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Show Of Hands July 28th, 2011 12:00am

Do you approve of President Obama's job performance? (July 2011)

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jtjr99 California
08/01/11 4:51 pm

Got to love the left friken coast. All blue while the majority of the country is red. Got to love California too. (get me out of here!)

07/31/11 9:53 pm

hey at least the crisis seems to be over and he can have his b day party and get back on his golf tour

jtjr99 California
07/31/11 9:04 pm

The funny part is he will get re-elected because there are too many people who check the box of what ever party they are associated with. Sad.

07/31/11 6:00 pm

Who knew a boob like this could be President. He's poisoned the well for all future community organisers . He makes Carter look like a genius. And the country suffers .

07/31/11 11:12 am

notthemomm; as long as the house and senate are controlled by the republicans let's go for a replay of the 90's. when we steered Clinton into a balanced budget.

07/31/11 11:03 am

if Obama tried to respect the right wing what about the left wing force feeding us health care? I'm just glad it has made by the left all over it!

07/31/11 11:00 am

DoOver; What a bunch of hooey, your deems couldn't put a budget together the last two years. your deems are toooo gutless to put their names on the felony they perpetuated on Americans.

07/31/11 9:31 am

@notthemomm we *did* elect Gore.

07/31/11 9:31 am

@CWExile now look whose getting all hopey. Republicos conveniently ignore their role as unscrupulous spoilers in the past 3 yrs. Sure I think Obama should have just steamrollered the opposition in 09-10. But he actually tried to respect the right-wing nut-jobs. But the peeps I know saw all that.

Think Lovin Life
07/31/11 8:46 am

Let's hope the map on election night looks like the response to this question! if it does we'll certainly be on the road to a real recovery, not the voodoo recovery promised but not delivered by Mr Hopey Changey.

Think Lovin Life
07/31/11 8:39 am

DoOver, you talk of partisanship as if you're describing the I whine in the mirror. if Mr O is bad for the country, the entire electorate minus the loons will remove him.

notthemomm Florida
07/31/11 8:20 am

What's sad is the back and forth every 4-8yrs it would be nice to see dems for two full terms in a row to get things really cleaned up I think it was a big mistake not electing gore

07/30/11 10:12 pm

@CWExile It could have been worse. And it could actually have been better by now. It takes a special kind of Right wing partisan to ignore the fact that the Republicos are focused on taking Obama down, even if they need to screw the rest of the country to do it. Disgusting.

Think Lovin Life
07/30/11 9:16 pm

Verities, I understand that you think responsible spenind is a "waste of time", could it be that you're a net recipient of all of Mr O's "love" (handouts)? The rest of us applaud the attempt to balance.

Think Lovin Life
07/30/11 9:12 pm

At least we can be grateful that princess Pelosi isn't driving the House into the ground any more. Just think about that when you think these budget talks are a pain. She had no clue how to create one!

Think Lovin Life
07/30/11 9:06 pm

DoOver, you need one! You are obviously still in the cloud of Mr O madness, as that's the only way you could still be using the voodoo language of "it could have been worse". That's as bad as the goofy vapor speak like "saved jobs". Mr O has no accomplishments. He's failed.

07/30/11 8:15 pm

I meant to add earlier that Obama voted against raising the deficit many times. it was ok though because he was a democrat. Bush may have taken us into a ditch but Obama has taken us over a cliff that we may not be able to survive!

07/30/11 10:27 am

getting back to reality.....I still have to remind everyone that for over two years the deems didn't pass a budget. why does that continue to not be mentioned? Doesn't fit where you want? I wish we could all do that with our own lives.... no worries!

07/30/11 9:07 am

@archamedes I left a piece out of my analogy. The stand-in pilot has fought hard to stay on task while people, who'd rather die than see a person not of their race in the pilot seat, kept pulling his hands off the controls.

07/30/11 8:30 am

@DoOver- To follow your ridiculous analogy... The professor that jumped into the chair is continuing to drive into the ground. It is time to let one of the available pilots take over. (Sounds like you still cling to the old 'blame it on Bush' song... good luck with that.)

07/30/11 8:19 am

@archamedes if my the pilot of my plane pointed it at the ground before bailing out, I'd be thankful to the guy who jumped into the chair and pulled it out. I wouldn't carp about the plane losing a little more altitude before recovering.

07/30/11 7:41 am

@DoOver- It nice that you don't dispute the simple fact that things are worse now than when Obama took office (Despite the Dems having control of 2/3rds of the govt.)

07/30/11 5:03 am

@archamedes things could have been a lot worse. Of course, they could have been a lot better, too. But the Republicos decided to put the health of the nation in line behind their parochial interests.

07/30/11 4:12 am

Things are worse now, than when Obama took office.

