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Show Of Hands January 16th, 2012 12:00am

Do you generally watch TV commercials, or either change the channel or DVR-fast forward through them? (UserQ)

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01/16/12 4:34 pm

I love marketing so commercials fascinate me. Granted I don't actually watch tv very much so I don't see commercials often. Maybe if I watched more, I'd skip more.

Quinnipiac Here
01/16/12 4:15 pm

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cato Santa Barbara, California
01/16/12 4:13 pm

No commercials in my house. I watch everything from the DVR.

01/16/12 4:11 pm

No the youth is DOOMED!

01/16/12 4:08 pm

I flip from show to show I only sit and wait if it's a new one

01/16/12 4:01 pm

most are so repetitive that they lose their cleverness quickly!

01/16/12 3:52 pm

I don't have cool cable with DVR any more so I have to sit and watch the commercials, sometimes I do change the channel.
For the most part I watch Netflix and Hulu.

01/16/12 3:23 pm

Don't have DVR or whatever it's called and I hate watching more than oneshow at a time and missing parts.

r.m.lcraft New Hampshire
01/16/12 3:22 pm

Commercials cause 63% of all violent attacks on remote holders in the Sudan.

HPNerd Hogwarts
01/16/12 3:22 pm

I watch them. My boyfriend changes the channel and it drives me insane!

01/16/12 3:22 pm

Skip whenever I can. :)

01/16/12 3:21 pm

While I am FF through commercials, I will back up and watch one if it looks particularly interesting or funny.

01/16/12 3:20 pm

I almost never watch live TV. I will watch something recorded that runs at least 15 minutes into whatever is currently on TV so that I can record that show and watch it without commercials.

fadinho michigan
01/16/12 3:08 pm

Lol Old people are too lazy to change the channel :p

01/16/12 3:05 pm

Most commercials are worth fast forwarding through though.

01/16/12 3:04 pm

I skip them... Don't change the channel, just hit the MUTE button!

01/16/12 3:04 pm

Some commercials are amusing, some are even touching. (Is anyone old enough to remember Kodak's commercial with the song,"where are you going my little one"' showing pictures of a little girl growing up until her father gives her away at her wedding? I still tear up thinking about it!)

hvp828 Carolina girl
01/16/12 3:00 pm

Only watch commercials if I think it's going to be funny, such as the Mayhem commercials.

leftocentr Oregon
01/16/12 2:59 pm

Who wants to watch commercials????