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Show Of Hands December 12th, 2011 12:00am

Should labor laws be changed to allow young teens to earn money performing janitorial duties within their schools?

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garretj 37130
12/12/11 5:40 pm

At first I said yes, but I think it would actually work better to do that kind of program within existing labor laws.

veritas1 Panda
12/12/11 5:35 pm

Ok. You have a HUGE amount of debt. Your expenses outweigh your income by a 3:2 margin.

What should you do? Newt Gingrich thinks you should quit your job so you make even LESS money.

veritas1 Panda
12/12/11 5:33 pm

This is off topic, but have you guys seen Gingrich's tax plan?! Holy crap! A 35% cut in revenue. Is he out of his freaking mind?

If you like HUGE deficits, (current 41% + this new 35%) Gingrich is your man!

12/12/11 5:29 pm

Tlcwriter- if they dont do the work then they get fired and ssome other kid gets a chance.
why are you paying your child an allowance if they aren't doing their chores, anyway?

12/12/11 5:21 pm

That is a lie. The poor work hard. In many cases the poor work harder than the rich!

reichukey Oregon
12/12/11 5:13 pm

I would live to get a job cleaning after school because it would be right after school and though some teens would use the chemicals to get high I wouldn't. and if they started to use the chemicals in a bad way they should do a drug test every week.

12/12/11 5:04 pm

They should but not at their own school

12/12/11 4:53 pm

why not its a good chance to learn work ethic & give poor kids a shot to earn a small income

HolyBabble Mississippi
12/12/11 4:32 pm

Poor people are lazy.
They should learn to clean toilets at an early age.

12/12/11 4:24 pm

I believe that too few teens and young adults have a decent or even any work ethic. This should help. Without a work ethic, our children will struggle to support themselves and will end up in the Occupy Wall Street camps.

veritas1 Panda
12/12/11 4:04 pm

It's called detention…
You shouldn't get paid for it.

tlcwrites California
12/12/11 4:01 pm

One more comment: if my kid can't keep her room clean for an allowance that's more than minimum wage (relative to # of hours her chores take), I'm skeptical how well this plan will work. (Even still, I'd be in favor of the experiment.)

tlcwrites California
12/12/11 3:54 pm

I think it's an okay idea if the students' work is limited to that which is safe for kids and if the aim isn't just to replace adult janitors. Janitors' work with corrosive/toxic chemicals, do HVAC maintenance, and other work kids have no business doing.

12/12/11 3:50 pm

@flapilot seriously? smh at your blatant ignorance

12/12/11 3:50 pm

I didn't know it was against the law. The students at my high school would work for the school on during their study halls to make a quick buck. Some helped as office secretaries, some did janitorial duties, some even washed dishes in the cafeteria

12/12/11 3:44 pm

no we're just is what matters right now

12/12/11 3:05 pm

I said no, because as a high school student looking at how my classmates don't treat even their own belongings with respect, I just dont think it's a good idea.

12/12/11 2:04 pm

well there's a surprise.....most liberals don't want to work. color me shocked!

12/12/11 2:00 pm

Ultravegan- wow. How much coffee have you had today?

12/12/11 1:34 pm

Sure yah, but it shouldn't be supported by big govt, deal with it locally. And what is with all these people freaking out that janitors will be fired? This plan will never happen. If kids can't clean up their rooms then how on earth are they gonna want to go clean urinals?

kaik12 Twin Cities, MN
12/12/11 1:30 pm

Yes and no. If it were done, a lot more kids would respect school property. But it could also lead kids to make messes if they knew someone they didn't like would have to pick it up. At least at my school, the capital of douchebags.

12/12/11 12:57 pm

fabulous idea, let's fire all the janitors with families too feed so that we can have children do it. If nestle can cut costs with the blood of child labour why can't schools.

12/12/11 11:24 am

XTieguy- they are there to learn. I learned at school, and I cleaned up after school.
It doesn't have to be one or the other.

12/12/11 10:48 am

Labor laws shouldn't be changed ( teens have enough to do), but teens should be able to do janitorial work. That's actually a great idea, it would teach teens basics of cleaning while learning also how to keep things clean and having more respect for the school.

