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laxgoalie December 10th, 2017 6:57pm

Regulation can make the free market more efficient

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12/10/17 4:32 pm

Key word is “can”....yes if properly applied, but frequently (maybe more than 50% if the time) it does not.

ronderman North Carolina
12/10/17 1:40 pm

"Regulation of the free market" is an oxymoron.

12/10/17 1:12 pm

It can, but it can also destroy. There has to be a balance. Look at the disastrous effects of Obama’s refs and controls! DoddFrank is a joke.

Yessy French Texan
12/10/17 1:11 pm

It's annoying and causes long waits whenever you go anywhere because companies have to follow regulations to make short people don't sue them or get sued by the government

Radon Parts Unknown
12/10/17 1:09 pm

I wonder how many people who answer these kinds of questions actually ever been exposed to enterprise in really any executive way.

laxgoalie Cleveland
12/10/17 11:58 am

Literally the basis of economics