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Do old people generally have more wisdom than young people?

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JennaAwesome Book Lover
11/02/14 4:41 pm

No it's probably about the same amount. The difference is, people in general are more willing to listen to the elders vs the youngers. Which is a shame because we have a lot to say.

elcondor Rural Southern Indiana
11/02/14 7:16 am

Been there; done that...

rich1010 Stem Cell Harvesting
11/02/14 1:54 am

I think generally yes, but there are some young people who have had some amazing life experiences and gained a lot of knowledge.

11/02/14 12:16 am

When I'm being a smartass to my Dad, his common response is "Old age and treachery overcomes youth and skill."

HappyLez No Worries... Be Happy
11/01/14 4:30 pm

Yup.... I think I do.... ;)
IMHO.... Wisdom = Life Experience

BeachSt Coastal Virginia
11/01/14 2:31 pm

Wisdom doesnt equal knowledge.

I spoke to one old guy who was really angry with his generation for "messing it up" for us young folks. He said old people are still trying to hold onto power when they shouldnt. "It's called retirement for a reason."

jamichl Seattle
11/01/14 1:58 pm

Looks like we all have different definitions of "wisdom". I don't feel wisdom=knowledge.

jamichl Seattle
11/01/14 1:56 pm

No ... Just more experience and opinions. wisdom is something else all together. Sometimes it seems young children are the wisest.

11/01/14 1:26 pm

They have all those years of life experiences. Yes, they are wise.

11/01/14 1:23 pm

I think they do, after all, they have all that life experience.

wetheslaves Live each moment fully
11/01/14 10:40 am

Generally. There are always stupid fools of all ages and strata of life.

SonofMetal Heavy Metal
11/01/14 8:09 am

Not necessarily. I know some pretty ignorant old people. And as the generations go on the deeper into the age of information we go. A lot of potential for knowledge to come earlier

lmurder MDK
11/01/14 7:58 am

God no. The young are know it alls. So would you rather have the young sherpa with new gear taking you up the mountain or the old Sherpa with his aging gear? Old sherpa wins every time with me. Unless the kid was born on top of the mountain...

11/01/14 7:57 am

Do flies buzz around a cows butt?

USNavyVet Sonar Man STG2
11/01/14 7:37 am

Oldsters wisdom comes with age + other things. :-0

11/01/14 7:19 am

Definitely. An elderly person may not be as book smart as young kids in school but when it comes to advice and wisdom of life they are a great source.

OperationCobra Florida
11/01/14 6:41 am

Generally yes because they've experienced more years and probably have seen many long term outcomes to early life decisions.

11/01/14 6:07 am

Just have to be careful about listening to their career advice. They lived in a very different world, job-wise.

KittySun Alabama
11/01/14 6:05 am

Yes, but age only brings wisdom if you're able and willing to learn from your experiences. Smart people turn wise, and idiots stay idiots.

11/01/14 5:56 am

Just like in dungeons and dragons though your wisdom stat can be very high, but if your intelligence is still low you can be dumb as a rock.

rons Thanks America
11/01/14 5:49 am

The longer you live the more events are experienced. But you must pay attention.
When I see interviews at colleges and the kid have no clue of any current event I know it will take time.

cowboy Doors of Perception
11/01/14 4:44 am

More life experience, yes.

rons Thanks America
11/01/14 5:52 am

True but when I was a young, married, a poor guy I focused on my day to day life. Diapers were expensive! Didn't focus on stuff I couldn't influence.

11/01/14 4:08 am

Experience equals wisdom for most...

adam2890 Denver
11/01/14 3:12 am

Old people are targeted by sales people and telemarketers because they can be swindled easily. Just saying

11/01/14 3:23 am

Wisdom and street smarts aren't really the same.

ScrewU Gone
11/01/14 12:00 pm

They're targeted because they have money. There's very little to be gained by tricking a broke college student.

rons Thanks America
11/01/14 3:50 pm

Scam have no ages. Young and old fall for it! Why are so many worms and viruses attacking computers that old people don't use too much? Open up an email and get whacked kids!

Rob Be Safe Be Smart
10/31/14 11:38 pm

Maybe not necessarily knowledge, but wisdom I would say yes.

