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jarod February 6th, 2019 4:00am

Do you think bipartisanship will increase following President Trumpโ€™s State of the Union address?

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oOrangeMan Massachusetts
02/19/19 1:18 pm

No. Democrats are just to radical at this point.

ParaguasPato Columbus GA
02/07/19 8:02 pm

Well, now that government it divided, Republicans can’t pass anything without Democrat support so bipartisanship will either go up or absolutely nothing will happen over the next two years.

02/07/19 11:31 pm

The socialists marked themselves with white, funny I thought democrats hate people who look white, racist pricks. Your socialist backdrop to bring back the great old days of the National Socialist democrat workers party. The party of were afraid of your intelligence and jealous of the jobs and bussiness that we want, gentrification takes our living space. Socialist\Democrats will kill your babies to save organizations like La Raza, BLM, and SWF.

nacho1 Logic Land
02/10/19 1:55 am

I prefer nothing to an agreement with the leftist fringe and their media enablers.

ParaguasPato Columbus GA
02/12/19 5:38 pm

Kettle, if you knew me, you’d know I’m very much not a socialist. Just because I think we should take in more refugees does mean I want to live in a welfare state.

02/07/19 4:47 am

He has blatantly lied throughout his presidency, so his speechwriter wrote a good speech, I sincerely doubt he meant anything he read as they are opposite of his tweets

02/06/19 10:59 pm

These white coats are who did upthe favor of wearing their socialist Uniform and to watch them stay silent as Trump defends full term babies. Socialist in front row Sanders, the grandfather of socialism, and his junkyard dog Pelosi grrrrrr. These dim wits are even more dangerous than North Korea, China, but are in complete lockstep with their Nazi counterparts. These people are dangerous to the United States.

02/07/19 12:32 am

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Iamreal222 Arizona
02/06/19 8:29 pm

One can hope, really if we are all put America first most of these issues would not be issues, but the makes it so just because they don't want to see Trump win, instead of thinking of America
It's really sad. Unfortunately lots of Americans believe everything they see or read from the mainstream, it's disgusting how so many people are ignorant sheep

otto Olean, NY
02/06/19 8:23 pm

No. By applauding or sitting on hands during SOTU, whichever the case may be, Ds taught us the following:

They are in favor of socialism. Let that sink in. Socialism.

They are in favor of infanticide. For real.

They are in favor of open borders, rape and drugs.

They are against Americans of all colors, races, and genders being employed at record levels.

Sorry. Sane people simply cannot compromise with such bullshit. For Rs to give Ds ANYTHING ELSE, in addition to what they’ve already given over last half century, would be to kill America in favor of Amerika. There is no compromising with such radicalism.

02/07/19 12:33 am

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otto Olean, NY
02/08/19 2:39 pm

SOTU typically plays out that POTUS makes remarks and congress tends to show their agreement by whether they clap or not and with the amount of enthusiasm the do so. A raucous, jump-up-and-down standing ovation would signify very extraordinary agreement. A normal standing ovation, strong agreement. Mere clapping would mean they sort of agree or at least want to look respectful. Not clapping at all and sitting with a scowl on their faces is quite indicative of strong disagreement. When that reaction is triggered by a vow to never become a socialist nation, it is reasonable to assume they are in favor of becoming a socialist nation.

So, yes, not clapping = socialist, in that instance.

If Trump had come out and touted post-birth abortion and they had that reaction, that would be a good thing. That would mean “no clapping = pro-children”.

SHIPPY1944 Tn.
02/06/19 6:04 pm

DUHโ—๏ธTheir Leftists what do you thinkโ“

ccc1 Georgia
02/06/19 11:07 am

People forget that FDR got us out of an economic pickle that was tearing this country apart by going to war.

ARedHerring Kentucky
02/06/19 3:21 pm

FDR’s new deal extended the great depression, we would’ve gotten out of it, especially with a war.

