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Show Of Hands December 12th, 2011 12:00am

Should labor laws be changed to allow young teens to earn money performing janitorial duties within their schools?

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12/12/11 6:24 pm

Why don't you just tattoo "Target" on the kid's forehead and take bets on how long it takes before they get their ass kicked or commit suicide. PLEASE say you're kidding.

12/11/11 10:52 pm

let's employ all the adults first

taijiki Florida
12/12/11 8:59 am

I think they should be doing the work, but not paid.

moosey Texas
12/12/11 8:59 am

I this would be a great idea. Teens would gain an appreciation for how it can be to clean up after the messes they make during the day. Plus, a lot of teens need money for school supplies or clothes, or saving for college early would really help them.

12/11/11 10:55 pm

Why not? Let people who want jobs work At any age

12/12/11 9:01 am

If a student wants to scrub a toilet in the bathroom at the same moment that they are sitting in a class room doing math problems I say go for it.

I am always supportive of the breaking of the laws if physics--they are so restrictive! Besides Tweens have excellent MPC.

12/12/11 6:27 pm

I love it when people from my state say completely moronic things. Especially when it's nothing but party-line vitriol. Makes me so proud of my state. *sigh*

Anyone who is actually intelligent and NOT registered as an independent is doing this country, and their party of choice, a huge disservice.

12/12/11 6:29 pm

Why do so many libs think working is somehow degrading or shameful?
Besides, so what if some idiot rich kid makes fun of a working kid?
A little adversity builds character.

12/11/11 11:01 pm

Yes, but with a 10 hour per week limit. If that much.

swjboucher Just Run
12/12/11 6:30 pm

I was 15 shoveling trash into a boiler.
I learned the value of hard work.
I do ok now.

12/12/11 6:31 pm

Why not? They need a job, and cleaning up after themselves is good practice for home and life as an adult.

Wes28 CBus
12/12/11 6:38 pm

For some kids, especially in low-income areas, they need a job just to help support their families or pay for things they need. It would be a benefit to the school system and the students.

BadBadger Georgia
12/11/11 11:13 pm

Pay them to clean their up own mess? Sure, why not?

12/12/11 10:42 pm

I'm in high school,and I say no. give it to the janitorial services and lunch ladies who actually deserve it.

12/11/11 11:15 pm

No. The idea will hurt working families, not help them.

12/12/11 6:40 pm

Laws shouldn't change just because Newt wants them to.

cato Santa Barbara, California
12/11/11 11:22 pm

Yes. It builds character and fires over paid union janitors.

12/12/11 10:45 pm

I say why not? It's not like it's forced labor, if they want to work then why stop them? I live in a town where there aren't many jobs for teenagers and I know plenty who would love to have the extra money for letterman jackets or class rings.

12/12/11 9:48 am

I think kids should have to work something as volunteer at a soup kitchen or whatever. It does help teach responsibility and ties them to their community. Only like 8 hours a week though. Nothing crazy

StaffSgtKip Florida
12/21/11 1:25 pm

I speak for most of the kids in CT, WE NEED JOBS!!! (I'm from CT I lived in FL)

12/12/11 6:46 pm

We're already doing it at my school.

12/12/11 10:48 pm

are you people afraid that a kid working 2-6 hours a week making minimum wage I'd going to take someone's job? God forbid a kid gets a little work ethic, learns a bit and gets some cash. Jeeze didn't any of you mow lawns or babysit as kids or was everything just handed to you?

12/12/11 12:10 am

Yes this is the fix to our unemployment problem in America! Take jobs away from more people and give them to young kids! Great idea

one80 California
12/12/11 12:13 am

No. Changing labor laws so a child can legally be employed as a janitor and clean her school, is a poorly thought -out idea.

Wert I am a frayed knot
12/12/11 12:18 am

How is this a fix? You could maybe employ a very few kids this way in each school. Too small of a percentage to have anything like the effect Newt proposes. Also, dismantling child labor laws in this way will just lead to more. Dumb idea.

