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Turn the other cheek, or an eye for an eye? (UserQ)

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07/26/11 2:23 pm

An eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind

07/26/11 2:25 pm

Honestly there is a time for both however the majority of the time you need to turn the other cheek.

07/27/11 9:13 am

I'm all about doing unto others as they have done unto me... I won't turn the other cheek.. I like saving

greenshoe Michigan
08/08/11 4:22 pm

I thought Republicans were supposed to be good Christians.

07/28/11 12:50 am

Some of each. It's best to turn the other cheek once and then no more mr. nice guy...

07/25/11 5:52 pm

what do ya know the donkeys want to fight. what a shock

07/25/11 5:55 pm

never mind apparently I read it wrong & the donks are the reasonable ones for a change. indeps & repubs that's straight embarrassing imo

08/03/11 7:30 pm

An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind... But WHO CARES revenge ROCKS

Atheist A sheep amidst wolves
07/29/11 11:12 am

@Phaylyur - I can no longer laugh at that kind of behavior. I find it quite disturbing and bothersome. Sadly it's too common.

geoag02 Dallas, TX
07/25/11 5:59 pm

Turn the other cheek, but when you run out of cheeks...

07/25/11 6:06 pm

I think you should give punishment when it's due, but never cruel punishment, such as death or beatings.

bolonki New York
07/27/11 10:18 am

An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind

08/03/11 7:54 pm

Revenge rocks? .......right. Of course, though, you're from Texas.

07/28/11 10:10 pm

there you go again, GOPers, say you're Christian and then immediately demonstrate that you don't understand the first thing your savior taught you. "vengeance is mine sayeth the lord." why do you want that which your lord has claimed exclusively for Himself?

Mike3 Michigan
07/25/11 10:20 pm

It depends. But turn the other cheek. That's what Jesus would do

07/26/11 3:18 am

An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind

07/25/11 6:26 pm

the next question should ave been about Christianity. the contradiction in the south and republicans would have been epic

07/28/11 3:27 am

I think there should be something in the middle here

07/25/11 6:28 pm

What do you mean by the contradiction between the republicans and the south?

07/26/11 3:22 pm

I'm a Catholic, so ima go ahead and go with what Jesus said over Hummarabi. Lol

Wert A picture of my junk
07/25/11 10:24 pm

Hah! Now, why did I know this question would be divided on party lines...

07/26/11 4:19 am

I think things should be more grey than that. But I vote E4E because we are quickly becoming a society where no one is held accountable for their actions because people want to give them another chance, or because "they're sick". We need more consequence in our lives.

eagle! Utah
07/26/11 4:59 am

It's a bit strange that the religious right disagrees with Jesus on this one.

07/26/11 5:47 am

Maybe not an eye right off the bat... but at least a toe, then a finger on 2nd offense, then an eye for the third. Then, if they still haven't learnt (or didn't see the cops coming, or couldn't run [because of the toe]), then fry 'em. We need someone to hang, and the prisons are getting too full.

2ndafe Flat lands of Ohio
07/25/11 10:37 pm

they are both valid within their respective contexts. turn the other cheek has to do with dealing with verbal and physical insults. eye for an eye has to do with true physical danger or real injuries.

Zack100 Tatooine
07/25/11 10:38 pm

I guarantee half of the people who said cheek wouldn't do it if it came down to it!

07/26/11 6:49 am

Jesus said turn the other cheek. To say eye for an eye is to be a bad Christian.

07/25/11 7:01 pm

"An eye for an eye and the whole world will go blind."

07/25/11 10:52 pm

Jesus taught turn the other cheek. Can't claim to be Christian and not do as your lord and savior commands.

kandykane California
07/25/11 10:53 pm

An eye for an eye males the whole world blind

07/26/11 4:07 pm

I stand, corrected: god should shoot all the sinners as a mild warning of the eternal fires of damnation that awaits them in hell (while also kickin some profits to arms manufacturers) . If they pray hard enough, then maybe Jesus will disinfect the wound so they can keep their leg.

07/25/11 10:56 pm

wpw republicans went for eye!!!!

07/25/11 7:18 pm

I am completely in awe of the the bible belt they are saying an eye for an eye... It's fascinating!

07/26/11 8:57 pm

It makes me sad that people are so vindictive.

saeculum13 Maryland
07/25/11 2:11 pm

third but technically second, holllaaaa

07/30/11 3:58 pm

It's better just to turn the other cheek. Violence only brings more violence!

2ndafe Flat lands of Ohio
07/26/11 8:58 am

this is not a legitimate choice. they are both true. God the father payed out e4e and Jesus said turn the other cheek. but the two thoughts are not contradictory.

2ndafe Flat lands of Ohio
07/26/11 8:59 am

laid out. not payed out. auto correct.

07/26/11 9:05 am

one interpretation of turn the other cheek that came up in Sunday school once, was that to turn your cheek meant that whoever just slapped you would have to either use their other hand, or the back/front of the same hand. which was actually a way of bringing the guy down a notch.

07/26/11 9:07 am

a guy of superior social status would only slap an inferior one certain way. to turn your cheek forced him to slap you like an equal. it doesn't mean stand there and get the snot beat out of you, it means get the other guy to treat you like an equal.

fgvggfb New York
07/25/11 11:18 pm

Eye for an eye doesn't make the world blond

07/26/11 9:37 am

@smtimberma all sins are counted equal in the eyes of God so just because you chose revenge doesn't mean you're a bad Christian it just means you're a sinner like every other person on the face of the planet. That's why God gives us grace.