12/12/11 10:23 am

Students should be at school to learn, not to clean up after other students.

12/12/11 10:10 am

at vo tech we had to clean the bathrooms in our shop. but then the janitors filed a grievance because we were taking their job.

12/12/11 9:58 am

If they want as ling as it doesn't give them an education disadvantage.

12/12/11 9:58 am

Also, we weren't taking jobs away from anyone- at my school the janitor was also the PE teacher, and the grounds keeper. The school couldnt afford to hire anyone FT so he needed the help.

12/12/11 9:54 am

I did this in grade school and high school to get a tuition discount. It wasn't hard work - I had to wipe down desks in a few classrooms, sweep a hallway, take out trash.

I liked doing it, and I felt good about earning tuition assistance instead of just having it handed to me.

12/12/11 9:48 am

I think kids should have to work something as volunteer at a soup kitchen or whatever. It does help teach responsibility and ties them to their community. Only like 8 hours a week though. Nothing crazy

12/12/11 9:01 am

If a student wants to scrub a toilet in the bathroom at the same moment that they are sitting in a class room doing math problems I say go for it.

I am always supportive of the breaking of the laws if physics--they are so restrictive! Besides Tweens have excellent MPC.

moosey Texas
12/12/11 8:59 am

I this would be a great idea. Teens would gain an appreciation for how it can be to clean up after the messes they make during the day. Plus, a lot of teens need money for school supplies or clothes, or saving for college early would really help them.

taijiki Florida
12/12/11 8:59 am

I think they should be doing the work, but not paid.

12/12/11 8:15 am

Are some of you threatened by 14 year olds? Well apparently you are if
you see them as being "competition" by focusing on the bad economy; if that's the "pathetic" case...Do something different in your life to increase your chance at success rather than pointing the finger @ the innocent..silly!

12/12/11 8:14 am

And yes that should be Family's not families.

12/12/11 8:13 am

manual labor the rest of my life. I still graduated high school with a 3.8 GPA and last year graduated college. Meanwhile in college I also held a part-time/full-time job and my grades didn't suffer.

12/12/11 8:13 am

I worked throughout both middle school ad high school on our families farm. It was tough work, long hours, and I got paid very minimal. The fact of the matter is, my grades did not suffer. I had the mindset that I don't want to be doing

leftocentr Oregon
12/12/11 8:10 am

Actually Belmont, in some schools the teacher can decide the punishment for detention which could include cleaning the school grounds (picking up trash).

leftocentr Oregon
12/12/11 8:07 am

U know sometimes I miss Vanguarde's stupid comments.

leftocentr Oregon
12/12/11 8:06 am

I must have ignored chachi a while back. Don't see their comment.

leftocentr Oregon
12/12/11 8:04 am

Why not? Keeps the school clean and gives the students responsibility for their school. Only downside I see is taking a job away from a regular janitor.

12/12/11 8:02 am


1. You shouldn't use gay as an insult.
2. Bullying has led kids to suicide.
3. Judging from your comments on other threads I get the feeling you're a ignorant chickenhawk who is an Israel firster. I bet you like newt Gingrich.

12/12/11 7:56 am

@chachi you say that because you were a bully?

12/12/11 7:53 am

libsrule, don't be so gay. Bullying is part of growing up. Stop pussifying our kids.

12/12/11 7:44 am

Hell no! It's a recipe for bullying. The kids would be bullied. Newt Gingrich discusts me.

12/12/11 7:37 am

Make they black, white, and Latino asses clean toilets and chalkboards while they're in detention or in-house suspension.

jjplol North Carolina
12/12/11 7:25 am

It's not that bad of an idea, but it's a step in the wrong direction. I would say no.

12/12/11 7:15 am

How are you going to say let's lower the working age to let more kids work when the US companies can't even hire the adults in the US??? Bo jobs for their parents then how do we have jobs for 9 year olds???

12/12/11 7:13 am

Ya can legally work at 14 we don't need children working any younger. Children should be focused on school and being a kid. You can work around your house but not in a factory or cleaning up a school. It also takes away from the people trying to feed a family. There's plenty of adults willing towork