ARedHerring Kentucky
02/06/19 3:22 pm

I mean, a massive war that made us industrialize further than we already had stimulated the economy far more than the New Deal.

ccc1 Georgia
02/06/19 10:56 am

Not unless Pelosi dies of a heart attack

andrenasty Arkansas
02/06/19 5:11 pm

or trump which is more likely

Vegan Ashli Babbitt Deserved It
02/06/19 10:48 am

I hope not. The Democrats need to act as roadblock to the Republican Party’s extreme right-wing agenda, not cave to it like they often do.
The American people want Medicare for all, lower tuition rates, and no wall. All the polls testify to this.

ccc1 Georgia
02/06/19 10:59 am

You can want in one hand and go to the restroom in the other and see which one gets filled up first. I want a free apartment. I want a free car. I want a free education. I want free food. I want free free free free free. Who pays for it? I don’t know I don’t care I just want free and anybody who tells me no I am going to call names and Lie about them so much and so often that everybody will think it’s the truth even if it’s out rages.

moldypipes99 NON WOKE
02/06/19 11:11 am

In regards to lower tuition , I have been calling for the following for years. A program at the university where the college student works for the university, perhaps in kitchen, janitorial, student union, teacher aid, secretary etc and instead of getting paid they get massively reduced tuition. I think this is a fair and very reasonable plan that would be very easy to implement. And thus lower tuition for the student.

02/06/19 1:30 pm

Keep believing that

scrpnHOG Arizona
02/06/19 7:42 pm

You want tuition to go down. Stop the government from backing student loans. Look at all the worthless degrees now. They were created to get money and banks will give them because it’s a blank check. This also goes with mortgages and banks. Anyone remember the housing market crash.

02/06/19 10:00 am

People of African dissent and females are not great at working or playing with others. Africans are taught to meet aggression with next level aggression, the problem is that this is the exact premise the police use to train it's workforce. Females are raised to believe that they don't have to live by the same rules as males but demand equal or better results for their devil may care attitude. I give you the biggest problem with the democratic party.

JamesAndersonMD La Jolla, CA
02/06/19 8:56 am

Yes. Not because of the SOTU, but because it has to... it’s a necessity.

DonWichita Kansas
02/06/19 8:51 am

Bipartisanship will not occur immediately after the SOTU speech, but must eventually.

cowboy Proud Father
02/06/19 7:11 am

No. The racist Marxists, that lead the Democrat Party, have clearly spoken.

Spiritof76 USA 1776
02/06/19 6:51 am

No chance. Each side is dug in, and I guess that's the way we like our politics.

timeout Boston Strong
02/06/19 6:43 am

The divider and chief is making sure that don’t happen.

nacho1 Logic Land
02/06/19 8:05 am

The protests started the day after he got elected and he is the divider in chief?
The left stands with illegal immigrants, infanticide, UN fealty and a 70% tax rate.
If you oppose - you are divisive.

Diknak Ohio
02/06/19 6:43 am

Trump's call for bipartisanship is hilarious. He is the most divisive president we have ever had and treats people that didn't vote for him as enemies.

Trump's lame duck presidency has started already.

nacho1 Logic Land
02/06/19 7:56 am

“Bitter clingers to guns and religion”.

“Scared of people that don’t look like you”.

“If you oppose the Iran deal you stand with the enemies of America”.

“A Basket of Deplorable and irredeemables.”

Brought to you by the party of unity before Trump was President.

moldypipes99 NON WOKE
02/06/19 6:02 am

Unfortunately no because the Democrats r so butt hurt about TRUMP being POTUS.

Spiritof76 USA 1776
02/06/19 6:52 am

And there was no "butt hurt" with Reps and Obama. ๐Ÿ˜†

moldypipes99 NON WOKE
02/06/19 7:27 am

It wasn’t being but hurt. Obama has horrible policy

nacho1 Logic Land
02/06/19 8:02 am

Obama was elected.
No riots.
No lying on the floor wailing and weeping.
No threats of impeachment the day after he was elected.
No crying on national TV.
No retractions about moving out of the country by whiny Hollywood celebrities.

No “news anchors” warning us that it is hard to put your kids to bed and have them wake up in the morning to a new America on election night.

All the conservatives did is hold rallies, cleans up their garbage and go to work the next day.
No fights with cops, no destroying public and private property, no bearing up anyone wearing a hope and change t-shirt.
The comparisons are telling.