12/12/11 9:54 am

I did this in grade school and high school to get a tuition discount. It wasn't hard work - I had to wipe down desks in a few classrooms, sweep a hallway, take out trash.

I liked doing it, and I felt good about earning tuition assistance instead of just having it handed to me.

12/12/11 9:58 am

Also, we weren't taking jobs away from anyone- at my school the janitor was also the PE teacher, and the grounds keeper. The school couldnt afford to hire anyone FT so he needed the help.

StNik North Carolina
12/13/11 9:41 am

You know this is a good idea. But because Newt said it Dems hate it. If this was an Obama idea, Repubs would poo on it.

Bottom line: it's a good idea.

12/12/11 9:58 am

If they want as ling as it doesn't give them an education disadvantage.

12/12/11 12:25 am

Yes, but only let them use that money for school lunches, field trips, or even books. Make it in-school "money" that they have to use on an educational outcome. Some kids would love to have books, instruments, etc. that their parents cannot afford.

12/12/11 10:10 am

at vo tech we had to clean the bathrooms in our shop. but then the janitors filed a grievance because we were taking their job.

12/12/11 12:32 am

Anyone that wants to work should be allowed to do so. Children should be protected but not totally kept out. As far as working in schools. Gosh isn't there a way we can get ALL the kids to do some work. Maybe they would stop trashing it!

modernrock Ohio
12/12/11 11:07 pm

Here's a novel idea: how about they learn to work hard in school, get good grades and take AP classes and get thousands in scholarship money rather than making a couple hundred dollars each year. Newt Gingrich is just...irritating! The GOP will make the biggest mistake if they nominate him...

12/12/11 12:35 am

Absolutely, it would teach the kids a lesson while potentially earning (or saving) money for the schools.

12/12/11 10:23 am

Students should be at school to learn, not to clean up after other students.

Nerdz Texas
12/13/11 6:07 pm

I'm already doing that for free so yes!

12/12/11 12:44 am

yes: I don't believe this question is meant as being a fix to our economic problems; I see it as a benefit 4 those teens and their families. 1st-- u pay your kids $ for chores right? What's the difference w/ this? 2nd, a lot of families are either struggling (although most wont admit) or are single

12/12/11 10:48 am

Labor laws shouldn't be changed ( teens have enough to do), but teens should be able to do janitorial work. That's actually a great idea, it would teach teens basics of cleaning while learning also how to keep things clean and having more respect for the school.

StNik North Carolina
12/13/11 11:34 pm

Hey Katy- you are the reason unemployment is stubbornly high. You and people like you think certain jobs are beneath you. You'd rather sit around collecting unemployment checks rather than do some real work.

12/12/11 12:45 am

..headed families, n the xtra income will allow them to get what they "want", gets them from behind the computer, away from the xbox and when they become of age, they already have job experience...and fact that they worked at a younger age than most, I believe that will play in their favor

12/12/11 12:48 am

* "them" meaning the teens... Sorry for the thread, but changing the laws doesn't make it mandatory that every teen works, parents who oppose can simply not make use if it...

12/12/11 11:47 pm

Wouldn't they be taking jobs away from their parents? (Latinos)

12/12/11 1:23 am

I would have done it as a teen. My parents cut me off except for food and a place to live when I was 13. I had to earn my own money to pay for clothes, toiletries, etc. that stuff is hard to pay for when you're mowing lawns and trying to find under the counter jobs. I think it'd be a good idea.

12/12/11 1:25 am

@mysterygirl, I agree completely. And it'd teach kids a good work ethic so they'd probably end up benefiting our economy when they got older rather than milking the system

12/12/11 11:24 am

XTieguy- they are there to learn. I learned at school, and I cleaned up after school.
It doesn't have to be one or the other.

Chopper2 Georgia
12/13/11 11:05 am

It is not a good idea cause it is hypocritical to the us ideas of child labor that we look down on other countries for.