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Have you attended a Donald Trump rally?

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12/25/16 11:31 am

I was at one in New Hampshire actually on December 28 2015

ladyniner81 extremists are a cancer
12/21/16 12:54 pm

The day I go to a political rally is the day I deserve an ass whipping. No way in hell do I want to sit there and listen to someone talk about themselves and talk political scare tactics for hours on end. "OH MY GOSH ISIS IS COMING AND THEY'LL KILL US ALL!!!" "CLIMATE CHANGE IS GONNA KILL US TOMORROW. LOOK OUT HERE IT COMES!!" "Donald Trump will steal our money " "Hillary will kill you while you're sleeping"

ladyniner81 extremists are a cancer
12/21/16 12:54 pm

I'll stay far far away thank you very much

Annabelle41 Michigan
12/19/16 11:13 pm

Would have loved to gone though. I signed up for a rally to get tickets but they were taken so fast within three minutes of my email they were sold out.

12/19/16 4:05 pm

Twice i have and it was GREAT!! President Trump..haha you liberal fucks

Amoose979 Amarr
12/19/16 3:09 pm

Yes was one of the best moments of my life, wonderful people and wonderful atmosphere

ACEGUY Young Businessman
12/19/16 8:44 am

I hate him but I wish I could have gone

devspi Liberal Republican
12/19/16 8:14 am

Wish I could've but the closest ones to me were about four hours away. I watched majority of them online though

coupofhamm Michigan
12/19/16 7:42 am

I would have gone to the one in Grand Rapids Mi on the last night before the election, but I had to work

12/19/16 2:27 am

Nope. Wish I did.

Yessy HTX
12/18/16 9:29 pm

I went to his rally in Houston! I was just curious !

Yessy HTX
12/20/16 2:01 pm

I miei nonni sono italiani

12/18/16 9:01 pm

Oh hell no. I prefer not to be arrested.

12/19/16 6:27 am

I will that to your imagination 😳

Congressman Louisiana
12/20/16 6:23 am

She's saying that she's too emotionally unstable to listen to options that differ from her own.

wearemonkeys77 Lest We Forget... Hodor
12/21/16 10:29 am

Kind of like the president elect...

hockeykyle Michigan
12/18/16 9:00 pm

2 of them. Great experiences. Also saw ivanka speak once

12/18/16 8:58 pm

Went to the one in Harrington, de!

nate19 WI
12/18/16 7:30 pm

No. I didn't want to put up with all the people Hillary's campaign paid off to start riots.

12/18/16 6:48 pm

Don't support him so no reason to.

12/18/16 6:14 pm

No. I don't associate myself with Nazis or the KKK.

themahcrow Louisiana
12/18/16 6:18 pm

I clicked on the comment section just to see how many moronic kkk comments would be here. This was the very first comment I read. You didn't let me down.

12/18/16 6:24 pm

I mean to be fair, David duke did endorse trump

Truconservative Jesus is conservative
12/18/16 6:37 pm

Only idiots like FRZN believe that Trump is with KKK and Nazis. Any logical thinking person knows that Trump has nothing to do with those groups. He is a good man and NOT racist

themahcrow Louisiana
12/18/16 6:46 pm

Nrdman that's idiotic logic. So if a pedophile supports something you do it makes you a pedophile also?

12/18/16 6:49 pm

If there existed a national group of pedophiles and they endorsed a candidate, it's logical to think that the group of pedophiles think that that candidate will support them the best.

Truconservative Jesus is conservative
12/18/16 6:57 pm

Oh and KKK endorsed Hillary btw

ptellini GET OVER HERE
12/18/16 7:29 pm

KKK were registered democrats by the way.

12/18/16 7:31 pm

"A California Ku Klux Klan leader on Monday endorsed Hillary Clinton, saying he believes she would do the exact opposite of what she promises."

So they didn't endorse Hilary in the same way as Trump

12/18/16 7:34 pm

When the KKK was established it, as it has been, a southern thing. It's the southern change of political affiliation that make KKK today usually conservative.

12/18/16 7:50 pm

Truconservative, of course Donald Trump is a racist. He's been sued by the DOJ civil rights division for racial profiling against minorites. His denouncing David Duke is pathetic and insincere at best. He bitches more at SNL than be did at David Duke. Every intelligent person knows Trump's a racist. That's why he's been endorsed by the KKK and the Nazis. And since Trump was endorsed by the Nazis and KKK that means people who voted for Trump sided with the Nazis and the KKK.

ptellini GET OVER HERE
12/19/16 3:29 am

FRZ: I'm hardly going to give credit to your discernment of "intelligent people" lol. I have seen the supposed reports of Trump being racist and it's nonsense.

ptellini GET OVER HERE
12/19/16 3:30 am

I should say credibility and not credit.

