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Should the retired Navy SEAL who wrote a book disclosing confidential details about the Bin Laden raid be allowed to legally publish it?

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cowboy Dawns Highway
08/25/12 9:27 am

Then they dumped the most wanted man in the world, in the ocean, with a proper Muslim burial. No body, no evidence. Bit let's just take the government's word for it. Because they would never lie...

cowboy Dawns Highway
08/25/12 9:25 am

If its classified information, no. He would be a traitor just like that Bradley Manning jerk. Too bad that this transparent administration won't release the details. Unless it didn't happen the way they said it did. They changed the story everyday. Anyone remember? Who knows what really happened?

Sworleyed Illinois
08/25/12 9:09 am

Public knowledge is not worth the potential cost of the lives who protect the public.

O13 Alabama
08/25/12 8:25 am

op's it would be that. The methods used on a snatch & grab op are about as classified as what day they pick up your neighbors garbage. the only thing this guy could reveal, that hasn't already been revealed by the govt already is the color & brand of underwear the guys were wearing who shot OBL.

O13 Alabama
08/25/12 8:25 am

him at the moment, the actionable HUMINT (human intelligence), etc. There has already been a 2 hour National Geographic special outlining all this, that coupled with the White House leaks gives us all the background on how they found him. Which if there was anything that would hurt future (cont)

O13 Alabama
08/25/12 8:24 am

The thing about operations like this, and a book supposedly about this one particular guys POV is; This guy will know a little more than the rest of the general public about the methods used to gather the intel about where OBL was, how long he's been there, what kind of surveillance he has on (cont)

USMC141 South Carolina
08/25/12 7:53 am

No because if its classified, it is for a reason and that shouldnt get out

08/25/12 7:16 am

Legally yes, but I don't think people should be disclosing top secret security info about military operations. What if they need to use those tactics again and the enemy reads that and knows our intel!?

08/25/12 6:33 am

Are they confidential or top secret? Im not familiar with the story.

MadJefrson West Virginia
08/25/12 6:26 am

Read the Bill of Rights. Enough said.

08/25/12 5:12 am

Yes, freedom of speech, unless the details could negatively impact the country, or somehow clue someone in to military secrets.

08/25/12 4:52 am

The White House even gave details to a Hollywood movie producer (and big donor) for a new movie. How is this any different?

08/25/12 4:48 am

This can not be worse than all of the national security leaks coming out of the White House for political gain.

coal 80132
08/25/12 1:13 am

Doesn't matter. The guy who wrote it would be dead in about a week.

O13 Alabama
08/25/12 12:40 am

@lmurder: there is no "protocol" for writing a book after you get out of the military. When you are "read out" of a program they advise you not to talk, or otherwise discuss anything classified. And you don't take an "oath of secrecy".. ever. You take an oath to defend the the US & the constitution.

Think Lovin Life
08/24/12 10:50 pm

No, the SEALs shouldn't publish secrets and neither should MrO. The difference is that they our out of public service. They are private citizens. MrO is a public servant, and should still be bound by his oath.

Shame on MrO!

08/24/12 10:46 pm

Is anyone else SHOCKED by the Rep./ Dem. breakdowns?

lmurder MDK
08/24/12 8:59 pm

@chopper Obama's campaign was leaking information out of the butthole.

Chopper2 Georgia
08/24/12 8:40 pm

It was funny everyone thought it was obamas executive campaign camp leaking info but it was the force it self

Lacrosse977 Chicago
08/24/12 8:31 pm

It could endanger the lives of other soldiers.

lmurder MDK
08/24/12 8:08 pm

I just read that he didn't send his book into the pentagon for a proof read like protocol. Which you have to if you've served in the armed forces. They don't want to give up any sensitive material.
And which is punishable with prison time...oops. Small fortune over good judgement and values/morals.

