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deathman5 Nevada
06/03/12 10:37 pm

I like how Florida is the only heat state XD

Nerdz Texas
06/02/12 10:14 pm

disliking the heat right now

05/30/12 8:49 am

it seems like all heat fans are really lebron fans. annoys the he'll out of me. off the top of my head, I can't think of anyone who likes the actual team.

timeout Boston Strong
05/29/12 3:50 pm

Celtics are banged up, the lost of A Bradly was big. But we still hav KG, Rondo, Paul Pierce. Celtics will come back big Wednesday.

iyfyuk Massachusetts
05/29/12 3:28 pm

I am a Mavericks fan but I root Celtics for the series

05/29/12 2:47 pm

Producto, you're right - but you have to remember that you're talking about Cleveland here, a city that has been repeatedly screwed over in its sports history. Was The Decision a terrible idea? Absolutely? Did fans overreact? Absolutely. but this is Cleveland.

05/29/12 2:44 pm

I disagree that Boston doesn't work as well together. if they lose it will because of other things, such as Allen's ankle, Bass's streakiness, and MIA's bench actually stepping up over the course of an entire series. it will not be because Boston doesn't work as well together.

05/29/12 12:55 pm

I agree with polarized. and why are people still mad about Lebron leaving Cleveland? I thought his contract ended, he became a free agent, then signed with the Miami heat. sounds like a standard transaction in professional sports to me.

polarized Tennessee
05/28/12 10:40 pm

this feels like a series to determine 3rd place

xandria In a Land of Wonder
05/28/12 9:25 pm

Oh. And another thing...everyone is talking about a specific player, but people don't realize the importance of the team as a whole. Miami will win because they work together. Boston does too, but Miami does it better.

05/28/12 8:43 pm

lebron doesn't deserve a ring. he's too big a jerk. the miami bench also sucks

05/28/12 3:16 pm

I could care less...except I'd really like to see Sir Flopsalot, aka Paul Pierce, go home.

05/28/12 12:56 pm

Besides, the Celtics are old. Miami will poop on them. Finally, Lebron will get his ring. These stupid "no ring" jokes will end. He's the MVP for a reason. A ring will accompany that nicely

05/28/12 12:53 pm

If this stupid app didn't block out what I said, let me be cleaner: Boston can suck sweaty donkey balls

05/28/12 12:52 pm

FUCK BOSTON!!! Lebron and D-Wade all day!!

05/28/12 9:26 am

Heat 5 games and shut up about lebron being a back stabber don't get me wrong I'm a huge cavs fan but if I were in that situation I would have done the same thing clearly lebron didn't want to be in Cleveland so how about you all go cry in a corner and suck a dick. Smh

05/28/12 7:28 am

I don't watch basketball but maybe I should start. I'd go against LeBron after that TV stunt he pulled and I hate all Boston teams..soooo

veritas1 Panda
05/28/12 12:37 am

Ok Celtics fans. I understand you want your team to win, I really do. But you guys won 11 titles in 13 years. Please leave some for the rest of us.

fendergirl Ohio
05/27/12 8:32 pm

Lebron needs to get over himself, quit being scared of fear, and actually push himself towards the end of the game when they're losing. He's scared to try, in a close situation, because he's scared to fail. As much as I dislike Bryant, at least he always tries

05/27/12 8:25 pm

Big 3! Lebron, Bosh, and Wade!

lmurder MDK
05/27/12 8:06 pm

Boston is old. They had their chance to win 3 titles and only walked away with 1.
Miami in the finals again.

EandA3414 California
05/27/12 7:27 pm

Despite the fact that I hate Lebron with all of my being, I'm a lakers fan so I'll root for anyone besides the celtics

05/27/12 5:10 pm

Follow-up: LeBron gave Cleveland 7 great years. He explored free agency and saw a better opportunity. While "The Decision" was the dumbest thing to ever happen to TV, lebron did nothing morally wrong

05/27/12 5:06 pm

People are fucking stupid. LeBron is the best (by far) which hurts to admit considering my favorite player is Durant. While the Heat can't win it all without Bosh, they're gonna trounce the Celtics. 5 games

chrismisen atlanta
05/27/12 4:41 pm

i want the heat to win so that people will finally accept that lebron is the best player in the NBA. and they will if bosh is back by the finals. the celtics could barely beat the 76ers. lebron and wade are better than iguodala and turner.

timeout Boston Strong
05/27/12 3:40 pm

The TRUTH will set you free...BOSTON!

veritas1 Panda
05/27/12 3:04 pm

…a shoulder injury. I feel sorry for Bosh. But they deserve to never get a ring.

veritas1 Panda
05/27/12 3:03 pm

Miami had the worst bench in the NBA. They are the epitome of a thug team with absolutely no class. Their two bigs are the biggest floppers in the history of sports. They have no class and even mocked dirk for being sick in the Finals last year. This considering WADE had to be wheelchaired out for…

05/27/12 3:01 pm

I saw someone say Lebron is 27 and mj won his first title at 27... Well Lebron went straight out of high school so he is technically a bonified scrub

05/27/12 12:00 pm

Lebron's glamour muscle will shrink.

GirlOnFire Ohio
05/27/12 11:30 am

Well, he didn't build the team, but he chose to go there, making it this super team with 3 of the "best" players in the NBA.

05/27/12 10:38 am

@GirlonFire- Queen James built this team? I thought it was Wade. And again- I think the Heat could do better w/o the 'hoody' jerk. He's a distraction. Chances are the Heat might be as good & be better thought of w/o the queen.

GirlOnFire Ohio
05/27/12 10:34 am

LBJ basically back stabbed Cleveland on national television. No wonder we all despise him. And now he's put together this "dream team" and look he hasn't won a championship yet. I'm definitely rooting against him!

05/27/12 10:22 am

Queen James & his 'hoody squad' can all bite me! I feel bad for Bosh, maybe Wade- but Queen James is the NBA jerk!

applestar Florida
05/27/12 10:03 am

somewhat related note- the newspaper in south Florida reported yesterday that florida's favorite team is the New York Yankees. people down here aren't local sports fans, they like the team of where they are originally from!

cairo2 UVM
05/27/12 9:53 am

And I'm not a fan of MIA's bench. They didn't do very well until the very end of the last series, and if you're going to beat BOS it has to be more than the James-Wade show. They will need other players to step up. BOS got that last series from Bass & Allen. MIA hasn't really. BOS in 6-7.