02/06/19 8:16 am

Yes, the right is full of perfect angels. By the way, while Obama was President the state I live in had a guy walk into a historically black church, sit for part of the service and then open fire in the hopes of starting a race war. When, instead, the Governor removed the traitor flag from our State House people rallied and many many times and there were many instances of hate that never made it to the news cause that’s how SC rolls. But yeah, right wingers were angels under Obama right? He was a lone wolf right? That’s why his extended family has since been arrested for inciting racist violence right? Because Obama being elected made right wing crusaders crawl out of their hole and pretend it was ok to be racist๐Ÿ‘

nacho1 Logic Land
02/06/19 8:27 am

Nice try - a few racist nuts vs an organized and celebrated resistance that features violence, public shaming, confrontation, verbal abuse, harassment and rioting.
No not all conservatives are angels but they are not sore losers who riot and protest when elections don’t go their way.
They don’t confront people to change shirts or remind idiotic college students that their Che Guevara inspired Obama hope and change sham celebrates a mass murderer, a racist, a human rights abuser and demand it not be worn in public or else you will face confrontation.

nacho1 Logic Land
02/06/19 8:31 am

The republican governor removed the flag - the one the unhinged left accused of having an affair with Trump.
The one lefties hate because she is at the UN.
The brown woman lefties are allowed to hate because she sticks up for Israel’s right to exist.
The brown woman lefties tried to shame about buying expensive curtains.
Is that the heroic governor with morals you are referring to?

moldypipes99 NON WOKE
02/06/19 10:30 am

I agree with nacho !

02/06/19 11:26 am

That’s a lot of assumptions you make about Liberals, you peaceful Conservative you. And yes, I am referring to Nikki Haley, she did two good things as Governor of South Carolina- one was remove the flag. That, of course, made the Conservative base here show how extraordinarily racist they really are. Since I live here I was privy to the extremely abhorrent backlash she received, based strictly on her ethnic background, because she agreed with the majority and took the rag down. But yeah, Conservatives are only “lone wolf” intolerant, am I right? How many of these things personally happened to you that you named? Or are you just going off of rhetoric? Personally, myself, family and friends have experienced in the last two years more hatred base stuff from the right that ever in the past. I could run down a list of racist BS that would make a person with a heart sad for this country, but you’re too busy thinking the left is the hateful side.

nacho1 Logic Land
02/06/19 2:21 pm

I don’t think the left is a hateful side.
I just see support of infanticide and black genocide via PP.
I see support for illegal aliens over back veterans.
I see support for illegal aliens instead of more affordable housing and jobs for black citizens.
I see opposition to black charter schools.

I don’t think the left is hateful, just racists pulling a scam on minorities.

02/06/19 2:33 pm

I see you memorized your black people talking points well, good for you!

nacho1 Logic Land
02/06/19 2:56 pm

Please tell me where I am wrong.
I will gladly retract.
I hate to be misinformed.

02/06/19 4:59 pm

3 of your 4 points are just plain false. On the fourth, charter schools as a whole aren’t something I personally support, you cherrypick and say that because Liberals don’t like Charter schools you decided I PERSONALLY would sympathize with the lack of support for black charter schools. You’re wrong. My black children received wonderful public educations. That isn’t the problem in schools. I don’t know any black people that have gotten an abortion, I know a lot of white people. I realize that’s anecdotal, but, again, you were pandering. I know NO ONE who has ever received an abortion through PP. I have friends who would volunteer as ushers for women seeking healthcare because dumb fucks believed PP meant abortion. FYI, it doesn’t, young women and poor women also need Pap smears, bc, mammograms, and other female healthcare. Oh, and black vets vs immigrants? I don’t have tunnel vision. One doesn’t discount the other.

nacho1 Logic Land
02/06/19 8:59 pm

Just because something does it affect you personally does it mean it is not happening.
Open your mind to the policies you support.
Glad your kids got a good public education but the left is against charters that improve opportunity for other black children that desperate need it.
Glad you don’t know anyone that has had an abortion but that doesn’t mean PP has not aborted a generation of black children, their clinics are overwhelmingly located in black neighborhoods - just like the founder intended.
Dems are now pushing abortion even after delivery - that’s infanticide.
Black vets vs illegal immigrants - you don’t think one has a priority over the other and that’s the problem and the Dem position - illegal alien = citizen veteran = no difference.

