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jdw December 21st, 2016 4:12am

Where can Negative Feedback be left on Amazon, about Amazon? They let you leave feedback on sellers and products but not about Amazons role in their screw ups.

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RussianThunder Russia and USA
12/21/16 6:20 am

That's Amazon. We are prime members and they screw our orders up half the time. It's amazing.

12/21/16 9:48 am

They created the worst shopping experience I've ever had yesterday. I canceled my Prime membership and ended up just returning the item this morning. I'm done with Amazon and would never recommend them to anyone.

12/21/16 11:09 am

Like I said below, I ordered 4 of an item, received 2 and called them. They told me I only bought 2. I showed them the order and it clearly showed that 1 selected a quantity of 4 and I paid for 4. They could see that but kept insisting that I only bought 2. I even showed them 4 seller reviews that showed the same problem. Amazon was responsible for fulfillment and they acknowledged that. I talked to at least 5 people maybe 6 and they all said the same thing but none could explain The difference between ordering and paying for 4 but only buying 2. It honestly made no sense but they all refused to do anything about it except sell me 2 more.

12/21/16 12:25 pm

Felt more like they were blaming me.

missmorganmarie ...
12/21/16 5:22 pm

hey @Tony you got some unhappy customers

12/20/16 9:17 pm

Please, someone tell me where?

EarlyBird Portland
12/20/16 10:28 pm

Can't you contact customer service?

12/20/16 10:51 pm

Spoke to at least 5 csr's and supervisors. They're like a broken record. "Yes, I see you selected and paid for a quantity of 4, but you only bought 2 and we can't help you. ". I received 2 and they keep telling me they see where I selected and paid for 4 then they say "but you only bought 2". It makes no sense and they have no explanation but keep telling me I only bought 2 even though they see the order for 4 and they can't help me.

EarlyBird Portland
12/21/16 5:44 am

That's crazy. Wish I knew what to tell you.