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Would you appear as a nude extra in a movie? (UQ)

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FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
09/22/12 1:14 pm

connotations, then it would be the same as me appearing as a clothed extra. So it really just has to do with connotation and purpose, neither of which will be "fixed" any time soon. Therefore I have an emphatic NO as my answer.

FIAT2LUX On Planet Earth
09/22/12 1:14 pm

Three reasons for me not agreeing to the idea. 1. It's a rare thing indeed for nude people in films to not have a sexual connotation. 2. I'd feel awkward. 3. I'd embarrass myself, my family, and my friends. But, if this society embraced nudity as normal, and being nude in a film had no sexual…

captain12345 Tennessee
09/20/12 1:03 am

I would if I was the only male actor in the movie

derpty Wyoming
09/17/12 6:54 pm

Unless it's a video to make pedophiles aroused, I don't think people would be interested in seeing a 12 yr old nude.

09/17/12 3:25 pm

That would not be a pretty site

09/17/12 7:27 am

I agree with Johnnyb99! XD

09/17/12 6:46 am

As an extra a star yes

09/17/12 5:16 am

Hell Yes
Who would recognize me? I don't think it would horrify anyone and at 68 the extra money would be good....

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
09/16/12 10:38 pm

The only time I'd consider it would be to show how the Germans treated the Jews. Not at all in a sexual manner.

TopsQueen Oregon Coast
09/16/12 10:36 pm

Icky!!!!!! I'm 63! Wouldn't do that to the world.

09/16/12 8:59 pm

Never! It is a moral issue for me.

09/16/12 6:34 pm

Well I suppose if they wanted to see my nudity and were willing to pay, why not? But the real question is would they WANT to?

GirlOnFire Ohio
09/16/12 5:49 pm

Definitely not! My body is private.

sukiemac Michigan
09/16/12 5:39 pm

Not with my body

DunkinFrunk Austin area, Texas
09/16/12 5:08 pm

I have gone nude for free before, why not get paid for it

monkeyy Ohio
09/16/12 4:59 pm

Of course not! Why would I show the private parts of myself in a movie? Gross. And inappropriate. :P

thelowend imitation is flattery
09/16/12 4:19 pm

to those who answered yes - please post pictures and portfolio. hahaha

Sam95 Nebraska
09/16/12 3:20 pm

@jccclax-I didnt say being nude meant you had no self respect, just when your in front of camera. Very few models pose nude infront of camera....I'm not a hypocrite because I don't and wouldn't do that. Models wear clothes believe it or not.
Your entitled to your opinion and I'm entitled to mine. :)

EarlyBird Portland
09/16/12 2:35 pm

TheParker - you'd stand around looking at all the other nude people!

jamjay Atlanta, Ga
09/16/12 2:28 pm

Sure. In my mind, I look Great.
It is a shame not to share all this with the world.

09/16/12 2:02 pm

If I'm paid enough, sure. But that may not be likely since I would be an "extra".

09/16/12 1:50 pm

@ futuremodel. It's funny that you think that being nude must mean you have no self respect. Maybe it means you have confidence and just aren't uptight. It's also funny that you want to be a model. Seems hypocritical to me.

theparker Pittsburgh
09/16/12 1:45 pm

If we were nude what would we be doing?

09/16/12 12:59 pm

I said no but much am I getting paid? Lol and just because I'm nude doesn't mean everything will be showing...

09/16/12 12:22 pm

We are all naked under our clothes

rgum Texas
09/16/12 12:21 pm

Just because one chooses yes doesn't mean one has a lack of morals. Come on people do you think if God didn't approve of nudity he wouldn't have made us NUDE WHEN WE WERE BORN!!! Silly.

qwerter Its a trap
09/16/12 12:00 pm

The guy off of observe and report should be ashamed of himself.

09/16/12 11:50 am

There are some things in life I choose to keep and not share. My body is one of them. My husband is the only one privileged to see this gorgeousness LOL

09/16/12 11:32 am

Why not? No one will remember who you are in a month.

09/16/12 11:02 am

You would get paid basically nothing.

JustBob Your anger fascinates me
09/16/12 10:59 am

Lmao, I'd hate to see the movie that asks for me

mac Oregon
09/16/12 10:17 am

I have no moral issue, I just know I have lost my youth and it would scare folks :)

jms in the middle of Nowhere
09/16/12 10:00 am

jeeterman- like the scene from "A Knight's Tale"!! It wasn't sexual, he'd been robbed. That scene always cracks me up! He's so comfortable being out there and everyone seeing. I wish people would quit sexualizing everything!!!

jms in the middle of Nowhere
09/16/12 10:00 am

I say no for 2 reasons. 1st- my body is private. I'm not ashamed of it, I just am a private person. 2nd- no one wants to see me nude!! I'm naturally pale white, can't tan other than a spray on.
I'm comfortable being in just my skin but it's not for anyone else.

dreamitliveit IDLH
09/16/12 9:43 am

I'm fine with nudity & see nothing immoral about it.
The reason I voted no is because extras don't make enough money to make it worth my time! It's usually like $8/hr I think.

DavesNotHere where am I
09/16/12 9:21 am

From the filters, men and democrats and independents more willing to go nudie. Women and republicans more prudish. No surprise about the political filter, but somewhat about gender. C'mon ladies!

cowboy Doors of Perception
09/16/12 9:10 am

@EarlyBird Only if the money was right. That's the only reason I would do it. If it would get me out of here, it would be worth it.

EarlyBird Portland
09/16/12 9:06 am

Cowboy, I never thought you would say yes to this!

09/16/12 8:51 am

You know, some people have morals. Saying no doesn't mean they're shy or have a poor body image...

cowboy Doors of Perception
09/16/12 8:44 am

Why not? That would be some easy money.