02/07/19 7:25 am

I don’t support charter schools, sorry. That money could be used to fix the schools the kids attend. Not build a school that teaches whatever it wants whether it’s fact or not. That’s not going to change. The talking point about PP being used to abort a generation of black babies is so old, do you not get tired of spewing poorly researched crap? And, like I said, you can be concerned about vets and immigration at the same time, the human brain is a miraculous thing.

nacho1 Logic Land
02/07/19 9:22 am

The money for charter schools is helping kids not going to bureaucracy and union salaries - you are a union supporter over kids - that’s fine but stop cloaking it in concern kids. They don’t teach whatever they want - facts or not facts - that’s CNN, NYT and Wash Post job.
Explain to me where I am wrong about PP instead of just dismissing it.
Do they get millions from the government?
Do they kick back millions to lefty politicians?
Do they perform 350,000 abortions last year?
Are the majority of clinics in minority neighborhoods?
Was the founder a racist?
Is aborting a generation of black babies consistent with her idealism?
Do they count handing out a three pamphlets and giving directions to a place that does mammograms (unlike PP) as 4 services equal to the same as an abortion therefore they cam claim their “services” outnumber abortions?
Is this consistent with lefty bait and switch and verbal gymnastics?

nacho1 Logic Land
02/07/19 9:30 am

“You can be concerned” about lots of thugs at the same time.
It where you put your resources that shows your priority and the lefts priority is illegal immigrants over citizens.
No marches in the streets to fix the VA or any other issue about citizens - but announce a march for illegals and the lefty illegal alien enablers comes rushing to the forefront.
It is telling.

nacho1 Logic Land
02/07/19 9:52 am

By the way I am agnostic about abortion - I believe in personal freedom so I have to come down on the side of choice - my heart says otherwise but I have to be consistent - my issue is with the ignorance and unwavering support for PP which is clearly fulfilling it’s racist founders vision while claiming they are on the side of angels at their death camps.

02/07/19 10:38 am

This is me reading your replies, every time-๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ˜’. Here’s you-๐Ÿ—ฃtalking points for the, talking points for the day, talking points for the day. Dude, I can’t with you.

nacho1 Logic Land
02/07/19 10:58 am

So no answer to the facts at hand- just dismiss them as talking points because it is uncomfortable to really analyze the situation.
Meanwhile the racist founders vision is being realized.
That’s okay like you said you do not know anyone that has an abortion at PP so who cares - it does not affect you. A very liberal position indeed.

02/07/19 11:58 am

Again, blah blah talking point. I’m pro-choice so you’re right, whatever you believe Sanger stood for, she died a half century ago, she’s not still running the place, and I don’t care what you assume from your bullet points.

nacho1 Logic Land
02/07/19 2:07 pm

Why can’t you be pro choice - like me - and recognize the racist founders intentions and the disproportionate number of clinics in black neighborhoods. It’s not to hand out pamphlets. It’s not for mammograms.

Defense of PP is not required to be “pro choice” but many like you choose to ignore the obvious in fealty to a de facto corporation that survives on government money.

02/08/19 6:55 am

Because I am not you. Because I know people who have worked for and used PP services. And, lastly, because when I was a pregnant teen not one single person there said one word to me about an abortion. They were kind, they listened, the doctor is still the most comfortable female exam I have ever had. Have you ever used their services?

nacho1 Logic Land
02/08/19 9:23 am

I don’t support racist organizations that specialize in aborting black babies.
I don’t support organizations that have a racist foundation.

Glad to hear your kids are part of the minority black babies that made it out of a PP clinic still in their mothers womb.
Over 300,000 did not last year.

nacho1 Logic Land
02/08/19 9:27 am

I went to a KKK meeting and they are the nicest people and nobody said said anything about burning crosses and they fed me so I support them despite their racist foundation and racist actions. As long as they did not hurt me who am I to judge?
Change the KKK for PP and that’s your excuse for supporting genocide on a generation of black babies.

