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Actress Quvenzhané Wallis, who was 6 years old when "Beasts of the Southern Wild" was filmed, has been nominated for a Best Actress Oscar. Some critics have argued that kids so young aren't really acting, but instead are just "subjects" of the director an

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susanr Colorado
01/18/13 8:16 pm

I had to look them up: Oldest best in leading role: Henry Fonda 76, Jessica Tandy 80; oldest best in supporting role: Christopher Plummer 82, George Burns 80, Peggy Ashcroft 77. A bunch of others in their 70s. Only *nominee* older than these: best leading actress Emmanuelle Riva 85.

01/18/13 5:33 am

susanr - Do you know any of their names? Just curious. Peter Fonda?

chocstina Georgia
01/16/13 12:35 am

you need to be slapped. just because her beautiful name isn't to your eurocentric ideals doesn't mean you can be an ass about it

01/15/13 5:59 pm

She played the part. She gets the award. simple as that

JackTorS Mostly peaceful polling
01/15/13 5:18 pm

Yeah. Now my feelings are REALLY hurt! ????

hexin Wisconsin
01/15/13 4:36 pm

I find it funny that society doesn't consider children as people.

susanr Colorado
01/14/13 4:57 pm

It's older than anyone who has actually won (yet), but that doesn't mean it couldn't happen. There have been several people in their 80s.

01/14/13 3:42 pm

If your 100 is that too old?

zorthog The Republic
01/14/13 12:02 pm

Thanks blue. btw to be grammatically correct next time you should say most stupid comment vice stupidest.

01/14/13 11:50 am

You get a medal for stupidest comment, zort.

01/14/13 11:48 am

That's a juvenile comment, select. Uncalled for!

01/14/13 11:46 am

The first part of her name is a combo of the first few letters in each of her parents first names, with the Swahili word for spirit added to Quven.

01/14/13 11:43 am

She was phenomenal as Hushpuppy, and I hope she wins!

KAnne Atlantic City, NJ
01/14/13 12:36 am

She's nine... We have no idea what she'll be like as a teenager or adult.

01/13/13 10:53 pm

Perhaps if they were talking specifically about that child actor. But in their answer they were saying generally, if a child does better than expected, they should be able to get a reward.

chile safer than congress
01/13/13 10:45 pm

If you haven't seen the movie, then It just sounds like ignorance to me.
Come back and share your thoughts after watching

wears Tennessee
01/13/13 9:10 pm

Wasn't that que already asked?

pixcat Texas
01/13/13 8:39 pm

Remember Shirley Temple? She was very young, too.

AnnieM The Island
01/13/13 7:36 pm

but to my ears/eyes all their names seem like they very well could have roots, if not direct meanings, in Swahili).

AnnieM The Island
01/13/13 7:36 pm

that I once knew that spoke Swahili as a first language.
Apparently her name is pronounced quwa-VEN-zhahn-ay (zh=a similar sound to 'j', but not quite.) Her parents and siblings seem to have similar Swahili-sounding names (I'm not as familiar with Swahili as I could be, …

AnnieM The Island
01/13/13 7:35 pm

Yeah, I couldn't help doing some research on her name because it intrigued me. I can't find any record of it being used other than her & in an interview she said the "-zhané" part is Swahili for "fairy." I can't find any corroboration for that & I, unfortunately, have lost contact with the people…

Rio76 Wild West
01/13/13 6:50 pm

My son began acting in school and school plays at this age, and he was amazing. It may be unusual, but there are some kids out there who have an amazing gift of acting early in life.

Rio76 Wild West
01/13/13 6:46 pm

My son was an amazing actor at a very early age, and started performing on stage around this age. It's not as if they are a baby and used as a prop. At 6, I would day there is some acting involved.

01/13/13 5:38 pm

I haven't seen the film so I cant judge. She clearly has some talent. However, I do believe at such a young age, she was probably just obeying instructions, instead of channeling an inner ability.

01/13/13 2:37 pm

Like many questions, and certainly most entertainment awards...who cares?

fire4life Narnia
01/13/13 2:31 pm

The kid isn't a robot! She might be being told what to do but SHE is still portraying the part HERSELF. The director can't do that for her.

cheeseontop FactsOverFeelings
01/13/13 1:47 pm

Who cares? The Oscars are rigged anyway.

01/13/13 1:13 pm

She was really good! Doesn't matter the age.

01/13/13 1:12 pm

YIKES! that's kinda sad. She worked just as hard if NOT harder because she is a child. She is no less an actor because she is 6.

PartyFree Nowhere in Particular
01/13/13 12:55 pm

It's a Sunday afternoon... obviously nothing better to do.

PartyFree Nowhere in Particular
01/13/13 12:54 pm

The only thing I could focus on with this question was the girl's name. Such an exotic first name, and then the last name of... Wallis? What a letdown.

As for the Oscars, they are an award voted by the industry for the industry. If they want to nominate and vote for a 6-year-old, then let them.

selectyour San Diego
01/13/13 12:19 pm

She's going to grow up to be a snobby bitch.

angiebrite Gallifrey
01/13/13 11:57 am

@kyonkichi No, a degree does not make me an expert. But since acting is my profession I do have a professional grasp on definitions of what it is I do. Tell me, how does one become an expert actor?

Kyonkichi Memphis
01/13/13 11:47 am

Lol, angiebrite, four years of undergrad clearly does not make you an expert. You sound very textbook.

deliala919 hashtag nerdy
01/13/13 11:44 am

No way! She can totally get an oscar! The directors arent putting the emotion on her face, they arent saying her lines! Doesnt matter how old, they can still get one O_O

01/13/13 10:43 am

The Oscars is a big circle jerk for the entertainment industry. Why anyone else should care is beyond me. They've duped consumers into thinking these awards are important.

Rotten Tomatoes is a far better indicator of good films and actors.

Axl752 NY
01/13/13 10:30 am

Giving a six year old the oscar is like giving Lassie an oscar for doing a good job portraying a dog.

JackTorS Mostly peaceful polling
01/13/13 10:24 am

Yeah. Now my feelings are hurt.

CTYankee!!! Connecticut
01/13/13 10:17 am

An animal?!?
Do you have a child?

dadstad Texas
01/13/13 10:09 am

In the grand scheme does it matter? Does Hollywood matter?

zorthog The Republic
01/13/13 9:44 am

A 6 year old "actor" is nothing more than a trained animal.

Axl752 NY
01/13/13 9:10 am

At six years old kids arent even aware of whats going on. She doesnt deserve it. Give it to a real actress who has spent years perfecting her craft.

pjatx Austin, TX
01/13/13 9:02 am

There seems to be a lot of people who "couldn't care less about hollywood" taking time out of their day to vote and comment on a non-scientific pole. Just sayin'.

timeout Boston Strong
01/13/13 8:19 am

She is definitely the Youngest ever. Tatum O'Neal won at ten. I've only seen clips but she certainly grabs your attention. I say she qualifies.

soupy Ohio
01/13/13 8:16 am

they are just mad that they got beat by a 6 year old

leary Dulag Luft
01/13/13 8:16 am

The Oscars are to generate interest and theatre traffic.