12/19/16 3:49 am

Here's a brief history of people calling Trump a racist:

Just thought I'd add some information

12/19/16 3:54 am

"And since Trump was endorsed by the Nazis and KKK that means people who voted for Trump sided with the Nazis"

This is technically true, but just because somebody made the same decision as a Nazi does not make them a Nazi. Never assume that. That's faulty logic. That's the kind of logic that leads to stereotyping, which is something I'd rather have less of

ptellini GET OVER HERE
12/19/16 4:37 am

There are various groups that would endorse me due to associations in the past but what difference does that make? I hardly resemble the person I used to be.

12/19/16 12:10 pm

We aren't talking about you. We are talking about Trump. And, personality wise, he seems the same.

ptellini GET OVER HERE
12/19/16 12:12 pm

You're not talking about me but I'm using myself as an example.

12/19/16 12:13 pm

Yes, but I don't know whether or. It you have changed. You are not a public figure

12/19/16 12:15 pm

On some policies he has changed to fit more into the republican platform, but his personality seems the same to me

ptellini GET OVER HERE
12/19/16 12:16 pm

I am seeing him adapt to the political world.

12/19/16 12:18 pm

I said the same, but his personality and bold way of speaking has remained the same

Truconservative Jesus is conservative
12/20/16 5:53 am

FRZN, you are clearly an unintelligent person. Any logical thinking person knows that Trump isn't racist. KKK did endorsed Hillary, you know. You need to stop living in your alternate universe. Every smart person knows that Trump isn't racist

12/20/16 11:28 am

@TrueConservative Good job using his own bad logic against him, but I explained why the two KKK endorsements are different

bobbabson Conneticut
12/18/16 5:58 pm

Asking a bunch of shit ins whether they went outside to a place where people are? SOH you should know better

ShawPPM1214 Washington
12/18/16 5:36 pm

Nope. I would have liked to. He had one scheduled for Portland, OR but then cancelled not long before.

ProudCentrist Chicago, Illinois
12/18/16 5:33 pm

I've watched them on YouTube but I haven't gone to an actual one.

ProudCentrist Chicago, Illinois
12/18/16 5:33 pm

I almost went to the Chicago one but, you know, the tolerant left ruined that rally..

ConservativeCA No Jawline Joe
12/18/16 5:11 pm

I've been to two! Phenomenal experiences

PhilliesFan Pennsylvania
12/19/16 5:12 am

What flavor Kool-Aid do they pass out?

xxxceo Nationalist
12/19/16 7:28 pm

Red tastes better than blue. Tastes like winning.

12/18/16 4:14 pm

I can watch comedy shows on my TV.

NK257 Rural Iowa
12/18/16 4:04 pm

No. I don't attend places that lower my IQ

Truconservative Jesus is conservative
12/18/16 6:39 pm

Then we know you definitely don't go to places like a Hillary rally or Democrat Convention÷

NK257 Rural Iowa
12/18/16 7:05 pm

You're right! Never went to one of those either!

Zod Above Pugetropolis
12/18/16 3:58 pm

Not a speaker who seems to ever have anything informative to say, and not my kind of crowd.

12/18/16 3:57 pm

I heard there is a lot of violence torwards anyone not agreeing with their safe space

phalnx Ohio
12/18/16 3:45 pm

Nah. If I wanted to watch white trash, I'd turn on a talk show.

Hunter512x Kentucky Libertarian
12/18/16 3:24 pm

I went to the one in Cincinnati, OH in October, mostly for fun.

paranoidandroid peace love science
12/18/16 2:42 pm

No, I think I'd rather have a root canal.

jztheman Connecticut
12/18/16 3:12 pm

Trust me, You would regret that choice soon after.

12/18/16 3:16 pm

As President Elect Trump said, referring to people protesting his victory, "I truly think you're all on my side but just don't know it yet."

BamaGirl ROLL TIDE from Texas
12/18/16 2:36 pm

I voted for him, but no rally attendance.

NK257 Rural Iowa
12/18/16 4:04 pm

Of course you did

JulieB Texas Lake House
12/19/16 7:41 am

Glad you did, Bama! 😊

NewGeneration Washington DC
12/18/16 2:17 pm

I don't want to be killed for not being white tbh

Truconservative Jesus is conservative
12/18/16 2:27 pm

Then you would have no problem going to a Trump rally! After all, there are blacks and Hispanics and other races that go!

