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01/01/13 1:46 am

Perverted cowboy alert

12/31/12 9:22 pm

I once had a patient who had his great toe eaten off by a dog while he was asleep.He didn't feel a thing because he had no feeling in his foot.The dog was his new puppy.Strange but true.

12/31/12 9:17 pm

Many dog bites are due to human error.Never bend down to a dog to greet it,the number one area for bites is the human face.Ouch.

CajuNatoR Louisiana
12/31/12 5:40 pm

A dog bit a couple sections of my lip straight off. The dog may have been put down, but i still don't like unfamiliar or unfriendly dogs

12/31/12 3:21 pm

No but my mom was bitten by one with rabies when she was pregnant with me.

FearToFall what is this for
12/30/12 9:58 pm

My little pug/Jack Russell terrier has bitten me on several occasions, all of which involving food and me trying to eat it.
He bit my mouth once in order to get the food I was chewing. Hurt like hell.

cornybread The Large Malus Fruit
12/30/12 12:34 am

toy poodles are pretty small aren't they? I could imagine they're not that viscous. I feel like smaller cats and dogs have sharper teeth. a kitten's teeth are like needles!

12/29/12 1:26 pm

When I was 6 a big dog attacked me and tore my cheek open and scarred my face. Still have the scar. Completely traumatized for a long time. I personally love dogs however i will be very careful of having a dog by a young child.

cowboy Dog Father
12/29/12 10:18 am

I bet you like it rough Bri.

hexin Wisconsin
12/29/12 4:53 am

If you have dogs you'll be bitten a few times at least. Puppies love to bite; my dog used to follow us around nipping at our toes. Any bites I've received from adult dogs were accidents/stress related.

KAnne Atlantic City, NJ
12/29/12 2:51 am

I understand everything but the squirrels.

KAnne Atlantic City, NJ
12/29/12 2:50 am

Humans have a worse bite.

KAnne Atlantic City, NJ
12/29/12 2:49 am

My toy poodle has a similar bite to my cat. There's not much power behind it, but pointy teeth.

KAnne Atlantic City, NJ
12/29/12 2:47 am

Countless times by my own dogs. But never broke the skin. The only times it was 'vicious' were all three or four of my childhood neighbors' dogs. I swear they raised them to hate me.

shefjr New York
12/29/12 1:06 am

Is this like having some hair of the dog?
Or bite the dog that bit you?

anTONIarchist FL
12/28/12 5:32 pm

DOGS ARE ALL TRAINABLE if you know how btw... Yes, playing rough with mine

susanr Colorado
12/28/12 10:58 am

Excuse me? We had a dog when I was a child but you're saying I didn't have a childhood because she didn't bite me?

Contra Michigan
12/28/12 9:09 am

Several times, mostly while running.

gonk In a psychology textbook
12/28/12 8:48 am

Wow, JLove. That seems odd to me. Have you ever had pets?

12/28/12 8:31 am

It was my fault. I was young(er) and dumb(er) than I am today.

Ariella LovePeaceNHappiness
12/28/12 8:10 am

LMFAO! Hey! It may sound silly to you, but my mon hates dogs. This is a true survival story to her! :)

BriD Illinois
12/28/12 7:56 am

Just my own - playing big deal.

mememms WI
12/28/12 7:06 am

Yes. About four months ago. Damn dog bit my thumb and it still is not right.

wetheslaves Live each moment fully
12/28/12 5:38 am

Thought you might appreciate the bullshiht joke, hehe.

deathvalley Chicago native
12/28/12 4:50 am

Twice, my fault... both times I was play wrestling with family and the dogs thought it was a threat!

smarttexan2 Extremism Harms
12/28/12 4:38 am

Yes. Completely my fault. Put my hand between two playing dogs. The one who bit me was more upset after than I was. He had no bad intentions.

12/28/12 3:38 am

I've been snapped at numerous times, had some close calls but nothing broke the skin. I was a veterinarian assistant for 10 years so I was lucky I'd never gotten a serious bite.

feverchild1 Seattle
12/28/12 2:49 am

That is so scary!

AnnieM The Island
12/28/12 2:31 am

was his little shadow & listened to his every word until the day she died.

AnnieM The Island
12/28/12 2:31 am

Dad picked her up, bit her on the ear with equal calmness then set her back down.
That dog had no idea what the hell had happened just knew it had never happened before, lol. Apparently Tasha's way of hazing mom's boyfriends was to bite or snarl at them. I think Dad passed the test because Tasha…

AnnieM The Island
12/28/12 2:30 am

When my dad picked up my now-stepmom for their 1st date, Dad was standing in her living room waiting for her to finish getting ready. Her dog (a lhasa apso) calmly hopped up on the couch, bit his hand hard then looked at him as if to say "What are you going to do about it?" …

12/28/12 1:18 am

when i was 15 i was attacked by a pack of dogs. when i went to the hospital, they thought i had been in a motorcycle accident. i was pretty traumatized, but still love dogs. i actually have a German shepherd and a pitbull now.

katbug32899 okie country
12/28/12 12:20 am

when I was little, a dog bit me on the lip through the skin and everything. I don't know if it was eye contact or something else but the dog snapped and backed up. about 12 stitches.

dabrat East Coast
12/27/12 11:24 pm

As a young kid I was bitten but it wasn't that bad. The dog was as scared as me.

12/27/12 11:23 pm

I had no childhood because I wasn't bitten by a dog? Please do explain.

12/27/12 11:22 pm

I was very surprised to see that over half of the respondents have been bitten. I'm a "weirdo" who's never been bitten. As far as I know, my husband has never been bitten. Our kids have never been bitten. I can't think of anyone I know who I know has been bitten. Who knew the figure was so high?

12/27/12 11:19 pm

I (playfully) bit a dog once.
But that wasn't the question, was it? ;)

12/27/12 10:26 pm

Yeah. My face.
Still got the scar and it happened almost 10 years ago

AnnieM The Island
12/27/12 10:21 pm

Yuk, yuk, yuk. ;) I heard that every time I took my shih tzu out and about, lol.
Also, I'd imagine if someone did breed a bulldog (assuming English bulldog) with a shih tzu it would NOT produce very attractive looking puppies. Yeesh.

AnnieM The Island
12/27/12 10:18 pm

I have a 42-lb cocker (he may be a mix. Not sure since we got him from the shelter) that has either back or hip pain. Same thing has happened to him.
He's such a sweetheart, though. Not the brightest bulb in the pack, but has done a good job of selling me whole heartedly on cockers.

12/27/12 9:57 pm

Once when I was jogging a neighborhood dog bit me on the butt (I think the police officer enjoyed investigating that); 2nd time jogging I was bit on the arm; 3rd time x-country skiing I was trying to break up a fight with my 2 dogs and 2 others and got bit under the nose. Blood on snow everywhere.

12/27/12 9:49 pm

My dog Domino (cocker spaniel) bit me while I was adding table scraps to his dog bowl. I guess he thought I was stealing his food. I was so hurt.

dadstad Texas
12/27/12 9:29 pm

In retrospect I deserved it.

dudley northern Virginia woods
12/27/12 9:26 pm

Have you ever had your heart broken? Ban romance!

peacefullife Land of Moss
12/27/12 9:18 pm

Squish, based on previous comments, I believe this to be sarcasm. :)