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Show Of Hands April 9th, 2016 5:44pm

Are you naturally more athletic or artistic?

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pacbro Washington
04/09/16 12:43 pm

Way more artistic. Drawing, painting, singing, music in general, writing, poetry, etc. Lolol

catpillow Florida West Coast
04/09/16 12:47 pm

Lots of my ancestors made their living as artists, and the ability partially passed on to me. I'm not athletic at all, though.

ladyniner81 no hope for humanity
04/11/16 6:41 am

Neither. I can't throw or jump, and I can't color within the lines πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

OhTheIrony Learning from you
04/09/16 10:47 am

I don't see myself as either, but if I had to choose, I'd say athletic.

Gunfighter06 Iowa, since 1846
04/09/16 12:59 pm

I'm only 20. That could have something to do with it. I'm the kind of guy that can smash a double quarter pounder meal and immediately go for a 6 mile run and still feel good.

04/09/16 10:55 am

I can't barely complete a stick person. Softball=my life⚾️

lcamino Florida and Georgia
04/09/16 6:39 pm

Since no wasn't a choice, I picked artistic. I'm pretty good at interior decorating, and used to be good at writing.

celloVirtuoso buried in sheet music
04/09/16 6:40 pm

They're definitely opposing things for many people. I spent my weekend in a dorm at JMU reserved for visual/performing arts majors and when asked about sports the vast majority of us laughed or blinked or said "Sports? What are those?"

Loxx I Love Foxes
04/09/16 2:08 pm

Who goes to church on Friday, are you Muslim?

MemeThief Not Authoritarian
04/09/16 12:07 pm

Musically artistic, but I generally stay in shape.

celloVirtuoso buried in sheet music
04/10/16 4:09 pm

Yes, I'd think so. πŸ˜‚ But dance is still considered a performing art, and of the dance majors I met, most of them considered themselves unathletic. A few said they play soccer. I've never been much of a dancer myself, so I can't speak for any of them. πŸ˜…

bartman71 USW
04/09/16 2:15 pm

Was raised Apostolic/Pentecostal. I'm not any religion now.

K4tn1ss Dont look in the closet
04/09/16 9:44 pm

I am a little bit of both. I can't draw like the dc comics but I'm okay. I can do some pretty neat athletic stuff too.

04/11/16 7:09 am

I'm slow but can pack a punch or lay someone out in football and wrestling, and I can sing very well but I can only draw stick figures

celloVirtuoso buried in sheet music
04/09/16 7:41 pm

Ah, you're quite handy. I still think in my opinion it's still more artistic than athletic. But I guess it can go either way.