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10/14/12 6:29 pm

That's great! Wish we had that many- think of all the grandkids you'll be able to spoil!

snafu Washington
10/14/12 10:21 am

Yes weddings and funerals. Recently I attended the funeral of a friend and during the service there was a family with their little 4-5 y.o. who started to talk, cry, whine, squirm and cry some more. It was loud and it was disrespectful, one of the parents should've stepped outside with the kid.

steel-jack Utah
10/14/12 1:19 pm

If you don't like kids there is something really wrong with you

10/14/12 6:37 pm

Okie67- I get what you're saying and totally agree.

No one is totally ready for kids- they change you and hopefully make you a better person.

zourn Texas
10/15/12 1:15 am

@kiana - I have no reason to like you. And you talk as if you were physically abused and raped, which has nothing to do with what I'm talking about. I was spanked as a child and grew up to be an intelligent, level headed adult.

Mister CA
10/14/12 4:00 pm

If you are an adult, every kid is fun to be around and will respect you as your own. My trick is to be the fun guy at first - then switch it off when they misbehave.

canecorso Las Vegas Nv
10/14/12 4:00 pm

In general yes, right now NO!

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
10/14/12 6:42 pm

They being republicans. I miss wrote. It's good for kids to express them selfs but not by running and shoving in stores. That's why we quit shopping in Eugene. Much prefer Roseburg or Salem.

2ndafe Flat lands of Ohio
10/15/12 2:03 pm

I LOVE my kids. And I do not dislike most kids. But, my kids are the only ones that I make an effort to spend time with. I voted no.

ScrewU Gone
10/14/12 8:48 am

No. They're constantly under foot and usually sticky too.

Sakura-chan Reading and Writing.
10/15/12 4:07 am

Well. That escalated quickly.

Irrelevant United States
10/14/12 8:51 am

I hate children.

iamnoone kentucky
10/17/12 8:00 am

I only like mine & a VERY few others. I'd planned on never having kids & took precautions to prevent- surprise! My oldest is one of the 0.02%.

gonzoboy Arizona
10/14/12 11:16 am

@Adaala, that's too funny! Then again, maybe they're just trying to mask sub-standard gin!

10/15/12 4:43 am

What do you mean?

FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
10/14/12 8:22 pm

You learn how to keep them from being capable of breaking them. It's not that hard when you think about it (practicality, my department).

thelowend imitation is flattery
10/14/12 6:53 pm

itanimulli - your (under) age is showing. poorly

njguinness75 Jersey
10/14/12 4:42 pm

So you were burden?

jenniebtzlbrgr Kansas
10/14/12 8:25 pm

Lol but you're still a kid. Apparently I legally am not but I still act like one whenever possible. PS I mostly commented on this for your username. LAWLZ impolite.

jenniebtzlbrgr Kansas
10/14/12 8:27 pm

I could have read your first comment wrong. Oops. If you're not fourteen sorry for calling you a kid. Still, your username be dope.

10/14/12 9:02 am

Some children are cool but some are really annoying

10/14/12 4:59 pm

We never had kids, but I love my nieces and nephews very much.

siccmade Arlington tx
10/14/12 11:38 am

I want kids bad. The only thing stopping me is finding female that'll help me make one.

bigdaddy1 Nashville
10/14/12 5:19 pm

Lol I know that feeling! I have 11 &13 year old boys!

10/14/12 11:47 am

I like my kids i don't like punk ass spoiled kids


10/14/12 5:25 pm

I love this!!! It's so true!!!

angiebrite Gallifrey
10/14/12 8:47 pm

I do not. But I hide it well

kywrite augusta, ga
10/18/12 10:12 pm

I love kids. They are quite tasty with ketchup.

10/14/12 7:15 pm

Children are irrational. I find that disturbing.

FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
10/14/12 5:35 pm

Maybe… but I do agree about not thinking they will never amount to anything because of it. It depends on the kid, but most kids can have tantrums trained out of them pretty quickly (as in by the time they're 8). Of course, by the time they're a teen, they might go through it all over again! :)

10/14/12 2:29 pm

love them

FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
10/14/12 5:41 pm

It depends on what guides your definition of morality. I'm 15 and just spent a half hour tonight helping pre-k kids with crafts. It had been a while since I had been there and I was happily welcomed by those there, young and old alike. I like helping people. Those kids are fun!

MekaNeck Kansas City
10/14/12 9:34 am

Absolutely LOVE my son, and like kids. Kids are fun.

10/15/12 9:30 am

Depends. I hate seeing kids running around screaming... Gawl!

10/14/12 5:52 pm

Well, in the case if autism, it's not really that simple but I see what you're saying. (I'm speaking as the mama of one such beautiful child btw)

gonzoboy Arizona
10/14/12 7:24 pm

@thelowend, NO! That'll be my next project! Morgan Freeman, wow! Thanks, NY!

10/15/12 6:29 pm

Im a kid and I don't even like kids

Mooo42Q Thats Nucking Futs
10/21/12 4:36 pm

I like my kid.
I find other children annoying.

10/14/12 9:46 pm

what kinda poll is this? really?

10/15/12 7:49 am

Tantrums are a normal developmental step for toddlers. Some do it more than others, often because they are emotionally immature and not just for attention or to get something. It's like how babies express feelings by crying. Now a 6 year old throwing a screaming fit is different.

10/14/12 2:55 pm

Considering I am one, of course lol :P

sarakay Down the Bayou
10/17/12 1:42 pm

A spanking is quite alright in my book. Was spanked as a child. But beating a child.. That's a totally different story.

snafu Washington
10/14/12 9:54 am

Older kids are fine, it's the little ones I don't care for. I have nieces and nephews and I like them of course but I'll politely leave the room when they start to cry. Their parents are great and know when to take them places or leave them home.