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NemoDude June 11th, 2018 1:34am

id Software Showdown! Doom vs. Quake!

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outlaw393 Shove your booster
06/11/18 11:56 am

You're gonna make me choose?!


06/11/18 9:50 am

Love both but doom was my first PC game.

phalnx Ohio
06/10/18 9:14 pm

Doom by far. Quake was a big didn't move as fast or as smooth, the frags weren't as satisfying, and everything was a dreary brown.

Romero actually wanted to go in a radically different have much fewer enemies but more involved and gory battles. It didn't work out, and Carmack eventually forced id to do another game like Doom. That's why its design is so lost its creativity when they forced Romero out.

CoffeeNow Powderpuff Leftist
06/10/18 6:55 pm

Both classics but I’ll go Doom