10/31/14 11:32 pm

It depends on the situation. Now there are so many new technological advances that they have no idea about

TreeHugs Oregon
10/31/14 11:35 pm

When I think of wisdom, it doesn't mean knowing the latest technology.

bethanyq Ess Eff
11/01/14 1:02 am

Technological aptitude is a *skill*, not wisdom.

FacePalm That Trick Never Works
10/31/14 11:31 pm

They have a different flavor of wisdom.

bMyComrade Stumptown
10/31/14 11:25 pm

Spend a day listening to the discussion the students have in my history classes and you'd be amazed. They have amazing insights and espouse far more wisdom than many older folks I know.

b4mytime Orange County, CA
11/01/14 12:39 am

I agree...young people can be surprisingly deep and insightful. But I think when it comes to things like how to handle certain social occurrences (like a friend confronting them about something, etc.), experience provides a definite advantage.

b4mytime Orange County, CA
11/01/14 12:40 am

Experience is different than age, of course, but they tend to correlate.

10/31/14 10:28 pm

Are you joking us older 'folk' with this question? I have way more wisdom - bit do have to refer to my kiddos for technology.

10/31/14 10:23 pm

Do bears poop in the woods?

bnnt Los Angeles
10/31/14 9:14 pm

I've learned a lot from folks older than me. Life experiences are valuable.

Wert A picture of my junk
10/31/14 8:56 pm

I don't know if I'd call it full on wisdom in many cases. More like sense than wisdom.

RepMorris Pennsylvania
10/31/14 8:40 pm

Depends on what. But generally,
Absolutely yes. Easily, because they've already been there and done it for everything us young people are or will go through.

jenkp223 Being a mommy
10/31/14 8:33 pm

Life experience doesn't necessarily equal wisdom.

dudley northern Virginia woods
10/31/14 8:23 pm

Oh my, yes. Most young whippersnappers are fools. But not the SOH people. You're cool.

Nos4at2 demented weirdo
10/31/14 7:56 pm

just made more mistakes along the way, hopefully learned from experience

asmodeus enjoying the final kalpa
10/31/14 7:55 pm

The wisdom of youth is something very real, one cannot achieve true wisdom of age if you do not acknowledge the wisdom of the young. A child being new, not tainted by the popularized ideas of our adult human game, has a greater sense of what we are

asmodeus enjoying the final kalpa
10/31/14 7:57 pm

All doing on this planet than most adults. Only we don't want to acknowledge the insignificantly, simple truth that lies just in front of our face.

TheLoveThief Enjoy The Silence
10/31/14 10:40 pm

They may have seen it but they have not experienced it. If a 15 year old kid wants to give me lessons in love and life and general I wouldn't take him serious. I'm not saying I wouldn't listen but a certain amount of life experiences are needed for

bethanyq Ess Eff
11/01/14 1:04 am

I hear your point about the value of youth, but I wouldn't call that "wisdom." More like clear-headedness. An openness most people lose as experience piles on the ability to use heuristics, and the demands of life make them necessary. It's a uniquely

bethanyq Ess Eff
11/01/14 1:04 am

valuable piece of youth, but it isn't the same thing as wisdom.

asmodeus enjoying the final kalpa
11/01/14 4:52 am

This is what I meant to say (to both of you and to all of you) :

bethanyq Ess Eff
11/01/14 8:29 am

... You meant to say "this video is not available"?

asmodeus enjoying the final kalpa
11/01/14 2:45 pm

The video is on YouTube and it is called, " wisdom of youth - Alan watts"

behindtheveilofmaya Indiana
10/31/14 7:51 pm

Well time and experience yield wisdom, so yeah generally they should by default be wiser. Not always and not in every area hough.

Kay41 the Midwest
10/31/14 7:43 pm

Yes, but wisdom doesn't always equal intelligence or common sense.

10/31/14 7:43 pm

Like most things, wisdom is something you can only get by putting the time in.

galvduck Galveston Island
10/31/14 7:40 pm

The younger SOH voters will eventually learn that, for the most part, the older generation knew what they were talking about all along. Thus, the age bias...,