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05/27/12 6:04 am

I hate both teams but I went with celtics.

05/28/12 7:28 am

I don't watch basketball but maybe I should start. I'd go against LeBron after that TV stunt he pulled and I hate all Boston teams..soooo

deathman5 Nevada
06/03/12 10:37 pm

I like how Florida is the only heat state XD

05/27/12 12:00 pm

Lebron's glamour muscle will shrink.

NachoMan Pennsylvania
05/27/12 6:32 am

after that 76ers series... heat in 5

05/27/12 6:40 am

Heat all day, I will let their performance speak.

05/27/12 5:06 pm

People are fucking stupid. LeBron is the best (by far) which hurts to admit considering my favorite player is Durant. While the Heat can't win it all without Bosh, they're gonna trounce the Celtics. 5 games

05/27/12 5:10 pm

Follow-up: LeBron gave Cleveland 7 great years. He explored free agency and saw a better opportunity. While "The Decision" was the dumbest thing to ever happen to TV, lebron did nothing morally wrong

tacobell Pennsylvania
05/27/12 6:53 am

If the question is asking who I think is going to win and not who I like then I absolutely pick Miami. They'll win in 6.

05/27/12 7:02 am

Boston will get to the finals. No ring for Lebron.

05/28/12 9:26 am

Heat 5 games and shut up about lebron being a back stabber don't get me wrong I'm a huge cavs fan but if I were in that situation I would have done the same thing clearly lebron didn't want to be in Cleveland so how about you all go cry in a corner and suck a dick. Smh

Planoneck Guam
05/27/12 7:31 am

I'd prefer the Heat to make it to the finals so they can get beaten by a Texas team for the second year in a row (assuming the Spurs are able to hold off the Thunder).

05/27/12 7:40 am

The basketball gods are clearing the way for LeBron. Michael Jordan didnt win his first ring until he was 27. LeBron is 27 right now...

05/28/12 3:16 pm

I could care less...except I'd really like to see Sir Flopsalot, aka Paul Pierce, go home.

05/27/12 7:56 am

No love for the heat on this one...let's go celtics.

05/27/12 8:03 am

@joapeanuts yeah but lebron entered the nba when he was only 18 whilst mj entered the nba after college.

softball1? Florida
05/27/12 8:24 am

Don't like either but miami is in my state so yeah...

EandA3414 California
05/27/12 7:27 pm

Despite the fact that I hate Lebron with all of my being, I'm a lakers fan so I'll root for anyone besides the celtics

05/28/12 8:43 pm

lebron doesn't deserve a ring. he's too big a jerk. the miami bench also sucks

05/27/12 8:47 am

I have no interest in basketball, but I have to go with the Heat simply because I cringe every time I hear someone pronounce "Celtic" "sel-tic"......

hippiedude fields of green
05/27/12 8:51 am

I dont like basketball, but the celtics are my favoite team. And also I think there is too much with lebron

SwolePatro Georgia
05/27/12 9:00 am

If Lebron never won another game I would be happy. Choke artist

Wes28 CBus
05/27/12 9:16 am

LBJ sucks DWades dick -From Cleveland

Wes28 CBus
05/27/12 9:17 am

And once again, be more clear on the question. Is it who we want to win or who we think will win?

05/29/12 12:55 pm

I agree with polarized. and why are people still mad about Lebron leaving Cleveland? I thought his contract ended, he became a free agent, then signed with the Miami heat. sounds like a standard transaction in professional sports to me.

lmurder MDK
05/27/12 8:06 pm

Boston is old. They had their chance to win 3 titles and only walked away with 1.
Miami in the finals again.

05/30/12 8:49 am

it seems like all heat fans are really lebron fans. annoys the he'll out of me. off the top of my head, I can't think of anyone who likes the actual team.

GirlOnFire Ohio
05/27/12 9:33 am

Yeah definitely celtics because I don't like I live in Cleveland:) Go Celtics!

cairo2 UVM
05/27/12 9:50 am

Kay, it's only the team that is pronounced that way, everyone knows the pronunciation of the society is "keltic." With regard to the matchup, I actually think that BOS can give MIA some trouble w/out Bosh in there. Garnett can give them trouble in the middle, as can Rondo's speed.

cairo2 UVM
05/27/12 9:53 am

And I'm not a fan of MIA's bench. They didn't do very well until the very end of the last series, and if you're going to beat BOS it has to be more than the James-Wade show. They will need other players to step up. BOS got that last series from Bass & Allen. MIA hasn't really. BOS in 6-7.

xandria In a Land of Wonder
05/28/12 9:25 pm

Oh. And another thing...everyone is talking about a specific player, but people don't realize the importance of the team as a whole. Miami will win because they work together. Boston does too, but Miami does it better.

05/27/12 8:25 pm

Big 3! Lebron, Bosh, and Wade!