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Show Of Hands December 2nd, 2012 12:00am

Should an increase in estate/inheritance tax be included in a "fiscal cliff" deal?

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Sakura-chan Reading and Writing.
12/02/12 10:44 am

Okay. . . It's an inheritance. The government is not entitled to any portion of that inheritance. It was meant for person/persons intended and should be given in whole, to the person/persons intended.

EarlyBird Portland
12/02/12 10:15 am

People who want high inheritance taxes are people who won't be leaving their children an inheritance.

BAL North Carolina
12/02/12 10:03 am

Cut on spending and you won't need to increase on taxes.

12/02/12 10:01 am

I know people in desperate need during the recession whose mother's modest inheritance has been tied up in probate for 7 yrs.

Parents work to the bone for years to leave something for their children. The parents already paid income taxes and dividend taxes. Our government is out of control.

whatsername Hawaii
12/02/12 10:51 am

Work hard your whole life so the government can take everything you've earned after your death...

hmann Georgia
12/02/12 10:16 am

Libs haven't seen a source of taxing of other peoples money they don't like.

Socialism works until you run out of other peoples money.

12/02/12 5:20 pm

No, especially not inheritance - you rob a grieving person, that's disgusting and this tax needs to go completely.

12/02/12 10:10 am

I'm okay with going back to the tax rates of 10 years ago, but I have never liked the inheritance tax. I think it's just wrong on several levels.

MrWolfe Nashville
12/02/12 5:21 pm

You can cut spending. It is common sense in its purest form.
Empower citizens to take care of their needy. Get the military out *130* countries.
Why is everyone so afraid of freedom? Humans have fought for it for thousands of years, but always gradually give it back

Arkansas123 Neoconservative
12/02/12 11:07 am

Abolish the Death Tax!

MrWolfe Nashville
12/03/12 11:39 am

Because the government enjoys making money it didn't earn?

12/02/12 6:35 pm

I completely agree, if I spend my whole life working my kids should at least benefit. Besides I already paid the taxes on my belongings while alive .

12/03/12 9:55 am

That money has already been taxed once, it doesn't need to be taxed again.

veritas1 Panda
12/02/12 3:23 pm

Wouldn't it be nice to live in the right-wing fantasy world where you can abolish all taxes and money would magically appear to pay for expenditures. Sadly, reality doesn't work that way. Abolish the estate tax, fine, but then we have to raise income taxes to compensate for lost revenue.

12/03/12 6:53 am

Forcing the families to liquidate or sell a small business that their parents started just to pay the taxes doesn't seem quite fair.

veritas1 Panda
12/02/12 4:45 pm

You cannot just cut spending. That is idiocy in its purest form. That idea is so completely absurd it is truly sad there are people who give it credence.

Cutting government spending by over 41% is ludicrous. A sure fire way to plunge the economy into the worst depression it's ever seen.

pashn4rshn Virginia
12/02/12 10:15 pm

For the record if you or a loved one pass on over $650k in an estate, the tax would be noticeable. On this, I have to agree with the Repubs. You taxed it at least once already!

Think Lovin Life
12/03/12 9:26 am

The entire tempest was manufactured by MrO as another attempt to divide the country and steal what some have to give to others.

If you want it, earn it.

12/02/12 8:41 pm

Sorry, but the money my relatives worked their asses off to save for future generations and already paid taxes on, should NOT be taxed at all! They lived frugally, saved for their children and the government is going to stand there with their hand open?? BS.

12/02/12 10:18 am

It doesn't matter what you make the inheritance tax rate because there are so many ways to avoid it. This is more about giving the illusion that the rich people will pay more. Simply put, the smart ones won't pay it anyways.

12/02/12 6:27 pm

You know the government is too big and corrupt when they tax you for dying.

12/02/12 7:50 pm

Why? So you feel good about stealing?

Think Lovin Life
12/03/12 5:55 am

And there's no stinkin' way those rotten kids are gonna continue to slide by without paying not only income tax, but also Social Security tax on that allowance! They've been flying under the radar for far too long! It's time for them to start paying their "fair share"!


12/03/12 10:10 am

the money was already taxed, why tax it again

12/02/12 3:42 pm

Actually we don't. That revenue has already been taxed the first time it was earned. No need to tax it just for passing it on to a loved one. Compensating for "lost taxes" wouldn't be an issue if the government would keep its spending bone on its pants.

