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Show Of Hands July 5th, 2012 12:00am

If you were suddenly transported in time to 1612, would you rather maintain your current location or land somewhere random in Europe?

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cat3675 Bowling Green, KY
07/10/12 3:40 pm

I agree with gunny. Besides, become part of a tribe an they treated their women better than the white man.

mrcoyote Casa Grande
07/10/12 12:05 am

Arizona in 1612: run by tribal natives and the mojave wildlife. Nofukinthanks

kst8r Iowa
07/09/12 10:09 pm

I'd be more afraid of the disease and overpopulation in Europe than anything else

07/09/12 9:55 pm

Minorities always need to take caution when going back in time lol

07/09/12 1:15 pm

Aye, you got the consumption. No thanks. I will take my chances with the Cherokee

Happy Hong Kong
07/08/12 12:42 pm

I'm in Bergen, Norway at the moment. "here" was awesome in 1612 (except for the lepers).

07/08/12 5:49 am

Here! I'd be rich, biatch.... At least when I magically went back I better be or I'm finding the drunk ancestor that screwed it all up!

tcotco10 California
07/07/12 11:49 pm

Think of all the resources to be had! Whoever claims it would be rich! And we would have the knowledge of how to get it! Give me America!

07/07/12 7:48 pm

Pretty sure most of us New Englanders would be better off in the colonies.

07/07/12 5:15 pm

I wouldn't like to live as a native American

07/07/12 5:14 pm

I wouldn't like to live as a native American

07/07/12 5:14 pm

I wouldn't like to live as a native American

07/07/12 5:14 pm

I wouldn't like to live as a native American

frodawg Colorado
07/07/12 12:06 pm

i love how many are saying the land wasnt even settled...

frodawg Colorado
07/07/12 12:04 pm

wtf is with montana. surprised there isnt more of an east west split

jswolfeye New Jersey
07/07/12 9:08 am

Yeah....I dont want to spawn near a bunch of hostile indian tribes....

07/07/12 7:58 am

Kentucky in 1612? No. I'll take my chances with Paris or London.

07/06/12 11:02 pm

@deathsheep haha I wouldn't do that because the Aztecs sacrificed any travelers/explorers that crossed on to there territory. They would rip people's beating hearts out when they where still alive and offer them to the gods. Other wise I'd love to live among Aztecs!

wetheslaves Live each moment fully
07/06/12 11:00 pm

Tony do our overseas friends have a fake state for their continent?

07/06/12 10:59 pm

I'd love to be a hunter and gatherer! It would be nice to experience the history and culture of the early Native Americans.

eradicator JC
07/06/12 10:45 pm

Thirty Years War 1618-1648. Look it up. I'll take my chances with the Wampanoag.

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
07/06/12 8:38 pm

Said yes then remembered there was a giant tsunami here around that time. Drake made his winter here in 1580 or 82. The Coos Indians were here. If I could choose to go to Ireland then I'd choose that. Before the brits invaded women and men had equal rights. So did the Jews.

07/06/12 5:21 pm

If I landed in 1612 Illinois, I'd be fighting bears and wolves for survival in dense forest. Soooo...Europe

FrostedMin California
07/06/12 4:49 pm

At first I said here. But then I realized that since I have sort of a dark complexion ( Greek) that some people might--- so anyways then I chose Europe- hey maybe I'd land in Greece!

07/06/12 4:32 pm

In Pocatello, ID? I'd in the midst of a tribe of Native Americans and wilderness. Not for me.

disappoint Minneapolis
07/06/12 4:22 pm

If here meant Jamestown, sure. But in Minnesota? I'll pass.

DeathSheep Michigan
07/06/12 2:12 pm

Ummmm I'd stay here. Then wander down to central America and and be the Aztecs god that won't just be there to kill them. I think be treated like a god in the city of gold would be nice

tytygirl79 Indiana
07/06/12 9:23 am

I am probably the only woman who would like to live in 17th century Europe

optimist6 Fort Wayne, IN
07/06/12 8:04 am

These indians in Indiana wouldn't be very fond of me, the "white person".

07/06/12 6:43 am

Angiebrite- there were various plagues throughout Europe until the 1700s.

07/06/12 6:20 am

Here smoking the peace pipe with the Indians!! I don't smoke but when in Rome....

gelina44 Springfield, MO
07/06/12 5:58 am

Either way I'd likely die... But at least here I'd be a person with rights... The local Indians valued their women much more than 17th century Europe.

Hope Minneapolis
07/06/12 2:59 am

Witch hunts. I would have been burned at the stake when I was born bc I have a birthmark in my iris

07/06/12 12:55 am

Black death in Europe! Fuck that! I'll stay here

07/06/12 12:20 am

They'd probably burn me at the post in europe

07/05/12 11:56 pm

I initially thought Europe, but with all the religious and political turmoil occurring then, I decided to take my chances here. Hell, I'd find the gold mines first and be rich as fuk before anyone could run me off the land.

NotQuiteWhite Earth
07/05/12 11:52 pm

Why are black people worried about living in Europe back then? Blacks have inhabited Europe pretty much always.

blutuesday California
07/05/12 10:26 pm

Whatever the scenario, I'd always prefer to land somewhere in Europe!

07/05/12 9:43 pm

Here but i do not want to be a native american. That would suck because when the new immigrants arrived from england they basically kicked them out of their own land.

Vxscop In the TARDIS
07/05/12 9:22 pm

Back then Jamestown was just stuffy rich englishmen and murderess Indians yep defiantly not VA for me

07/05/12 9:17 pm

Back then, I'd be maybe a day or two from Jamestown.

07/05/12 8:53 pm

In 1612, Utah was completely unsettled. Not even that many Native Americans lived here.

07/05/12 8:49 pm

Already in Europe, by a large castle, so I'm good.

Doopy Remedial Americanism
07/05/12 8:40 pm

Europe. In 1612, the Earth was somewhere very far from here.