07/29/11 9:34 pm

@veritas- you're right, they're not wasting time. They're just watching and criticizing as repubs try to resolve the spending frenzy that's been incurred since 2000, and especially as quickly as it's being spent now.

veritas1 Panda
07/29/11 1:36 pm

@Murphy 2 pointless wastes of time and money. And now Boehner is working on a THIRD?! And that one isn't even going to make it to the senate. So why are they screwing America instead of working on something that will actually pass? The dems haven't passed anything but they're not wasting time.

07/29/11 9:25 am

@DoOver- first of all, I'm not whining. I merely asked questions and pointed out the facts. Secondly, you have no clue what you're talking about the majority of the time, you never have evidence to back your claims, and you're a Marxist, so stfu!

07/29/11 9:22 am

@veritas- they've passed 2 budgets in the house, how many in the senate? How long has it been since they passed a budget? The WH and the senate suck and will be replaced in 2012!

Adonis New York
07/29/11 6:21 am

Obama is the only leader that I would want as President during this crisis. he has my vote next election.

07/29/11 5:23 am

Things are worse now than when Obama took office... Just Saying.

07/29/11 5:23 am

@DoOver- So the Dems, who had total power for Obama's first two years and now have two thirds of the govt had nothing to do with it... LOL... that's a tough sell.

07/29/11 2:35 am

The GOP owns the Debt Crisis because they created it, in its bid to sack Obama at all costs. They are anti-patriots. It's time for Obama to invoke the 14th Amendment. Free the hostage economy from its Republican captors!

07/29/11 2:27 am

@murph free advice: try not to whine when you accuse someone else of whining.

veritas1 Panda
07/29/11 1:28 am

@murphy How many plans have the republicans put forth that actually had a chance of passing through the senate? How much time has been wasted with their pointless symbolic bills that just wastes tax payer dollars? How much have the tea-party extremists compromised? How much has Boehner compromised?

07/29/11 1:00 am

@geobelcker- how long has it been since congress passed a budget? Who has refused to pass a budget? How many plans have the demotards put forth for the debt ceiling? If Obama had it his way he would remove the ceiling all together, he has no plan, no will, and no backbone. He's a whiny little....

veritas1 Panda
07/28/11 11:50 pm

@CWExile. 3 things wrong with your comment 1) When has Obama blamed repubs for running up the debt while he was in office? 2) Dems only had control of congress from '09-'11. 3) why are the dems the only ones responsible. Repubs have controlled one of the 3 houses of govt for 85% of the past 42 years

carpedivum New York
07/28/11 9:14 pm

there is almost a full term's length after a president's term in delay to effect a nation's economy. do some REAL research. Obama took office with an economy that was tanking. the debt ceiling was raised by Bush 7 TIMES!?

pkt1906 Kentucky
07/28/11 8:12 pm

I hope this is the 2012 electoral map

Think Lovin Life
07/28/11 7:37 pm

why is there no focus on the fact that the Dems in Congress have failed at their responsibility with the. budget since they regained control in 2006? support the responsible Republicans for at least forcing the irresponsible to face their shameful spending!

Think Lovin Life
07/28/11 7:34 pm

geoblecker ... do you think Senator Obama would cooperate if the tables were turned? I doubt it ... he's the real partisan in this mess as he ran up the debt and now cowardly wants to blame others. I guess he's nothing if not consistent.

07/28/11 7:23 pm

@sigmagumbi no. It's about the percentage. We give a very modest amount of wealth to poor nations.

Oh, and no one is "chromosomally" bent on killing some other group. You sound like a Klansman when you say things like that.

07/28/11 6:45 pm

Or, do you want to pull back all our troops from these strategically placed locations and just let 'em come?

07/28/11 6:44 pm

Or, you don't realize that our adversary is not only capable of, but chromosomally committed to killing, no, eradicating Americans! That is a fact! So, the question now is do You want the military to take the fight to them?

07/28/11 6:43 pm! It's about the amount, not the percentage! The amount we give to other countries is ridiculous in comparison. I can only imagine what we could spend that on inside our own borders. Maybe you're are an idealist.

07/28/11 6:39 pm

Whenever a sitting president has an issue that is good or bad, he gets the credit or the blame. Why do the Obama fans deny his responsibility for the horrible economy ?

07/28/11 6:34 pm

But very few of them are in congress...

07/28/11 6:34 pm

@doOver, I agree about the tea partiers. They're idiots. But there are some respectable republicans.

07/28/11 4:27 pm

@MegaDittos I have respect for many who may disagree with President Obama. This respect does not extend to the Republicos and Tea Partiers. They truly are anti-patriotic. They have held the economy hostage twice now. Their aims are banal political advantage; not respectable.

07/28/11 3:59 pm

If the congressional republicans would just cooperate for a while, then maybe Obama could do what he needs to do. The republicans need to get their minds off of petty politics and focus on doing what is best for this country, like obama is...