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Show Of Hands January 5th, 2013 12:00am

If you were given a blank map of the United States, would you be able to correctly name every state?

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01/14/13 5:55 am

Wow Montana agrees that most folks don't know states and locations

01/13/13 11:05 pm

Are u fucking joking. If we really had to name every state we'd get it all wrong

U people are fucking fooling yourselves

01/13/13 3:32 pm

A friend of mine convinced the san diego native woman he was dating that the island (Coronado) was hawaii

01/13/13 3:31 pm

This brings to mind the "are you smarter than a 5th grader" show bathe stuff you are forced to learn doesn't always stick

kRaZyXmAn Voluntaryist
01/12/13 5:14 pm

Ha, ppl are so BSing

01/12/13 1:04 pm

LOL once I had a convo with a man who thought New Mexico was in Mexico. FAILLL

01/11/13 9:49 pm

I teach 5th grade and US geography, so there are 30+ kids every year who know the 50 state locations, capitals, and abbreviations. Now if I could only get them to learn how to use "your" and "you're" correctly in a sentence.

01/11/13 6:22 pm

Every state:no most of them:yes

kingpacman23 KCCO
01/11/13 9:38 am

I had a conversation with a woman who thought Alaska was an island

NKOTB Pennsylvania
01/11/13 6:54 am

I have to pull out my BS card here ... I doubt the majority of people can name and locate every state!

AnnieM The Island
01/10/13 2:32 am

the Alamodome when I intend to find 6th street. more often than I'd care to admit.

AnnieM The Island
01/10/13 2:32 am

You'd think simply by growing up in the area & just seeing the weather maps on the nightly news I'd be able to plot them properly, but I'm always off. When I play games like Zod is talking about, I have found myself flying over …

AnnieM The Island
01/10/13 2:30 am

JTopo- I meant if I'm looking at a map of Texas or the US I always put San Antonio & Austin (SA is almost due south of Austin. They're nearly another set of twin cities/metroplex) a couple hundred miles south of where they really are.

AnnieM The Island
01/10/13 2:22 am

And this was in San Antonio, a heavily military town in a very heavily military side of town, so at least half the kids in that class had spent their lives moving from place to place fairly often. Before the quiz I figured they would have creamed me on a geography quiz.

AnnieM The Island
01/10/13 2:22 am

I still remember in 8th grade my social studies teacher doing something very similar. I had missed two states (got Nebraska and Kansas backwards. Never confused them again) and got the highest score. The kid with the next highest score got less than half of them.

AnnieM The Island
01/10/13 2:16 am

It's a casual little game and doesn't even show the lines on the map for countries, much less states, but when I need a city I've never heard of before I end up looking it up out of curiosity. I've learned a lot about geography, history, and culture just from that.

AnnieM The Island
01/10/13 2:16 am

I've actually refreshed a lot of my geography skills and updated some of the geography I thought I knew (like eastern Europe) by playing Pocket Planes. …

jtopo Istrouma
01/09/13 7:11 am

Of the state capitals in the continuous states, Austin is the southernmost.

01/08/13 5:07 pm

most of them might mess up the states at four corners I believe its by new Mexico where the states' corners meet

rb928 Northern Kentucky
01/08/13 10:56 am

Not if you remember Vermont is shaped like a V and New Hampshire is shaped like an N :-)

monkeyballs Cuba City
01/08/13 1:21 am

I believe the amount who can is closer to 36%

01/07/13 9:40 pm

Yes but Alabama and Louisiana would ruin it for me ????

01/07/13 8:59 pm

This is really sad. Everyone should know all the states. Didn't we have to memorize them in elementary school?

susanr Colorado
01/07/13 8:51 pm

Why? You don't think *anyone* can get it right? And only 63% said they could, anyway. I don't think it's changed that much in the last couple hours. Some of us checked it out on a map before answering. I did. I got them all. And I really don't like being called a liar; I doubt anyone here does.

01/07/13 7:33 pm

I always screw up the north east and the states around Michigan.

sarakay Down the Bayou
01/07/13 6:57 pm

All those little states get me.

aardvark10 New Jersey
01/07/13 6:42 pm

70 percent are liars

01/07/13 5:33 pm

it says EVERY state probably can but might miss 1 or 2

Shovel Arizona
01/07/13 5:11 pm

I can identify the states on a blank map and their capitals.

Burntwaffle VA Politics and Pie
01/07/13 2:05 pm

I once got to the state level for the nat geo geography bee.

01/07/13 12:12 pm

Yes, I can. I homeschooled. ;)

satiricalnick meh
01/07/13 11:47 am

I can name every country in europe like a breeze

01/07/13 11:42 am

i'm sure i'd get at least 45 or 46.

Zenaide Grand Junction, CO
01/07/13 11:02 am

A lot of liars out there....

satiricalnick meh
01/07/13 11:01 am

Memorizing maps is very easy for me, mostly because i play a lot of strategy games like europa universalis, crusader kings 2, total war, etc. believe it or not, games like these can really help with your geography skills. I recommend those games to any gamer btw, they start historical, then you

01/07/13 7:23 am

Can you name the Canadian providences? I bet Alaskan guy can.

01/07/13 7:20 am

My favorite is when I go to NYC and someone asks where I'm from. I respond, Vermont and the next question is "what state is that in?"

01/07/13 5:38 am

I find it hilarious the state responsible for Sarah Palin is the only one that can't. Go figure.

centexken Republic of Texas
01/07/13 1:40 am

I would do great until I got to the New England part of the map. Just to many tiny states up there.

tdaddy Kentucky
01/07/13 1:32 am

Ha! Does this poll prove men are smarter? Or, does it prove women are more honest? Blank maps please.. We need affirmative proof.

cornybread The Large Malus Fruit
01/07/13 12:04 am

my fifth grade teacher drilled that stuff into our ten-year-old brains. I can label every state, name every state's capital, and name all of the states in alphabetical order in under a minute. US geography was kind of my thing.

NN03 Seattle, WA
01/06/13 10:58 pm

That's what 5th grade social studies is for!

Yoko318 Utah
01/06/13 10:57 pm

I can name all 50 states, I just can't tell you exactly which one is where.