Carabella State of Bliss
12/02/12 9:08 pm

Most of you (99.99%) will never inherit nearly enough to be subject to the estate tax. This is yet another example of Republican brainwashing.

12/03/12 7:20 am

An estate tax is immoral.

wetheslaves Live each moment fully
12/02/12 11:19 am

They need to reduce the stinking inheritance tax. Rather tax everyone more evenly thought their lifetime. The death of someone is disruptive enough. Why make it worse by stealing what little they had before dying?

commonsense America isnt racist
12/02/12 4:41 pm

No. We all know that taxing people with the large debt we have will not amount to a drop in the bucket.

The ONLY way to solve the debt problem is to cut spending. The only question is by how much over how long.

Contra Michigan
12/02/12 10:13 am

This cost of collecting this tax costs the same as the revenue generated, raises zero net revenue.

12/04/12 6:21 am

That's a BS tax anyhow. That money has already been taxed.

acavemand The Burgh
12/02/12 12:15 pm

Ok even I, a democrat, don't support that one. Why should people who have been taxed all their lives be taxed again for what they want to give their loved ones.

Think Lovin Life
12/03/12 5:51 am

We can be grateful that Democrats aren't smarter, because if they were, they wouldn't stop with inheritance. They'd insist that every birthday gift, ever Christmas/Hanukkah/Quanza/Winter Solstice present, every wedding present and every baby shower gift would be taxed.

Think Lovin Life
12/03/12 5:54 am

And why stop there? Don't you dare take your family out to dinner because each member of the family should then be taxed for the value of the meal you bought for them. It is after all, a "transfer" from you to your two year old.

lmurder MDK
12/02/12 12:32 pm

No. The government should have to work for their money. Not the other way around.

FastFusion nj
12/02/12 8:57 pm

It's easy to rob the rich when the government points its Democratic Gun at their heads. Before I let the Government take more of my cash I will burn it in a can in my back yard just so the liberals can't get their greedy hands on it. Go to work, save, and invest.

ugafan Southern by choice
12/02/12 7:00 pm

All that money's already been taxed. Double taxation is unethical.

Think Lovin Life
12/03/12 7:23 am

Roy ... I'm pretty sure you meant to say "... Confirmed spending CUTS ...". And I agree.

MrO wants to talk about his fake cuts, money that would NEVER have been spent. Shame in MrO for thinking wouldn't see thru his little lies!

12/02/12 7:53 pm

It's time to hold politicians accountable with a flat tax ... the truly fair tax!

kellyw The Mississippi Delta
12/02/12 11:27 am

It's not taxing the dead person - it's taxing the person inheriting. There are many ways to argue against it, but this is not one of them. The law considers the acquisition of these funds to be two separate events.

Weave77 Indianapolis
12/03/12 8:35 am

Hell to the no. One, that money has ALREADY been taxed. Two, how many people have to sell the family home, property, business, etc. just to pay a huge "transfer fee" after their parents die? I know that I want what I earned over a lifetime of hard work to go to those whom I was working for- my kids.

RJ1969 SoCal
12/02/12 9:58 pm

they just don't get it. the ones who take and take and take are the ones who are just so against it.

12/02/12 5:07 pm

Most of the south loves fascism.

TiltonAllStarz Outside Ur Comfort Zone
12/02/12 2:22 pm

I can and have and will argue it. They were taxed as they earned all their life! They were taxed on their purchases all their life! And because they simply died your going to allow the government to tax it a third time?

TiltonAllStarz Outside Ur Comfort Zone
12/02/12 2:27 pm

And who gives a care what those that inherit it, do with it either. It's not anyone's business except their family. It's not the governments money, or the voters that elect them. It's theirs today, but if they die tomorrow, the government is owed another cut?!? That's theft.

12/02/12 5:53 pm

Fun fact: Vermont is the state with the lowest total amount of debt in the country. By the numbers it looks like we're doin' pretty good up here! My quality of life is great so if taxes keep it that way then bring it on.

TheWatcher Ohio
12/02/12 2:31 pm

No, it should be abolished.

It's insane.

TiltonAllStarz Outside Ur Comfort Zone
12/02/12 10:46 pm

Their coming back for a third time.

12/04/12 6:57 am

NO! The government needs to stop milking us for money. They need to make serious cuts on their end. We work too hard for it.

geoag02 Dallas, TX
12/02/12 12:28 pm

Note: There are some sole proprietorships / family businesses with more than 1000 employees that would be forced to close and fire everyone if such a tax were to be implemented and their current owner were to die.