08/24/12 7:39 pm

No book would be no more a treat to national security the obummer

08/24/12 6:29 pm

I'd love to read the book as much as the next guy, but it /could/ be a "threat to national security," therefore he cannot say a darn thing.

08/24/12 6:29 pm

@gabba Threat to national security.

lmurder MDK
08/24/12 5:51 pm

Just saw a picture of the guy. He looks just like the type of cock nobler who would do such a thing.

lmurder MDK
08/24/12 5:41 pm

McRaven just said he will look to press charges against the ex-SEAL.

08/24/12 5:39 pm

Oh yeah I forgot......a movie!

08/24/12 5:24 pm

The White House already televised the entire event gave up the doctor jeopardized the electronic files so whats left?

kandykane California
08/24/12 5:21 pm

Doesn't this guy have any morals or sense of duty? It's classified information, he's not allowed to publish for money.

lmurder MDK
08/24/12 3:37 pm

long it would be before someone bails service for a tell all. That was quick. So much for morals and values.

08/24/12 3:37 pm

Unclassified: government employee payroll details
Restricted: US detention camp protocols and policies
Confidential: witness protection details
Secret: testing of biological weapons on human subjects
Top secret: whitehouse/pentagon/airforce one blueprints
Above top secret: Obama school records

veritas1 Panda
08/24/12 3:37 pm

And then go after Fox News for releasing his name to the world. Now Al Queda has called for his death.

lmurder MDK
08/24/12 3:36 pm

anyone. I took an oath. And I will not divulge classified missions. My gf of 8 years knows very little of it and never will.
He won't be able to hang with his Navy buddies ever again.
Might as well have the Latino SEAL who actually shot and killed Osama. Not the guy 3 men back.
I was wondering

lmurder MDK
08/24/12 3:31 pm

I've worked with SEAL's and GB's and like any special forces, the rule of thumb is not to speak, even to your wife of your missions. Let alone exploit it for personal gain.
This guy will be looked down upon from the Special Forces community till the day he dies.
There's shit I haven't even told

lmurder MDK
08/24/12 3:26 pm

@Mr. Fox Fuck Mr. Wikileaks. He is the one on a witch hunt against America.
It's not our governments fault he's a rapist who can read and write.
He's not American and he doesn't have any tie to 9/11. He could give two shits about our national security or the people of Afghanistan and Iraq.

08/24/12 3:13 pm

Barrack "youdidn'tbuildthat" Obama has already revealed more confidential information than any puny seal can ever hope to.

veritas1 Panda
08/24/12 3:11 pm

You don't have the freedom to leak confidential information.

adalla Virginia
08/24/12 3:08 pm

There's nothing to give away, except for some of the aura surrounding these guys. I've worked with Navy SEALS, and had two Delta guys working for me in Iraq. They're top notch troops...

... but they're not ninjas. Lol

adalla Virginia
08/24/12 3:06 pm

Classified information is not even an issue here... your average SEAL never had a security clearance and if he's given information doesn't know the source or methods by which it was obtained. Their TTPs are no different than any other infantry unit, they just hone those skills to a very high level.

barbearnj Dreaming of Banff
08/24/12 2:55 pm

We don't actually know yet if he disclosed confidential details. And hey where's all the righteous indignation against the Administration leaker who endangered lives?

08/24/12 2:47 pm


08/24/12 2:25 pm

Seriously, all the former "special" forces (ie Navy Seal) I know are off-the-wall friggn crazy. So I guess I'd chalk this one up in the fiction category. Enjoy your gravy train Mr Navy Seal. Go figure a 9.11 release date for this ego maniac.

StNik North Carolina
08/24/12 2:21 pm

If it does not violate any agreement made with the US. I don't know how wise it would be.

08/24/12 1:50 pm

For his own safety I hope not I'm sure the crazies will make him a target

BamaGirl ROLL TIDE from Arizona
08/24/12 1:41 pm

Yes. The administration has already leaked classified info about this mission.

However, if the book gives any additional details that would hurt any of our informants, then no.