02/08/19 12:02 pm

I don’t support the KKK because a former Grand Wizard lived down from my childhood best friend’s grandmother. When she took in her biracial godchildren, whose parents had died in a car crash, she promptly had a cross burned in her yard. She was harassed for months. And my best friend, whose mother was married to David Dukes nephew, was molested by his racist ass before she divorced him. But, you know, when I was young I went to a meeting with her family too, they were nice to me too, they fed me whole hog bbq’d in the ground, best way to eat it. But they do shit with their faces covered, they weren’t going to be mean to my face because they are p****s hiding behind robes. Want me to go into why Amistad couldn’t be shown in my area? It has to do with the KKK, harassment and threats of violence spray painted on school roads. But them southern boys know how to cook, so they’re good people.

nacho1 Logic Land
02/08/19 11:40 pm

Amistad the movie was banned in your neighborhood so you support PP and their genocidal attack on black babies?
Why don’t you realize PP is fulfilling the wishes of the klan and it’s racist founder?
Black population control.
It’s right in front of you if you want to see it - but alas - ignorance is bliss.

nacho1 Logic Land
02/09/19 10:18 am

Glad you are thinking about your unwavering support for racists and how they have fooled people like you into defending them.

Blacks defending black population control via abortion (just like the founder intended) is one of the mysteries of the universe.

02/09/19 11:42 am

๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚you’re too much man, just too much. Preach it to someone who’ll believe the nonsense ๐Ÿ‘

nacho1 Logic Land
02/09/19 1:32 pm

Naive, sycophants like yourself is why PP continues to abort hundreds of thousands of black babies every year.
Give your kids an extra hug today and recognize they made it out of the most dangerous place on earth for a black baby - a PP clinic.

02/10/19 9:48 am

I can’t hug my son today, he’s across the country at Berkeley, but I tell him I love him daily. I do hug my daughter, who will graduate with honors this year, every day. This naive, sycophant raised two amazing children, hard to believe, as lost as I am on the world and stuff๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚.

nacho1 Logic Land
02/10/19 10:01 am

You did a wonderful job in that you got them thru most dangerous place on earth for black babies - a PP clinic.
Being naive is pretending the founders racist vision is not being fulfilled.

We abort our own and then import poor, unskilled, uneducated people from other countries that don’t support abortion - because we are compassionate and respect life.

You can’t make this stuff up.

Jazzy5 USA
02/06/19 5:48 am

If you are in the House, Pelosi will cut you down! No cooperation from Dems!

02/06/19 5:39 am

This stuff is not as important to most of us as the main stream media suggests.

Ebola007 Florida
02/06/19 5:12 am

No but after last night you can’t say Trump didn’t try.

Malekithe We have assumed control
02/06/19 3:57 am

A cheetah doesn’t change it’s stripes

nacho1 Logic Land
02/06/19 8:09 am

Exactly why Clinton was not elected.
Why Obama became a multi millionaire.
Why Pelosi is in charge of the House.
Why PP still set ups most clinics in black neighborhoods.
Why dead citizens don’t matter but illegal immigrants do.

Gunfighter06 Iowa, since 1846
02/06/19 2:30 am

Bipartisanship is as dead as journalism. They died at the same time.

gonzoboy Northern AZ
02/06/19 1:33 am

"Yes", bipartisanship will increase up until the Democratic response, then, business as usual...

suppressedID destiny is right now
02/06/19 12:32 am

Not as long as we have a POTUS who treats America like it’s his own personal plaything.

Malekithe We have assumed control
02/06/19 6:23 am

We don’t so we are good there

nacho1 Logic Land
02/06/19 8:13 am

Personal plaything?
Getting more Americans to work for higher wages while cutting taxes for 80% of people is a personal plaything then let him play away.
The last two Dems in the White House entered with modest means and became multi millionaire globe trotting jet setters comfortably ensconced and vacationing with the one point one percent after they left the White House.

