and MacBooks in all classrooms. Kids living 4 miles down the road are using dated texts, vcrs, and overhead projectors. I can't imagine where all that $$ will come from (esp. w/this econ)

07/06/12 10:27 am

Probably not the younger kids, simply because of the high risk of accidental handling. But older kids.

BeachSt Coastal Virginia
07/06/12 8:38 pm

Virginia as well (Virtual Virginia), the course is online, but, in most cases, the textbook isn't.

07/07/12 4:07 am

20 years is a long time. Sooner or later it will be cheaper to produce electronic instruction rather than physical paper books.

LRM20 A Hoosier in Lincoln Land
07/06/12 8:16 am

I would like college and high school maybe jr high to start that but k-around 6th is too young.

07/07/12 4:32 am

Whoever voted no on this one is away behind! Some schools are using them now!!!

epicawesum Indiana
07/06/12 8:20 am

My school corporation middle school is going 1:1 so every kids gets a laptop. I'm going to high school though so i wont get one.

kaik12 Twin Cities, MN
07/06/12 12:31 pm

They already are at my high school that I just graduated from. Every single one of my textbooks were offered online. Most teachers didn't have enough books to give out to everyone, and only checked them out to students like me who strongly prefer them.

pyromnt New York
07/06/12 10:30 am

I already have. All I bring to school nowadays is my iPad. Everything I need is on that. I take notes on it, read books on it, and make every sheet of paper my teachers hand out a PDF on it. It keeps me really organized. I am a high school junior

07/08/12 11:42 am

It would be great, as far as students having there own laptops would be a great advancement.

07/08/12 11:42 am

It would be great, as far as students having there own laptops would be a great advancement.

dadstad Texas
07/07/12 5:19 am

I think children will be educated at home via virtual classrooms. Schools as we know them will diminish. Children will loose the potential value of social interaction but avoid the negative affect of peer pressure and violence. It will change our society. New social networks will emerge.

dadstad Texas
07/07/12 5:21 am

Electronic books and teaching aids will be the norm. The trend is already in motion with libraries consolidated. There will always be printed books but not with the prevalence we have them today.

Mr.logic California
07/06/12 8:27 am

I'm sure they will, but in my opinion it isn't as convenient as real books would be.

07/15/12 8:29 am

Nope. They'd have to pay for the electronics. Unless your at a private boarding school, it ain't happening.

07/06/12 6:09 pm

I know of a school district on Texas already issuing iPads so in 20 years, absolutely

07/06/12 8:54 pm

Technology is only as good as the teacher in the classroom. There are many teachers uncomfortable with using technology, and districts unable to afford adequate teacher training. You can't just throw tech in a classroom & expect it to be used.

07/06/12 8:56 pm

Technology has superseded brain function in schools already

07/07/12 7:01 am

Yes but they need to keep physical schools unlike some claiming classrooms would become virtual. Kids need to Learn social interaction & how to work on a team in a class

bstokosa Connecticut
07/06/12 3:53 pm

My son is in 6th grade. I haven't seen a text book yet. All he gets is photo-copies of everything. Math, reading, science ... Everything.

AMCG a Hoosier in E TN
07/08/12 8:04 pm

People who are complaining about cost of ebooks (replacement, etc) obviously haven't purchased books for ONE semester of college.

Sam95 Nebraska
07/06/12 9:05 pm

My school has had iPads for 2 1/2 years now (for high school). At Any age they will still get dropped. There is atleast one person every other week who drops their iPad and the screen is completely ruined. The only thing I don't like about them is you get more homework with them. :\

Mr.logic California
07/07/12 7:52 am

Electronic instruction isn't nearly as effective as a real classroom with social interaction and a physical teacher present. Although I believe modifying the classroom to be more futuristic is not an effective way to teach, it will happen.

sunshine01 Wisconsin
07/06/12 10:49 am

Yes, but it will not be as convenient as a real paper and ink book.

07/06/12 6:26 pm

Too many things can go wrong. I didn't charge my e-reader! Power failure! Server was down.

jms in the middle of Nowhere
07/06/12 10:56 am

I find the age filter interesting. Would have thought it would be exactly opposite. Guess us old codgers really do understand technology!!! :-)

USNavyVet Sonar Man STG2
07/06/12 1:12 pm

You still paper text books for the feel of learning with book in hand.

07/06/12 4:17 pm

Wow 88% of dems and repubs agree for once :) Although why would anyone say no considering the high tech society we live in?

Sam95 Nebraska
07/06/12 1:29 pm

Yes we already have e-textbooks because my school has had iPads for about 2 1/2 years now. It's so nice!

07/06/12 4:29 pm

Within in five years paper thin ereaders will be available for public use. I would have still said yes to 10 years.

tytygirl79 Indiana
07/06/12 9:18 am

I'm completely against ebooks because I just don't like how lazy technology is making us but there are many benefits to ebooks and so we will have them within 20 years

07/06/12 7:08 am

20 years from now paper textbooks will be completely obsolete. Paper *anything* will probably be completely obsolete.

lilraerae Tuscaloosa
07/07/12 9:22 pm

Well it possible but who is going to buy these ebooks? Not everyone can afford one. And what if they break? Or are stolen? Some areas may not have to worry about all this but where I live they would. They can't afford regular textbooks.

07/06/12 7:11 am

My entire high school is getting iPads this coming school year. That's almost 2500 kids.