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Terrence Utah
07/03/12 6:15 pm

I like both, it's a hard choice to choose from but out of the two I choose Dre.

rvnfamily Montana
06/29/12 11:00 pm

Dr. Doolittle, Dr. Marcus Welby, Dr. Who...even Dr. Pepper are better choices than dre

chrismisen atlanta
06/27/12 7:55 pm

dr. j. dr dre would be cool, but dr j would be much, much better.

PAdave Washington
06/27/12 4:37 pm

Dumb question - neither should be an option

BigUgly Texas
06/27/12 3:07 pm

J. You could learn something from him. Can't say the same about dre.

06/27/12 8:28 am

who is Dr. J ??? are you effin KIDDING me?? I don't watch basketball and I know who he is..

siccmade Arlington tx
06/27/12 7:27 am

"you start a team with Michael Jordan. You start a LEAGUE with dr j"

06/27/12 7:16 am

I work in the same building as Beats by Dre. Some of my co-workers have met him in the elevator. An intern cried when she saw him.

06/27/12 4:03 am

Who is Dr J?? Anyways...def not interested in meeting Dr. Dre

06/26/12 11:11 pm

I'd rather meet Dr. Pepper

siccmade Arlington tx
06/26/12 8:48 pm

Y would I wanna meet someone who just stole beats & called him his own. Dr j all day

siccmade Arlington tx
06/26/12 8:45 pm

@dday48 it's durant, & dr j inspired almost everyone who ever played the game. If ur not gonna know the history at least know how to spell current players names. Fuckin retard.

06/26/12 6:29 pm

Don't have the slightest idea who either one of these people are. Ask us about some one current like Kevin Durante.

06/26/12 12:38 pm

Which ones' the proctologist?

06/26/12 12:06 pm

well I don't want to meet Dr dre and I thought Dr j was Dr jay adlersberg who is on Abc news and a real Dr of mine ..not impressed with him either so I guess I shouldn't answer

Planoneck Guam
06/26/12 11:36 am

Come on, people, know your basketball legends.

Planoneck Guam
06/26/12 11:36 am

Come on, people, know your basketball legends.

Planoneck Guam
06/26/12 11:36 am

Come on, people, know your basketball legends.

L1B3RTAR1AN Virginia
06/26/12 11:09 am

@xiber88 that's exactly what is said when I read the question.

06/26/12 9:26 am

Only vaguely know who J is but anything is better than Dre.

06/26/12 8:19 am

Dre is west side anyway so f that

06/26/12 8:19 am

I wouldnt really know what to do with dre besides make some fresh beats and shit but id rather ball with dr j all day

06/26/12 7:12 am

I don't know them but got some headphones so Dr Dre

cairo2 UVM
06/26/12 6:59 am

Seriously, raywygo? Someone from PA whose never even heard of Julius Irving? The 76ers star?

Alison Illinois
06/26/12 6:04 am

This was hard for me, as I like them both. As a musician, I had to go with Dre. As far as meeting b-ball players, I'd want to meet my all-time favorite, Larry Bird (the Hick from French Lick).

06/26/12 12:29 am

Hey guys in this thread can we just talk about our favorite five year old rappers from now on, I mean rap is obviously not a skill and is pretty much dominated by toddlers.

06/26/12 12:28 am

Andd by "Washington bullets" you mean "philadelphia 76ers" as Erving never played for the bullets.

06/26/12 12:12 am

Dr. J also played for the nets.

06/26/12 12:10 am

Lol. The 60% of the female vote are like whose Dr. J? Well ladies, his name is Julius Erving. Who? Sigh. The NBA legend who played for the washington bullets... Oh yeah that's right, what's that?... face-palm myself.

06/25/12 11:56 pm

lol at "any five year old can rap" says a person so ignorant of an entire artform that he has never neard of one of its most famous progenitors. good work there, fella.

"never heard of this Mario Batalli fellow. What is he, a chef? Well shucks any five year old can cool."

because South Dakota
06/25/12 9:58 pm

never heard of Dr dre. Mr Erving on the other hand, skills, class, vertical leap, acrobat, athletic and humility. what is this dre good at? rap music? any 5 year old can rap

jooshmond Illinois
06/25/12 9:41 pm

I totally wouldn't want to meet Dr.Dre, I hate modern music

06/25/12 9:33 pm

What a tough choice! One is one of the most influential artists of our time, one is a basketball legend. I picked Dr. J. b/c of the stories he could tell about playing during the heyday of the NBA. The games he was in, the guys he played with and! Dre's stories would be great too!

BeachSt Coastal Virginia
06/25/12 9:05 pm

@acavemand: Very true, there's no doubt that rock and roll had some influence on hip hop, which had an influence on alternative music.