Just a coincidence.
They were altruistic.

Advil sc
02/06/19 12:25 am

Pelosi is hell bent to go socialist.

mrscheisskopf2 Kentucky
02/06/19 12:23 am

No. The left cares about nothing but power, so as long as they’re the minority in government they’ll do everything they can to block the interests of the american people

Jerbehr queens
02/06/19 12:15 am

Bipartisanship is gone for at least a decade. It’s time to really consider new forma of governing

theNobamist Silicon Valley
02/05/19 11:52 pm

Not even the two sides of Nancy's mouth matched. She looked like a strike victim sucking on hard candy. I thought she might pluck out a root canal molar at any moment!

lcamino Florida and Georgia
02/05/19 11:33 pm

No, the Dems hate Trump too much to cooperate.

bnnt Los Angeles
02/05/19 10:56 pm

Democrats? No.

I was actually shocked that Trump’s speech was pretty good. It wasn’t a vicious attack.

paranoidandroid peace love science
02/05/19 10:36 pm

Do you think Trump’s own approach to bipartisanship will change in the slightest and be an example of what he called for in the address?

paranoidandroid peace love science
02/05/19 10:38 pm

The dems versus republicans has already started in this comments section. I want to see Trump follow be the example a president should be.

Jerbehr queens
02/06/19 12:16 am

Unfortunately No president in modern history would actually do. The last time it remotely close was 9/11

jarod California
02/06/19 7:52 am

He’s already hinted at bipartisanship. When the government was closed he was the only one willing to compromise on border security. Dems didn’t even counteroffer. I think both sides need to work on it though.

dakobra84 Michigan
02/05/19 10:21 pm

It never does; but his approval rating will bump 1-2 points

02/05/19 10:20 pm

I loved his presidential acceptance speech, I loved the first ten minutes of his latest state of the union address but he has proven he doesnt have the guts to get away from his hard core base and lead all people. There has been several opps where he could get so many bipartisan wins. His polls could be huge. I will give him prison reform and I will always hope there is more.

Krystina Let Freedom Reign
02/05/19 9:42 pm

No. The Democrats won’t allow it. They only act in the interest of politics, not in the interests of American people.

02/05/19 9:47 pm

What is the interests of politics?

scrpnHOG Arizona
02/05/19 10:17 pm

Democrats just want more illegals voting. They will sacrifice American security, education, health, and our pay checks to get them.

BamaGirl ROLL TIDE from Texas
02/05/19 10:19 pm

Krystina, I agree!

02/05/19 10:29 pm

There is not large scale evidence of illegals voting though

scrpnHOG Arizona
02/05/19 11:54 pm

It’s very difficult to track illegal voting that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist, 24 million illegals don’t respect our boarder but respect are voting laws. LOL. Democrats block actions that will ensure this doesn’t happen. But instead they give them drivers license and are even fighting for them to vote in our elections. To include, illegals alter the electoral college (another issue the dems are trying to protect illegals)

02/06/19 5:42 am

The exact same way the rep treated President Obama.Politics as usual noting new here.

02/06/19 9:03 am

That’s strange to me as a moderate. Because I see them actively turning down corporate handouts, trying to protect the middle class, and becoming more fiscally responsible.

While I see Mitch McConnell actively turning to corporations, making it harder to vote, and being the divisive leader of all active politicians .

Jraysonn Atlanta
02/07/19 8:27 pm

I think both sides act in the interest of politics tbh

voc Hey
02/05/19 9:10 pm

That would be cool, but no.

Think Lovin Life
02/05/19 10:17 pm

Ms Pelosi is still a petulant child. As long as she is the “leader” of the Democrat party, negotiation and compromise will not happen.

katerina13 stuck in the middle
02/05/19 10:44 pm

Why won’t that woman retire?! She’s in her 80s, for heaven’s sake!

bartman71 USW
02/05/19 11:46 pm

The female Mitch McConnell.

02/05/19 9:02 pm

No. The dems looked angry

jarod California
02/05/19 9:01 pm

I’m gonna say no, although I think it was an amazing speech.