12/18/16 3:14 pm

Interesting observation. If I were not white, I believe I would also think twice about attending a Trump rally. And furthermore, if I decided to attend with a group of several friends of the same non-white skin color, I'd be very nervous. That's the temperature of these rallies.

Truconservative Jesus is conservative
12/18/16 3:35 pm

Well than you are stupid if you're nervous about being at a Trump rally because you're non white. There have been lots of non white Trump supporters at those rallies and no problems for them

12/18/16 3:37 pm

A couple thousand nonwhites showing up, would no doubt be viewed as suspicious and even dangerous.

Truconservative Jesus is conservative
12/18/16 3:39 pm

Way to change your narrative

12/18/16 9:40 pm

Not changing my narrative. A couple thousand people show up at the rally. They happen to be all non-white. Will they be welcome? I wonder.

NewGeneration Washington DC
12/19/16 10:26 pm

Exactly. Just go on YouTube and listen to what people actually say in those rallies. If you take a look at his audience, there are virtually no minorities, and the ones that do show up they put them up front for the cameras. All politics aside, I'm saying this from a safety stand point.

Truconservative Jesus is conservative
12/20/16 5:49 am

Here is the truth, there would be no problem for non whites at a Trump rally

TrueAmerican Christian Conservative
12/18/16 2:08 pm

I really wanted to go to utahs rally but I ended up just watching it on YouTube because I had other plans!😭

HonestyIsBest Rockaway Beach, NY
12/18/16 1:43 pm

Nope. Wont be attending the inauguration either. First time since 96.

elianastar FreeSpeech
12/18/16 1:39 pm

I don't do crowds anymore for anything if avoidable... but I would if a helicopter picked me up, delivered directly to an entrance & guaranteed a place to sit anywhere inside 🀑

dylkohl The Media Lies
12/18/16 1:22 pm

I went to the one in Wilkes-Barre where the crowd chanted "CNN Sucks" and the baby dressed up as him went up on stage. Great time

Jazzy5 USA
12/18/16 1:26 pm

I saw that on tv. Loved that!

dylkohl The Media Lies
12/18/16 1:27 pm

Yup, the crowd was going wild; I'll never forget it

12/18/16 1:02 pm

Bethpage rally, I was a Kasich supporter at the time but the energy was unreal, I switched over to Trump that night. Was the first rally where he did 'the snake' reading and confirmed it is 'L Y I N apostrophe'

smartfart Florida
12/18/16 1:02 pm

Na. I have self-respect.

FloridaPopulist Nationalist Right
12/18/16 1:07 pm

Pretentious liberal

smartfart Florida
12/18/16 1:10 pm

Factless name-caller. πŸ˜„

FloridaPopulist Nationalist Right
12/18/16 1:31 pm

You didn't have any facts either shut up

digler Alternative Fact Checker
12/18/16 2:17 pm

He didn't have any facts when commenting about himself?

NK257 Rural Iowa
12/18/16 5:12 pm

Jackass ignorant conservatives are running rampant anymore! They're everywhere! Ignore him, smart

FloridaPopulist Nationalist Right
12/18/16 5:16 pm

Lol what difference does it make? You said something pretentious I said it was pretentious. Because it was a snarky elitist thing to say. Ignoring me because of it is pretty stupid, like really lol. Getting so butt hurt doesn't really make sense

smartfart Florida
12/18/16 5:28 pm

Ha ha. Mr. Serious said butt.

NK257 Rural Iowa
12/18/16 5:35 pm

I don't argue with "alt right" white supremacists. Bye Florida. Get outta here with that shit

FloridaPopulist Nationalist Right
12/18/16 5:50 pm

Lmao. Your a child. Not a white supremacist, why don't you check the movement yourself instead blindly listening to CNN

FloridaPopulist Nationalist Right
12/18/16 5:51 pm

Yeah oh damn guys I really fucked up. Didn't mean to hurt your feelings there

FloridaPopulist Nationalist Right
12/18/16 7:06 pm

Oh wow u can spell. And you tell me your not pretentious you're a joke.

FloridaPopulist Nationalist Right
12/18/16 9:01 pm

"Intelligence without ambition is like a bird without wings"

12/18/16 12:57 pm

No, never did, never will.

gonzoboy Northern AZ
12/18/16 12:57 pm

⬛️ πŸ‘ˆπŸΌThis was MY Donald Trump rally...

12/18/16 1:25 pm

Censored by FBI

zulnut Nutella
12/18/16 12:54 pm

I didn't want anyone to fight me for being a white male...