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03/01/12 6:42 pm

the date was 9-11. the the lack of intelligence from the top would not recognize that major military action was not going to get the people responsible. so, all those lives were wasted by total incompetence in the white house.

02/29/12 7:16 pm

Hahahahaha this is what I call a slaughter

03/01/12 1:24 pm

gramps also let me clarify your name calling O haters please give me a break... he had his chance and all he has done is spend money and take vacations , so back off with your no it all attitude! our country needs a LEADER

03/01/12 6:45 pm

Obama also has taken fewer vac. than w.

03/10/12 1:17 pm

would there be an America left after 4more years of obama

BB2014 Des Moines, IA
03/03/12 9:21 am

Newt all the way. President Obama thinks of himself as Dictator Obama. NEWT2012!!!!!!

02/29/12 3:49 pm

Gingrich is the best right now. but when he drops out I geuss i'll be for Paul , then Romney.

BB2014 Des Moines, IA
02/29/12 7:42 pm

Newt is the best candidate by far. I hope he can do well on Super Tuesday. If he drops out I will be for Santorum but I hope Newt will stay in for a while.

waaazzaap Arizona
03/01/12 1:18 am

RJ1969 I would vote for my dog before voting for Gingrich or Santorum !

02/29/12 7:53 pm

Newt over Obama. But it's RON PAUL for me!

02/29/12 3:59 pm

@Obama haters, seriously,newt or santorum? give sane people a break!

02/29/12 11:02 am

time for Paul to cut his losses? uhhh... no? if he gets the nomination, he can contest obama. if he doesn't, he will keep running and pull enough votes away from the rep. nominee to ensure that Obama wins again. it's up to the rep's now, they control their own future

03/02/12 12:16 am

I just read 74 comments looking to find out one single thing that Gingrich supporters have to say about why he's qualified and I didn't find even one. Anyone? He comes off as a criminal and sluttier than anyone Rush Limbaugh has name-called recently...

02/29/12 11:03 am

on the other hand, Gingrich is a idiot

02/29/12 4:00 pm

yeah! vote Paul, cuz he is definitely not insane!

03/09/12 10:07 pm

unlike the other candidates newt actually talks about what obama is doing wrong(there are many) a. instead of just saying, id make a great president,vote tor me i love America!

Rhymez Alaska
03/03/12 2:30 am

LOL @ the fucking Bible Belt.

KudosToYou California
03/01/12 7:37 pm

I would want to take numerous vacations if I was President of the Unites States of America just to stay sane.

Rhymez Alaska
03/03/12 2:31 am

Sad how they'll vote for anyone who'll advocate Christian dogma even if it purges other individual's well beings.

02/29/12 11:15 am

agree with you here MrMc2!!! haha

02/29/12 11:23 am

bop, Common ground can often be found.

03/01/12 6:04 am

As a great fan of the space program, I have to vote for Newt.
Otherwise, the Chinese will be mining the asteroids and building hotels on the Moon in the second half of the century.
On the other hand - maybe some will be appalled to see the Golden Arc on the Moon ;)

MGLC New Mexico
02/29/12 4:24 pm

Paul is poor vs Obama:
1. Poor debater
2. Viewed as extreme
3. Polls poorly V Obama

Santorum polls better then him vs Obama! That means something.

MGLC New Mexico
02/29/12 4:27 pm

Paul v Obama
Obama +6.6
Santorum v obama
Obama + 5


Paul cannot win. Even Rick is better

esp Warwick RI
02/29/12 11:42 am

Paul has as much a chance of getting the nomination as I do

02/29/12 8:39 pm

Anybody but Obama, can't believe all but Paul got less than 50%. Newt can bring back that contract to America. Plus I want to see him tear into Obama in the debates.

02/29/12 8:41 pm

Gramps, seriously??? Are you on food stamps??

NYevo NY
02/29/12 11:53 am

When the Right complains non-stop about Obama, but then chooses in Romney, someone not very different, how can they be taken seriously.

02/29/12 12:01 pm

Paul will never win!! Get over it Paulbots!!

02/29/12 4:48 pm

Need an Obama versus anyone

02/29/12 8:45 pm

I'm retired and doing well. to me life is good. I'm really sorry most of the Obama haters can't say that.

03/11/12 8:14 pm

Orielly, all the candidates just slam each other and Obama. I dont think Obama has made much progress, but he did alot better than that crackhead bush, who you can thank for trillions of dollars in debt and thousands of war casualties. Obama, honestly, is just inexperienced. (Paul 2012)

02/29/12 7:19 am

GOP candidates' resumes a bit dated

BriD Illinois
02/29/12 12:03 pm

GOP = Guaranteeing Obama's Presidency

03/01/12 10:27 pm

I don't like Gingrich but were so f&$ked