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Do you approve of President Obama's job performance? (July 2011)

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jgwv1 West Virginia
07/01/11 3:29 pm

George W. Bush was an awful president. Obama needs to stop letting The Republic Party get everything they want. Obama would have a better reputation were it not for fools who believe Hannity, Limbaugh, etc. THEY are destroying the country, not Obama.

07/01/11 3:07 pm

Why is everyone hating Texas? They have created more jobs than the rest of the country combined. If it wasn't so damn hot down there I might consider moving.

ATLhawksfan Georgia
07/01/11 2:59 pm

Yes we definitely need less government

ATLhawksfan Georgia
07/01/11 2:57 pm

At least Bush doesn't have a meeting with the terrorist group Muslim brotherhood. They say they want to destroy western civilization.

austrian Valid Location, Virginia
07/01/11 2:54 pm

He grew the government. That's bad for the economy. That's all there is to it. I like when people complain about Bush. It's funny since Obama has basically the same economic policies as Bush except Obama is even further to the left.

NYevo NY
07/01/11 2:53 pm

It's really ugly in here. Just peeping in

07/01/11 2:49 pm

@jsx23.. Good, now that is a somewhat valid statement. Better than splitting the country, republicans are rednecks and serial killers.. And I wasn't comparing wars, just pointing out the facts.

07/01/11 2:32 pm

@champ: I'm an RN, have studied law, sociology, ethics, religion, politics, etc. What I'm not is someone who goes on chat-boards and states that only whites are real Americans. If you have the CV you claim, you should be ashamed of yourself for such ignorant statements.

burnsey89 Louisiana
07/01/11 2:23 pm

Trying to keep a promise isn't much. Breaking it is.

burnsey89 Louisiana
07/01/11 2:23 pm

The wars? How about Libya. Where's the call for that to take place?

burnsey89 Louisiana
07/01/11 2:23 pm

Veritas, how about the stimulus would certainly put unemployment under 8%. it's still over 9. How about closing gitmo in one year. Still open.

burnsey89 Louisiana
07/01/11 2:21 pm

Kimbo, I've repeatedly said bush had bad fiscal policy. But Obamas are worse. Way worse.

07/01/11 2:11 pm

Obummer supporters loved derogatory statements when they were directed at President Bush. Now they're all so defensive and incredulous that anyone would say anything remotely critical of Our Lord and Savior Obummer. LOL

coloradical Vote or Shut Up
07/01/11 1:59 pm

You really show your intelligence by your extraordinary vocabulary. It's so reassuring knowing that the future of our social security with all of its problems will rely on level headed people like you.

07/01/11 1:42 pm

Maybe those people slinging name calling could educated people with your words instead of flying the insult flag? Hmm?

07/01/11 1:39 pm

Why should remove the comments section? If you don't like them then don't look at them.

07/01/11 1:38 pm

***it's continuous from past presidents. Everything is mess. There is no savior republican or perfect democrat that will go in there and solve the issues immediately. I will however not elect Obama again unless the other candidates running are far worse. It's a sad story

07/01/11 1:36 pm

@burnsey89--- I can answer that question. Las Vegas surplus is gone. Our economy is in terrible shape. I actually voted for Obama, thought he was the lesser of two evils. I don't approve of his performance, however I don't blame it entirely on him. Remember that the government is not static***

veritas1 Panda
07/01/11 1:24 pm

@myrights. FINALLY!! someone understands.... Believe me, there's plenty of democratic sheep here to. But mostly republican sheep.....

07/01/11 1:21 pm

I don't hate Texas just the republican sheep!

veritas1 Panda
07/01/11 1:19 pm

@Fransipher. That's ok with me, and I'm not trying to change your view... But why? I just want to know

phantom Colorado
07/01/11 1:18 pm

Obama blows. So do politics. LESS government is what we need.

eagle2 North Carolina
07/01/11 1:04 pm

These blogs make me crack up. Why have them? you believe what you believe, I believe what I believe and neither of us are going to change the others opinion. Some people actually have intellectual comments but obviously all. I vote to remove the comment section.

