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Do you think there will ever be peace in the Middle East?

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04/08/12 5:51 pm

@racedogg I love spaghetti and nuclear fallout, but mostly spaghetti :)

JT78 baton rouge
04/08/12 3:24 am

Babble, there was unrest there long before there was a United States.

04/08/12 5:51 pm

My angle is pure logic and evidence, also known as the scientific method. Your method is belief for no good reason. I mean I do understand the belief in God. It can be comforting. But the belief that all non-Christians go to Hell is not comforting at all. So why do you believe that if I may ask?

04/07/12 9:35 pm

all forms of prejudice and discrimination are variations on reinforcing one's "in group" and identifying an "out group." everyone does it -it is obvious from your posts that you are as guilty of prejudice as anyone else.

04/08/12 5:52 pm

@racedogg do u like spaghetti?

04/07/12 9:35 pm

Too hard to tell..... but we should never stop trying our best

04/08/12 5:54 pm

but it is exactly illogical to apply the scientific method to that which it unobservable by science. your approach is not logical.

04/08/12 9:12 pm

@Rosebud: Revelation is part of the New Testament which was written in Greek not Hebrew I think then translated into Latin.
I try to look it up - I know some basic Greek and Latin.

04/07/12 9:36 pm

James- nope, never. even when there's just one guy left standing in the middle east he will likely get in a fight with the first mirror he sees.

04/08/12 3:51 am

There are too many religious conflicts in such a small and confined region. These tensions always give rise to bloody violence and massacres. With the degradation of women and religion controlling all aspects of life in some countries, peace may never come there.

04/08/12 5:55 pm

@racedogg I think it's logical to like spaghetti

trav Instagram, travisdover
04/10/12 2:42 pm

Ever means forever, so of course the answer is yes

04/08/12 12:02 pm

They won't have peace until Israel is gone or all the Muslims are dead. And if Israel falls, they are going to go out leveling Mecca and Medina.

veritas1 Panda
04/07/12 9:38 pm

@filbert. Give me one example of prejudice in social behaviors of animals.

04/08/12 3:55 am

Islam is not a violent religion- quite the opposite. It is Islamic extremists who give the entire religion a bad name. Although one could argue the same about any religion (Christianity included) based on the extremists in each.

04/08/12 5:56 pm

my personal views on hell are thus far not complete, I have simply not bothered working that out. but there is nothing illogical about believing in hell when the willer of reality and the source of morality says it exists.

04/08/12 5:57 pm

With your logic, everything unobservable by science is immediately worth of believing in. So I should believe in dragons at the center of the earth, invisible fairies, talking monkeys that only talk when humans aren't around, etc., correct?

04/07/12 9:41 pm

eventually they will f up so bad they will have to

04/08/12 4:23 am

the new Islam is so violent and hateful there will never be peace.

04/08/12 5:58 pm

Making friends again I see... So misguided.

04/08/12 9:15 pm

13 καὶ οἱ ἀστέρες τοῦ οὐρανοῦ ἔπεσαν εἰς τὴν γῆν, ὡς συκῆ βάλλει τοὺς ὀλύνθους αὐτῆς ὑπὸ ἀνέμου μεγάλου σειομένη,

04/09/12 6:18 am

Never happen. Hundreds of centuries of hate, passed on from generation to generation. A Jewish democracy in the middle of a bunch of theocracies, many of them wanting the entire region to fall under an Islamic caliphate. Don't see it happening in our lifetimes.

04/08/12 5:58 pm

@racedogg oooohhhhh I bet dragons love spaghetti they probably don't get it very often.

04/08/12 9:16 pm

Asteres = stars
Ouranos = sky
eis ten gen = to the Earth

Questions? ;)

04/07/12 9:42 pm

or they world it self will f up so bad everybody will have to

04/08/12 5:59 pm

Please lof, explain how I'm misguided.

Rhymez Alaska
04/08/12 4:30 am

Not as long as there's religion.

04/08/12 6:00 pm

there will be peace ... at the second coming

04/08/12 6:00 pm

@racedogg I'll take this one lof. apparently u don't like spaghetti which is very misguided because spaghetti is awesome.

04/08/12 6:01 pm

Ok okkim, keep hoping for something that will almost surely never come. Beliefs like that hold our species back. Instead of waiting for help that's never happening, we should probably start helping ourselves.

04/08/12 9:19 pm


The translation was correct in NIV.
Anybody want to look up the Vulgata?

JamesMadison La Palma
04/07/12 9:47 pm

Not if they keep going on with their barbaric ways

04/08/12 4:56 am

There hasn't been peace in thousands of years. Why should we think there will ever be?

04/08/12 6:02 pm

@racedogg yeah helping ourselves to big plates of spaghetti!

04/08/12 6:03 pm

no, what's unobservable of science isn't automatically worth believing, I was just pointing the erroneous assumption that you made when you claimed that just because it is outside observation, it must not be true.

DeathSheep Michigan
04/08/12 12:27 pm


Learn your religions retard. Islam is one of the most peaceful religions. It is one of the few that commends other religions IN ITS SCRIPTURES. Do you're research before you base a whole religion on a few. It's like saying all republicans are stupid because George bush and Rick perry are

makem Chinese Xinjiang Camp
04/15/12 6:56 pm

Not as long as the crazy muslims keep blowing themselves up. ( note: not all Muslims are crazy, just the extremists)

DeathSheep Michigan
04/08/12 12:28 pm

Republicans with questionable IQs.

On the topic of the question, no, not until religion stops existing. Religion is what keeps the conflicts burning in the middle east

04/08/12 6:06 pm

But some things are pretty immediately thrown out right? If you admit that some things outside of observation aren't worth automatically worth believing, then what makes Hell for billions of people worth believing? Now the burden of proof is on you, no doubt.

04/09/12 8:45 pm

@9999: Actually, I suspect within the next 200-500
years, humans will be replaced by intelligent machines which might be a good thing - although it's difficult to foretell the future past about one human lifetime.

dancestar8 Pennsylvania
04/07/12 7:11 pm

There will never be peace anywhere in the world. That's just how it is. Will there eventually be less tension in the middle east? Possibly. But peace? No.

04/08/12 12:39 pm

Exactly @deathsheep. The israelis and palestinians will keep going after it especially if palestine is a country.

04/08/12 6:07 pm

science still hasn't disproved solipsism by the way, and never will, so science isn't all that important apparently, close to 100% of people on earth believe something that science will never substantiate. there.

04/08/12 9:24 pm

Vulgate has:
13 et stellae caeli ceciderunt super terram sicut ficus mittit grossos suos cum vento magno movetur ...
stellae = stars, ceciderunt = fell, super Terram = onto Earth.

Quod erat demonstrandum :P

04/08/12 6:08 pm

@racedogg I don't have any spaghetti in front of me but I still believe it rocks. so now the "burden of proof" is back on u! ha take that

BamaGirl ROLL TIDE from Arizona
04/07/12 9:50 pm

as long as there are descendants of Ishmael & descendants of Isaac in that land they will be warring.