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GiantRobot Pennsylvania
10/16/12 9:17 am

Kids are the greatest. Most if them, that is.

njguinness75 Jersey
10/14/12 4:44 pm

Earlybird nailed that one thankfully your parents didn't feel the same way

EarlyBird Portland
10/14/12 6:55 pm

Far better to not have kids if your heart isn't in it 100%. Agree!

njguinness75 Jersey
10/14/12 4:47 pm

Actually top wouldn't they be less behaved?

10/15/12 2:38 pm

Never had strep throat in my life until I went on vacation with my nieces, germ factories every last one of em

FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
10/14/12 8:32 pm

Sorry, I mis-understood what you were saying. Someone with even a tad of autism related something is completely different. I thought you were saying that just like an autistic kid isn't as well developed as others his age mentally, people should brush of tantrums of all kids. Sorry. Read it wrong.

10/15/12 6:04 am

I don't like them because if they hit me I can't hit them back

10/16/12 5:58 pm

Why work in an elementary school if you don't like kids? That's like being germ phobic but working with little kids!

FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
10/14/12 8:35 pm

@PetePuma speaking of that, as a six year old I found smelly, rude, annoying, equally know-it-all attitude as my own three year olds to be absolute pet peeves that took much coaxing from my parents to except as equals. Now I can tolerate a lot more and three year olds aren't an annoyance like that…

10/16/12 6:00 pm

You don't have to spank kids to discipline them.

FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
10/14/12 8:37 pm

I think I half get it, but it might take a few more years before that really makes sense.

10/14/12 8:37 pm

No, the government is a burden on society, and children are their easiest scapegoats.

113girl Idaho
10/19/12 8:08 am

@chadpaintsrecords, how about you wear a condom and let everyone else decide

10/14/12 5:19 pm

That is terrible you should be mature before you decide to have children. Not after.

bigdaddy1 Nashville
10/14/12 5:22 pm

Let me are Bush's fault also lol

113girl Idaho
10/19/12 8:11 am

i better like kids, i'm expecting my first

10/15/12 5:59 pm

Samuel L. Jackson was very very funny reading this book.

vanguarde Kennesaw, GA
10/14/12 9:22 am

6 months to 24 months, love them. Then they start to get on my nerve.

10/15/12 7:43 pm

Loved my kids as infants and toddlers,but as teens I love them even more. Like good wine and spirits they get stronger and better with time

sweetnes34 Outta Phucks
10/14/12 5:25 pm

It's wrong to have kids just because society expects you to, not everyone feels that urge to procreate. It's not selfish its just plain honesty

10/14/12 11:56 am

Will only have one as heir to dying family name.

Sam95 Nebraska
10/14/12 5:33 pm

I love kids! They are sooo cute! But kids who act like brats and scream a lot annoy me.

cowboy Dawns Highway
10/14/12 12:07 pm

@AKYF Thanks. It's just common sense.

10/15/12 7:53 pm

Some of my worst nightmare kid patients have become my most favorite teen and adult patients. Sometimes we laugh about how difficult they were until we got to know each other. Sometimes we just appreciate our past and move on.

Sakura-chan Reading and Writing.
10/14/12 9:36 am

As long as they are older than six, but that might change when I actually have kids. . .

taurus98 in the TARDIS
10/14/12 7:19 pm

I like some kids, but not all. Some can be really annoying....