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Show Of Hands July 24th, 2012 12:00am

Do you write with your left hand or right hand?

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HAUSTYLE California
07/30/12 7:10 am

my dad must have known all this, because he tried his hardest to get me to be right handed. bought me a right handers ball glove. used to tape the pencil or pen to my right hand. all sorts of dumb stuff. and now I'm a thriving member of my globe. left handers are the only ones in their right minds!

HAUSTYLE California
07/30/12 7:06 am

davidlattimer- scissors, weed eaters, some spatulas, archery bows, the locks and bolt action on firearms are always for righties. drills, the arm wrestling game in arcades, golf clubs and guitars are always 15 to 40% more expensive for lefties. ball gloves, the list goes on.

07/27/12 10:50 pm

Ambidextrous!!! What answer should I pick?!

yesmaam socal
07/26/12 4:35 pm

I'm a rightie, tabbser, but my cousin is left handed so when we are eating out together and I'm sitting to the left of him, I kinda know how u feel!

07/26/12 8:09 am

I'm in the minority lefty's RULE :)

07/25/12 10:56 pm

Lefty here. But, like all lefties, a high degree of ambidexterity. The advantages are obvious as we all use right handed tools with either hands (but like to complain about how unfair it is) but the downside is eating with chopsticks with righties is awkward but can be mitigated by seat planning.

07/25/12 9:21 pm

@ davidlattimer spiral bound note book and scissors.

07/25/12 8:28 pm

I write and eat left handed but play sports as a righty. Strength in right, skill in left for me

07/25/12 8:26 pm

@ david a can-opener and a large binder for me.

07/25/12 7:18 pm

@Yep uhh... You asked ONE person in Greece and assumed everybody in Greece thought that way??? Stereotypes at its worse...

07/25/12 4:23 pm

Haha they should've put the left answer on the right & vice versa

kimberlypruss Arkansas
07/25/12 3:50 pm

Left handed! But majority of my friends are right handed :(

07/25/12 3:16 pm

I'm a righty :(. lefties are said to be great musicians, artists, and generally creative people. just look at Hendrix, McCartney, etc. but I'm currently trying to become ambidextrous, so I can have the best of both worlds!

07/25/12 3:01 pm

Lefty! Haha I leave school every day with pencil/pen smudges on the side of my hand.

davidlattimer Arizona
07/25/12 2:48 pm

just a question to people who are left handed what are some objects that are difficult to use just because they are normally or always made for right handed people

soccer12 New Jersey
07/25/12 7:16 am

I can do everything right and left (arms and legs) except play golf and bat in baseball left

uturn55 Florida
07/25/12 6:42 am

I once knew a guy with no arms (from birth) but he must have been a righty because he used his right foot to light his smoke, drink his coffee, etc. Was interesting watching him mop a floor.

yepnope Maryland
07/25/12 6:41 am

Yeah I know but it makes me think of gay rights here and our culture of bigotry. Although us hating gay people here hurts more people than the Greeks hating people who write lefty. Both are obtusely absurd ideas that are embarrassing.

FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
07/25/12 6:39 am

with both, fly a yoke with my left, and a stick (airplanes) with my right, and most other things can be done with both hands. Even writing *can* be done with my left hand, you just might not be able to read it ;)

FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
07/25/12 6:39 am

I write with my right hand, can throw and catch a ball with both, can dribble a ball with both (not that I actually play basketball), can kick with both legs, can run with both legs (duh lol), but I must shoot with my left eye or else I can't see the sights and target together, flip light switches…

FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
07/25/12 6:33 am

@YepNope think of this. Culture. In times past it has been a rarity that lefties were allowed to be lefties. And Greece apparently still thinks that way.

yepnope Maryland
07/25/12 6:26 am

view with no basis in reality".

yepnope Maryland
07/25/12 6:26 am

I asked a Greek person one time what one of the bigger differences btwn our people is and she said a lot of people here write with the wrong hand (left) and everyone writes with there right ("correct") hand in Greece... I thought to myself "wow another retarded pointless conservative

EarlyBird Portland
07/25/12 5:34 am

Haha.... Yeah, thank God for Michelle Bachmann and Fox News.

HolyBabble Mississippi
07/25/12 1:33 am

Obama is left handed and he's trying to pass a law that says, and I quote "All right handed people are inferior and will be placed in internment camps for an undisclosed amount of time".

Michele Bachmann made this information available. Thank God for Michele Bachmann and Fox News!

ncbuc Get Over It
07/25/12 1:29 am

Write left. Play pool left. Throw right. Do other things with both. Using scissors. Tools and such.

07/25/12 12:23 am

I'm left-handed, my identical twin sister is right-handed.--We're Mirror Image Twins :p it's pretty neat.