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Do you generally watch TV commercials, or either change the channel or DVR-fast forward through them? (UserQ)

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BMinus California
01/29/12 5:53 pm

I'm shocked that the results aren't more lopsided.

live2shop Florida
01/27/12 8:16 pm

just shoot me if I have to feast my eyes on them!!!

01/20/12 4:41 pm

I usually skip em' unless they're exceptionally funny, and even the I don't remember what company for

QConserv California
01/20/12 9:13 am

No commercials = way expensive cable/satellite bills. Just remember that!

01/19/12 8:32 pm

Commercials mean its time for a snack break or a bathroom break. I hate it when I'm ready for a bathroom break and some numbskull family member tells me it was on the DVR and they just fastforwarded through the commercials. Like WTF man? ):

2ndafe Flat lands of Ohio
01/19/12 11:07 am

I hate what commercials have become. I am paying a very large amount of money for cable tv AND I have to watch 10 minutes of commercials out of every 30 minute show! load of crap!

01/19/12 6:05 am

If they're funny I watch them. Sometimes I like the commercials better than the show. And they've gotten a lot better since the 90's

01/18/12 11:47 pm

Love skipping the stupid and boring. But some I enjoy and back up and watch. Love movie trailers and new show promos. Watched car ads before buying our car, etc

blutuesday California
01/18/12 1:50 am

Same as skip: only watch TV shows that I love that are on DVD.

Nerdz Texas
01/17/12 9:18 pm

I have no patience for commercials

01/17/12 1:05 pm

And if you like porn..they have that too-AND they're all available on mobile devices as well as lap/desk-tops! ;) other than that, commercials are just background noise as I check mail, etc. I listen to friends radio shows, podcasts, BBC5, and Public Radio Remix as well as music most of day/night

01/17/12 1:00 pm

Don't have cable & rarely watch TV. I can get most stuff I *would* watch on different websites. I DO miss the original that carried major + cable stations for FREE for about 3-4 months. They're in the midst of a major lawsuit rt now because of it. (they DO still have some decent programs>

Wert A picture of my junk
01/17/12 12:22 pm

Hate commercials. The programming to commercial ratio has gotten pretty bad.

PartyFree Nowhere in Particular
01/17/12 12:16 pm

For the most part I'll skip them. But there is some NW advertising gold out there right now... anyone else in the NW die laughing at the "Obsessive- Compulsive Recycler" and "Goosebumped Beach Bum" commercials from Pemco Insurance?

01/17/12 10:04 am

I rarely watch tv anymore, but when they play I put the tv on mute or usually leave the living room to
do something else till the show comes back on

nb35819 Atlanta
01/17/12 9:48 am

I watch and mind numbingly ignore.

01/17/12 6:46 am

I DVR everything just so I can skip the commercials. The only downside to this is that I never know what's playing in the theater :-(

NotHomeYet formerly fgw0369
01/17/12 6:19 am

the Superbowl has some good ones.... i can appreciate a clever or humorous ad. that said, 99% are FF in our home.

FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
01/17/12 5:06 am

And as a side note, I only watch TV less than 50 hours a year (average). I spend my time elsewhere.


kales Not Quite Boston
01/17/12 3:52 am

I always fast forward if possible, but if not, I generally just ignore them. I don't really bother to change the channel.

01/16/12 11:23 pm

Dammit alaska, get with the program

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
01/16/12 11:08 pm

I just love the one with a girl giving her boyfriend the silent treatment.

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
01/16/12 11:06 pm

I'm busy with Show of hands. They are on but ignored

dylansl Texas
01/16/12 10:20 pm

Wealthier people don't watch commercials... There's a tv tip for ya.

LovBuffalo New York
01/16/12 9:48 pm

What?!? Hasn't everyone converted to Internet ready TV or Apple TV? What commercials?!! LOL

I have to find them on YouTube to understand what my friends are talking about. :-P

01/16/12 9:39 pm

I try but a lot of times every channel has commercials at the same time lol. I watch if it's something I'm interested in or funny

one80 California
01/16/12 8:53 pm

I HATE commercials. If I didn't have a DVR I would mute them.

01/16/12 8:41 pm

I delayed watching nfl by 2 hours so I could skip commercials; I usually end up finishing the recording at about the time the live game finishes

LOLdayl Ohio
01/16/12 7:55 pm

I just zone out, read, or text during most commercials.

FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
01/16/12 7:54 pm

a large majority of the time. That assumes that the product even remotely interested them to begin with, and that they stuck around to watch the ad. See for yourself the results of this poll about that…


FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
01/16/12 7:54 pm

It is called, "Pester Power" with younger audiences (mostly under 10), because the ad is so good that they pester their parents into buying it. For most folks though who are older, they're so tech-savvy that they compare the product from the ad to that of a competitor…

FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
01/16/12 7:53 pm

from that audience if it actually looks like something that they would want because different shaped cookie cutters aimed at a younger audience doesn't really interest me… Their answer is yes with a yearning look ;) to which I reply, "So they did good with their advertising, right?", "Yeah."…

FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
01/16/12 7:53 pm

Generally I watch them in order to analyze the marketing ideas behind them, although if able I will readily fast-forward. Some of my most interesting case studies have been on Cartoon Network and the such where they are advertising this product to a certain age group, and I can ask a participant…

01/16/12 6:51 pm

The only live tv I've watched in years is football & even then the commercials are muted.

cato Santa Barbara, California
01/16/12 6:42 pm

It us funny how much companies spend on advertising. Most I'd us don't even see them.

Mooo42Q Thats Nucking Futs
01/16/12 6:21 pm

SKIP!!!! Kids these days are sooo lucky they can. Would've loved to have the option 10 years ago. I don't watch tv that often, but when I do, commercial free is the best

pinkyusuck The Carribean. I wish.
01/16/12 6:01 pm

I avoid commercials whenever possible no matter how short. I love Netflix!

mamita Alabama
01/16/12 5:52 pm

Sometimes watch but usually ignore. But I do watch ads online for money :)

01/16/12 5:40 pm

Thank God for DVR. He asnwered prayers with that invention

GunnyGunz Virginia
01/16/12 5:38 pm

Advertisers would be interested in the age filters.

01/16/12 5:09 pm

Always mute. Does anyone know of a program that will allow for an auto mute? The volume is always too loud.

MGLC New Mexico
01/16/12 4:59 pm

I mute it but still watch the images so I put watch.

01/16/12 4:57 pm

I mute the commercials.

Hinfinity Oregon
01/16/12 4:36 pm

Netflix or other streaming (if it's a live stream, say on Veetle, can't easily change the channel!)