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Bobnpt December 18th, 2016 2:51pm

Why are the Republicans supporting Russia over patriotism?

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rons Thanks America
12/18/16 8:18 am

Because the democrats are babies.

Bobnpt The Ocean State
12/18/16 8:29 am

So, it's ok that Russia was behind the hacks?

RussianThunder Russia and USA
12/18/16 9:17 am

Everyone hacks everyone. Obama, the UN and EU have gone out if their way to isolate Russia. The US hacks Russia and has meddled in elections around the globe, including Israel and Great Britain. It's not uncommon.
That said, I don't think it was Russia. Russia would have used the information more to blackmail, not leak. Blackmail and some money to the Clinton foundation and Putin gets what he wants. This way was too unpredictable. Hillary was predictable. Trump is not.

Bobnpt The Ocean State
12/18/16 9:27 am

That's a lame excuse. Everyone does it so it's ok? You have ZERO information, but you assert it was not Russia. So, basically, you have no credibility and no new information, but you know?

RussianThunder Russia and USA
12/18/16 9:39 am

No, I don't know. I said "I think". For me to know I would need to work for the FSB. I don't.
Even if true, Russia didn't hack the election, they hacked emails. Not the same as hacking the vote. Whoever hacked or leaked the emails from Clinton, Podesta and the DNC apparently did not hack voting machines. There is no evidence the election itself was rigged or tampered with, per Obamas own words.
Clinton, the DNC and Podesta were shown to be corrupt or at least, extremely careless.
What the democrats are saying is "our emails were hacked and leaked before the election and that's awful because without knowing the truth, the people MIGHT have voted for us". Waaaa! Boo hoo! 😪😪😭😭. We almost got into the White House even though we stole the election from Sanders and were shown to be even more dislikable than people thought.
So no, it could be Russia but Hillary would have been easier to manipulate, I THINK.
I don't trust the Obama admin to tell the truth either. So I don't know.

rons Thanks America
12/18/16 9:48 am

I will wait for an official government accusation (not alleged, not we are pretty sure). I want concrete evidence that the Russian government sanctioned and ordered the hacking. No more leaks! I thought Obama to Putin to cut it out!

rons Thanks America
12/18/16 9:51 am

I guess Julian Assange (the one time darling of the left) is a liar when he says the leaks were not from the Russians. The left is told what to believe by the democrats. Can't wait until Monday!

rons Thanks America
12/18/16 9:55 am

Clinton would blame her own mother on the lose if she could. Those coal miners that always voted democrat in PA heard that Donna Brazil gave her a couple of questions and decided then to change their vote to Trump! All those counties that voted for Obama changed because of Comey! Get real!

12/18/16 7:56 am

I think you need to sharpen your critical thinking skills

12/18/16 8:20 am

All of a sudden communism is "cool" and a butcher is a fantastic guy, yet castro and his communist society was evil and wrong for America. The difference obama's efforts vs Trumps. How that fir critical thinking you soppy wanker!

12/18/16 8:22 am

Not sure where you reached that brilliant "deduction". Lol!!!

RussianThunder Russia and USA
12/18/16 9:21 am

Russia is not communist and has not been for 27 years. In fact, Russia has more billionaires per capita than the US. It's a capitalistic country now.
Putin is rough and ruthless but he's not a butcher. The gulag system does not work and people are not forced into slave labor. Russia doesn't even have the death penalty anymore.