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Do you wear socks while you sleep? (UserQ)

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08/11/12 7:46 pm

I don't know how people can sleep with socks; I think it's very uncomfortable.

ryno Flyover Country
08/11/12 7:21 pm

I hate having hot feet. It makes me uncomfortable and then my whole body starts to get hot and I get a headache and become grouchy.

So I like having cold feet haha = no socks

08/11/12 7:11 pm

I think it feels weird without them

08/11/12 7:07 pm

Whaaaat? I didn't know it was abnormal to wear socks to bed...I always do. But that's just because I'm cold almost all the time :p

iloveu Michigan
08/11/12 7:03 pm

I probably have a couple times when I were drinking hehe jk

08/11/12 7:00 pm

No. I can't stand to be warm. Nice, cool bed would be ruined by socks.

suro New York
08/11/12 6:58 pm

I wear socks year-round. I absolutely cannot be cold or have cold feet when I sleep.

kubu1218 Texas
08/11/12 6:13 pm

Only if it's cold in winter and I'm sleeping alone.

08/11/12 5:56 pm

sometimes i wear a sock on my hand when i sleep

true Home
08/11/12 5:56 pm

it would be pointless if I did. every time I wake up I have moved around so much in my sleep that they have fallen off

BamaGirl ROLL TIDE from Texas
08/11/12 5:50 pm

I get hot when I sleep, so I wear as little as possible.

Comet? Tennessee
08/11/12 5:47 pm

Of course, I do not want my wife may smell my feet while sleeping. I am too cold without socks.

FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
08/11/12 5:45 pm

Nope. I used too though. But now that I am barefoot most of the time, I really don't like socks unless they're in shoes. And even then I don't generally like wearing those types of shoes a lot.

elbow82 Veganland
08/11/12 5:42 pm

Never! Even when it gets really cold in winter and I try to sleep with socks on, I always end up taking them off.

selectyour San Diego
08/11/12 5:41 pm

You do, don't you Tony? Huh? Yeah. I bet you do, you weirdo :3

scottstots Georgia
08/11/12 5:40 pm

I rarely wear socks anyway and never to bed

Zod Above Pugetropolis
08/11/12 5:30 pm

Never ever no matter what. I can't stand the feeling of socks on in bed. Even if my feet were cold, why insulate the cold in? Never ever no matter what.

08/11/12 5:20 pm

No no no no!!! Ugh, the very thought of that bugs me

squib Northern New England
08/11/12 5:04 pm

Sometimes in the winter. Never in the summer.

monkeyy Ohio
08/11/12 4:46 pm

NOOOO NEVER! If I wear socks to bed my feet get all weird in the morning. Plus my feet feel contained in socks. They prefer to be free!!! :)

Mrs713 Sanger, TX
08/11/12 4:35 pm

Not in the summer, but in the winter yes

Fact FL
08/11/12 4:33 pm

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zmansman17 Ohio
08/11/12 4:24 pm

I stand gladly in the minority.

08/11/12 4:04 pm

Only when I'm sick in which case I wear about 20 layers of clothing to bed. My mom keeps the house at 80 degrees so I typically go to bed in a tank top and shorts

EarlyBird Portland
08/11/12 3:49 pm

No socks to bed! I don't like hot feet and it's the opposite of sexy.

08/11/12 3:40 pm

I'm usually to tired to take them off when I decide to go to sleep

08/11/12 3:33 pm

In the winter until my feet warm up then off they go!

kateXcore Dark side of the moon
08/11/12 3:32 pm

Normally, no. If it's really cold I'll wear them, but I prefer not to.

08/11/12 3:24 pm

Socks irritate my feet if I try to sleep in them, my skin is mean xD

hippiedude fields of green
08/11/12 3:03 pm

I havent worn socks one time this summer. So no haha

gonk In a psychology textbook
08/11/12 2:51 pm

My feet get hot if I don't wear socks. Sockless people are crazy.

08/11/12 2:40 pm

I snuggle with my clothes off babe.

08/11/12 2:38 pm

I wear snuggies though when jts freezing during the winter.

08/11/12 2:37 pm

During the summertime? No. That's stupid and looks so gay. On the winter season perhaps which makes it more sensible to wear one.

lmurder MDK
08/11/12 2:32 pm

God no. I wouldn't want to be a part of the weird 10%

dbrat East Coast
08/11/12 2:22 pm

No but if it's über cold maybe