07/01/11 12:59 pm

We need to mind our own business. What we need to worry about is how a Nigerian native was able to fly out of NEW YORK with a student Id and an out of date boarding pass that wasn't in his name. Was he a terrorist? Maybe, maybe not. Maybe he was testing the security.

Fransipher USA
07/01/11 12:59 pm

WOW. I think almost everything is said. Just one thing... I did NOT vote for Obama and will DEFINITELY NOT vote for him again.

07/01/11 12:56 pm

@Bev... You can hardly compare the war on terror in the middle east to the one in libya. How many troops are on the ground in Libya? And people are still blowing themselves up in mid east, those countries will always have conflict.

veritas1 Panda
07/01/11 12:56 pm

@burnsey89. What promises has he not tried to fulfill? What has he done to worsen the economy(DOW is almost double low and I know that's not everything but still...)? When has he ever apologized to/on behalf of America? What conflicts has he started (ending 2 wars?)? Come on...

07/01/11 12:47 pm

(cont) nothing to back it up, grow up or nobody wins, except for all the groups of politicians who starts these arguments with pitching one side against the other so that they can spend your kids incomes before they're born while you fight about rednecks vs blacks or whatever you think pertinent now

burnsey89 Louisiana
07/01/11 12:46 pm

Why do you depend on the government to do everything? Why should we all expect the fed to take care of every little problem we have? This is America. We fought for independence, not to become dependent on a government. Haven't you seen what that does to people when they become dependent on govt?

07/01/11 12:45 pm

Wow with the name calling, FYI to those out there who choose to call someone a dem/rep're not proving your point, you're not persuading anyone, and you now look like an uneducated jackass, stay on point with the questions, 90% of the feeds have one side bashing the other with (cont)

07/01/11 12:44 pm

people people people. stop the name calling, seriously. this isn't Jerry Springer.

burnsey89 Louisiana
07/01/11 12:43 pm

How's Nevada doing in that department! How's las vegas doing?

burnsey89 Louisiana
07/01/11 12:43 pm

Myrights, not sure why all the hate on Texas. Werent they one of the few states with a surplus of money??

07/01/11 12:29 pm

@smart if it's between education and food what do you think most people would do?

07/01/11 12:28 pm

@smart. You are not very smart. There must be something in the water in Texas making people turn into republican idiots! Try thinking for yourself instead of instead of going with the republican moron majority!!

Adonis New York
07/01/11 12:09 pm

I only want to pay for my kids' education. Education is not the responsibility of the government!

07/01/11 12:06 pm

He has also carried out most of the things he has promised you evil, manipulated right wing zombies, noone likes a republican lol

07/01/11 12:02 pm

Hey assholes out there who think spending is bad, obviously youre too much of a tit to remember that in order to create jobs you have to spend! Its highschool economics dumbasses!

07/01/11 11:54 am

The families of the disabled should pay for them, not the government.

geoag02 Dallas, TX
07/01/11 11:51 am

Try finding a budget stat site that appeals to you and do the calculation yourself. I did it for 2010. And the figures I used were:

Revenue=2332 Billion
Spending=3591 Billion

I tried to find something on the CBO site, but maybe you will have better luck.

07/01/11 11:46 am

We've got all of these Fat Cats giving money to the Right because we are protecting them. Where is the Left going to get $$$?

07/01/11 11:43 am

Geoag02. How about un-biased website info instead. The websites u quote are right wing manipulated websites! Next time try to think out of the box and consider legit sources. Notice the big crossroads link at top of page? Yea Carl rove is a republican too remember? That is his site.

NYevo NY
07/01/11 11:38 am

I really hope that the haters didn't think it was wrong to be disrespectful to a siting president that this country elected by majority when Bush was in office. That would make them hypocrites. If your not one of those people, this doesn't apply to you.

07/01/11 11:34 am

I don't care if he's purple! he doesn't know squat about business and he's killing the American spirit! I'm so old, I remember aspiring to be rich was a good thing and not subject to Government punishment!!

geoag02 Dallas, TX
07/01/11 11:32 am

I got my budget stats from and and did the percentage calculation with my favorite calculator. Oh, and I used 2010 totals.

07/01/11 11:27 am

Geoag02 after seeing what comes out of Texas I think the US would be better off letting Mexico take it back.