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02/29/12 5:33 pm

Glad to see the Gingrich numbers have gone down since the last time this question was asked.

02/29/12 4:48 pm

Need an Obama versus anyone

MGLC New Mexico
02/29/12 4:27 pm

Paul v Obama
Obama +6.6
Santorum v obama
Obama + 5


Paul cannot win. Even Rick is better

MGLC New Mexico
02/29/12 4:24 pm

Paul is poor vs Obama:
1. Poor debater
2. Viewed as extreme
3. Polls poorly V Obama

Santorum polls better then him vs Obama! That means something.

02/29/12 4:00 pm

yeah! vote Paul, cuz he is definitely not insane!

02/29/12 3:59 pm

@Obama haters, seriously,newt or santorum? give sane people a break!

02/29/12 3:49 pm

Gingrich is the best right now. but when he drops out I geuss i'll be for Paul , then Romney.

jackiemay Indiana
02/29/12 1:35 pm

Paul would never win? Yet he draws crowds 3x larger than Romney in his home state. His delegate strategy is going to pay off, the clueless sheep voting for the other three don't really matter in the grand scheme of things. Regardless, Gingrich has no chance to beat Obama. Wanna beat him? Vote Paul.

02/29/12 1:03 pm

Anyone but Obama , lol

steelcity Pittsburgh
02/29/12 12:38 pm

Would consider third party on this one.

BriD Illinois
02/29/12 12:03 pm

GOP = Guaranteeing Obama's Presidency

02/29/12 12:01 pm

Paul will never win!! Get over it Paulbots!!

NYevo NY
02/29/12 11:53 am

When the Right complains non-stop about Obama, but then chooses in Romney, someone not very different, how can they be taken seriously.

esp Warwick RI
02/29/12 11:42 am

Paul has as much a chance of getting the nomination as I do

02/29/12 11:23 am

bop, Common ground can often be found.

02/29/12 11:15 am

agree with you here MrMc2!!! haha

02/29/12 11:03 am

on the other hand, Gingrich is a idiot

02/29/12 11:02 am

time for Paul to cut his losses? uhhh... no? if he gets the nomination, he can contest obama. if he doesn't, he will keep running and pull enough votes away from the rep. nominee to ensure that Obama wins again. it's up to the rep's now, they control their own future

02/29/12 9:49 am

the Paulbots crack me up.

02/29/12 9:30 am

Hate to say it, but it's time for Gingrich and Paul especially to cut their losses.

02/29/12 7:39 am

Look at the resumes. Try making an informed decision this time. You used your emotions last time and look where we are now. by the way, thanks.

02/29/12 7:37 am

Hipsters prefer Obama. Gingrich is a fawning parasitic liar.

02/29/12 7:19 am

GOP candidates' resumes a bit dated