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Show Of Hands April 23rd, 2012 12:00am

Is the economy the most important issue to you in the 2012 Presidential election, or something else?

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jimmie Missouri
04/28/12 9:37 pm

@ronpaulgal chernobyll (best way for me to spell it) is habitable now... Only took about 20-30 years

04/28/12 7:38 am

mrken - I mean that it would literally kill millions of people and make the land completely uninhabitable.

04/27/12 11:53 pm

Rpg, unregulated banks can ruin an economy, pandemics can ruin a population, industrial waste can ruin water supplies. There are many things that can ruin this country, all I'm asking for is freedom, choice and a little compromise. But definitely a new president!

steel-jack Utah
04/27/12 5:37 pm

Yes, yes, yes look Obama has not made it easier to live here in America therefor he has failed! Obama hates how successful America is thats why he is going around apologizing for America. He hates success!!

04/27/12 5:00 pm

@mrken - Nuclear energy could potentially destroy the entire country if something went wrong with it.

04/27/12 4:15 pm

RonPaulGal- a monopoly can ONLY exist if it is protected under the wing of the gov't or one of its thousands of unelected agencies.

The free market will only allow a momentary monopoly until a competitor moves in.

jamjay Atlanta, Ga
04/27/12 9:54 am

I do not know which is more important to me: economy or security / borders.

04/27/12 9:36 am

"I'm against all regulation," except for the things that I want to regulate.... Real strong principle there!!!

04/27/12 5:48 am

"Statists constantly tell us that we need a huge government to protect us from business monopolies. But they fail to notice that The State is the biggest, baddest monopoly of them all, as well as a major reason why some companies grow so monstrously large." -Jim Babka

04/27/12 5:46 am

I'm against all regulation, EXCEPT for on nuclear energy. That is NOT safe. Look at Japan right now.

04/27/12 5:44 am

@Jonny - AOC as in Articles of Confederation? It did NOT fail. The European bankers created inflation and conflict in the new united States, made it look like the AOC fail, and so the Constitution was written which made it MUCH easier for them to gain a foothold in the government here.

04/26/12 5:27 pm

just to increase gov revenue and hire thousands to enforce.

04/26/12 5:26 pm

I'm for regulation that makes sense not the crap your boy puts out through exec order.

04/26/12 5:25 pm

It was more then banks buying those loans it was hedge funds companies that expanded from auto loans on and on.

04/26/12 5:23 pm

johnny323: you obviously don't get how the regulation works. Its based on percentages, if you have 20% poor population in the area your bank is located then thats the percent of home loans you have to show on your books. If not then you are fined or you have to prove no one applied.

04/26/12 7:37 am

Or did it fail because the central government was too strong?

04/26/12 7:36 am

@RPGirl I still don't see what is appealing about the AOC. It failed horribly, give up.

04/26/12 7:34 am

And I may be wrong, but I believe I remember you advocating for deregulation before.

04/26/12 7:33 am

@jopat I know you didn't say one thing caused it, but you're saying that the government made the banks take those risky loans. I don't believe that, but even if it's true it was the fact that banks bundled these risky loans gave them an A rating and sold them off that caused the meltdown.

04/26/12 6:04 am

I know since John Burch Society is gone you have Ron Paul, awesome.....

04/26/12 5:42 am

@jopat - I said "End the Fed" because it is related to the economy. But I do want us to get out of the UN, too.

04/26/12 4:29 am

RPG: you forgot to say get out of the U.N. I was being sarcastic to hollybabble.

coloradical Vote or Shut Up
04/25/12 10:36 pm

My main focus is removing our socialist POTUS before we become trapped following a foolish path of socialist policies that are contrary to the founding of our nation. And have been disastrous in every nation who has tried them.

04/25/12 8:16 pm

@jopat - Republicans aren't much better...

04/25/12 8:00 pm

When democrats have no more answers they resort to their life long catch phrase "I love the government the government is the answer to all my problems". The real enslavers of mankind, democrats!

HolyBabble Mississippi
04/25/12 7:47 pm

When Republicans have no more answers they resort to 12 year old "catch phrases". - "You're a troll".

04/25/12 7:17 pm

We do agree it was caused by the government screwing around with the fundementals.

04/25/12 7:15 pm

Not to mention these were the exact loans that were bundled together sold to freddie or fannie and because they were FDIC insured we were obligated as tax payers to bail them out.

04/25/12 7:13 pm

jonny323: Did I say it was only caused by one thing? I said it was a piece and had you read everything previous to my post someone said the government can't force banks to make loans. I merely pointed out that they do under the CRA of 1977.

04/25/12 6:51 pm

@jopat are you serious? Those risky loans weren't forced by the government. The government deregulated derivatives and that's what caused the '08 meltdown.

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
04/25/12 2:33 pm

Gay rights are very important to me but not the main issue.

04/25/12 2:21 pm

Civil rights is more important

04/25/12 1:11 pm

4sAnarchy: Oh yeah, love it! Everyone needs to see it, Thanks!

04/25/12 1:05 pm

The mess we are in is caused by greed and corruption. Congress has to be held accountable, to the people, and work within a budget. Cut agencies and programs that are redundant. Get out of private sector speculating, crony capitalism, bailouts, and let the free market work.

anarchy4s South Carolina
04/25/12 11:30 am

Jopat: have you "youtubed" the "if i hated America" video by Free Market America? Please do...if I know you as well as I think I do, you'll love it!

04/25/12 6:56 am

getting away from all the well known fundamentals is the real tragedy in this blame the other guy fiasco!

04/25/12 6:54 am

thinking there was no end in sight to home values going up. It would have worked ok as long as you could build equity, we all know where that ended don't we? I think everyone but mostly our government is to blame for this self inflicted nightmare.

04/25/12 6:51 am

Add Fanny and Freddie and it just continues. of course the people taking out these ridicules loans are to blame as well. We had employees in California that took out huge interest only loans

04/25/12 6:49 am

Like everything our government does over time the standards got riskier and riskier. Not saying this is the cause of the 08 meltdown but a big piece.

04/25/12 6:47 am

if a bank in your community is a member of the FDIC then you have to reach certain loan criteria by making basically risky loans in risky neighborhoods. Its been modified several times mainly under Clinton. It was a good idea because it helped the poor among us live in their own home.

04/25/12 6:44 am

spoiler; really sorry I missed the conversation last night. I'm sure a smart guy like you already knows this but ever heard of the Community Reinvestment Act of 1977? Yeah under this law banks are forced to make loans that they normally wouldn't.

BriD Illinois
04/25/12 6:07 am

NjalStorm -- LMFAO!! Wow, will you be disappointed. My condolences to you all.

04/25/12 5:50 am

my neighborhood has all ready planned an " landslide victory party" for Romney. we are even going to take the next day off ( us republicans actually work during the week ).

04/25/12 5:46 am

most important individual issue, yes. but only a part of many issues.

04/25/12 3:16 am

yes, veritas, education is important. We need to abolish the department of Education. Education is a local matter, and decisions are best made locally.

04/25/12 3:13 am

veristas cares about the debt, and supports Obama. Because Obama supports the debt!